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The French Crop;  it’s the classic go-to hairstyle for any man looking for a low-maintenance do that stands the test of time. A French crop is a blunt cut, perfect for men who like stylish and defined hairdos, as well as fades. No reason to purchase several brushes or combs, all you need is your favorite pomade for styling and you’ll be good to go! This applies to any look, no matter if you go for a taper crew cut or a long messy cut. Keep on reading and let us spoil you with some stylish cuts knowing that they will suit your personal preference.

What Is A French Top Haircut?

The French Crop has adapted and evolved over the years; taking influence from the more refined Ceasar haircut for men. However, the classic French Crop as we know it still remains the same. Simply put, this popular chop is a short back and side with a contrasting length on top. It is similar to the Ceasar cut but is worn slightly longer and is feathered around the front. It is popular to have a textured top that can be styled as a short fringe, swept across, or styled into a loose parting. It is preferred by many as the cut requires minimum hair growth, with about 1-2 inches being needed for a fringe. Even better, it can be regularly maintained with cuts every 6-8 weeks.

Where Did The Crop Top Haircut Originate?

A crop top or textured crop haircut originated 2,000 years back, but it was known as a French haircut initially. In the most basic of terms, this style is a Caesar combined with an undercut. A french crop undercut is a newer moderation and a newer take that you can go for, no matter your age or hair length (and no, you don’t have to be French to consider doing it).

Can I Pull Off A French Crop?

Just like with any look, there are variations to it. This all comes down to your face shape and customizing the look. Also, barbers can always help you make the best choice for your hair texture or hair type. Some options to consider are:

  • A textured french crop: perfect for guys who have thin and brittle hair, yet want more volume.
  • Short french crop haircut: this will suit guys who prefer low-maintenance looks, or guys who have a receding hairline.
  • French crop fade: perfect for younger guys who like crop top fade ideas and can handle the maintenance.
  • Messy french crop: this will suit guys who have long textured crop top hairdos and have just two minutes to spare in the morning.
  • Disconnected french crop: great for modern guys who like defined side parts and can handle the maintenance, along with regular cuts.

Top 10 French Crop Haircut

1. Long Fringe French Crop Hairstyle

This textured long french crop and this faded crop on the side will always be in style. You can rock a long hairstyle such as this one and you will enjoy it the most with no facial hair and no beard. It leaves a clean look and is sophisticated, perfect for men who like formal ideas and need a hairstyle that is office-friendly. Add your favorite pomade hair product to style the bangs in place and to achieve this messy line up.

long fringe french crop hairstyle
@Artyom Kulakov via pexels

2. The Caesar Haircut

Similar but different to the popular French Crop haircut, the Caesar haircut features short hair on top and on sides, with often a very blunt fringe rather than a longer fringe on top like the French do. The military cut is one of the classic men’s hairstyles that never go out of fashion due to its iconic simplicity.  It gets its name famously from Julius Caesar who used to sport the look in the Roman times along with his close acquaintance Marc Antony. The men’s hairstyle has changed over time, as originally the style was layered the same length all over with the bangs cut very short and horizontally.

the caesar haircut
@Arison Rodrigo via pexels

3. Short Caesar cut with low bald fade

To achieve a Short Caesar cut with low bald fade, the hair needs to be taken much shorter all over. The cool style is defined by a harsher blunter cut that is taken very short on the top which is then complemented by low faded sides. This haircut will suit those who want to opt for a minimal feel.

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@Dmitry Vechorko via Unsplash

4. The New French Crop

The New French Crop cut that is popular now is a more modern take on the classic french cut. For a more contemporary French crop to be achieved, the back and sides should be taken even shorter to create a more contrasting, disconnected look whilst the top can either be kept choppy and long or cut into a blunt fringe. It is often recognized by the hair on top falling down as a fringe over the forehead or being swept to one side depending on the length. Ultimately, this trendy look is all about creating a striking difference between the hair on top and on the sides to keep it easy and stylish.

the new french crop
@Thgusstavo Santana via pexels

5. Textured curly French crop

One of the best things about the French crop cut is that it can be suited to a variety of different hair types, and lengths whether that be curly, straight, shorter, or longer. For men with curly or thick hair, there are many ways this french cut can be styled in order to suit this hair type. The textured, choppy look on top works well for those with thick or curly hair as it is a good way of managing the weightiness of the hair whilst creating a cool and rugged appearance.

textured curly french crop
@JJ Jordan via pexels

6. Curly French Crop with high fade

Keeping the sides as short as possible by adjusting the clippers for a closer cut whilst letting the natural curls fall down over the forehead is a great way to accentuate curly hair. After achieving an exceptionally close cut on the back and sides, this look can be enhanced even more with the use of products, to highlight the curls which will create a bold and striking impact. For those looking for a neater more military look, then consider reducing the weight of the curls on the top of the head and cutting horizontally on the forehead for a tidy shape.

curly french crop with high fade
@Andrea Piacquadio via pexels

7. Short crop with blunt fringe

For guys with a straight or fine hair type, the French crop may be the perfect go-to haircut for you as it doesn’t require a lot of hair to achieve the look. Straighter, finer hair works well for the contemporary caesar style french look as the hair may naturally already be very fine on top, which makes it convenient as this is a short hairstyle. If the hair falls straight down the forehead, then chopping a horizontal blunt fringe and fading the sides will complement each other well.

short crop with blunt fringe
@Ivan Oboleninov via pexels

8. Side swept short crop with low fade

Creating texture on top by chopping the hair and sweeping it to the side will add volume to the French crop. Alternatively, a mid-to-high skin fade will work well for straight or fine hair paired with a short cut on top that can be swept over the hairline. This style can be easily maintained with a product to keep the hair looking slick and in place all day.

side swept short crop with low fade
@Ben Tofan via Unsplash

9. Gary Barlow Hair

The French Crop in its variety of different styles has been famously sported by many celebrity personalities. Gary Barlow is known for wearing his hair in the french cut style. He puts a modern spin on the classic French style, making the sides very short allowing scalp exposure, and varying the length on top. Differing the length on top allows more room to play around with styles, Gary Barlow often mixes his up sweeping it to the side, or to the back.

gary barlow hair
@”War Child/O2 Brits After Party – Gary Barlow” by O2UKOfficial via WordPress

10. The Liam Gallagher Caesar cut

Liam Gallagher also iconically sports a Caesar-style French Crop but adds a mod twist by keeping the sides longer than usual. This look is a recognizable look that can be achieved by growing the sideburns out long, chopping a length caesar-like fringe, and lightly feathering the top. For something a bit edgier, the traditional mod hair can be achieved with straight or fine hair by keeping the fringe short and emphasizing the feathering.

the liam gallagher caesar cut
@”File:Festival des Vieilles Charrues 2018 – Liam Gallagher – 013.jpg” by Thesupermat vs WordPress

What Products Will Help Achieve This Look?

Be sure to choose the right product for you depending on the style of cut you’ve decided to go for. Try ‘Tigi Bed Head for Men matte separation workable wax” which works for all hair types and will help achieve the swept-over textured look on top. For those looking for a cleaner and neater shape or sharp caesar cut or those looking to style a blunt fringe then the ‘Jack Black Wax Pomade’ will do just the trick. This product offers a strong hold and natural shine finish. Finally, for guys opting for a more natural look, or those with curly or thick hair then look to the ‘Fudge Think Big Texture Spray’ to build a mass of volume and create a disheveled effect.

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