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Harry Styles’ haircuts have almost become as famous as he is, growing and wavering to reflect his changes in career and development as an entertainer. Most recently ‘Mr Styles’ has opted for a shorter modern take on a early 20th century cut for filming of his role of ‘Alex’ in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’. In this article I will lead you through the stylish and easy to do Harry Styles haircuts that Harry has rocked but can easily be worn by the modern 21st century man.

The Dunkirk – 2018

harry styles haircuts
“File:180612 Harry Styles Live On Tour in Nashville.png” by itsloutual via WordPress

Harry has changed the traditional short back and sides to a more modern take on an old classic. The sides although shorter than the top have a longer more natural cut which allows his natural waves to tumble through, on top you can see his natural curl more easily as his hair has been styled into a big messy up-do curl. To create this Harry Styles haircut we suggest you add salt spray to the hair for thickness and to hold the hair strands together. Once applied style the top with your hands and use a good product such as hair spray to hold. For trims to maintain the length we suggest using sissors to create that authentic period look.

The Rolling Stone – 2015/2016

the rolling stone
“Jack Whitehall & Harry Styles” by vagueonthehow via WordPress

Classic rock ‘n’ roll but with more product. Here Harry has grown his hair to below shoulder length. The natural textured waves can be brought out with a good moose, roughly half a palms worth of product and begin to crumple your hair from the tips up making sure to catch the curls. Set and hold with a good hair spray to finished. Don’t forget to have a trim to keep any split ends at bay whilst rocking this Harry Styles haircut!

The Highlight – 2017

the highlight
“Harry Styles | One Direction” by Beyond The Barricade Photography via WordPress

Traditional short back and sides with a golden summer tip. This hair style has been styled to a buzz cut length at the sides using clippers leaving the length longer on top. Harry has also had his hair dyed to a shade of blonde. To create this style Harry would have used hair straighteners to straighten the tips. To keep the hair straight we suggest adding a good wax to style the hair in place and to finish and set with a hair spray.

The Manbun – 2015/2016

the manbun
“Harry Styles” by vagueonthehow via WordPress

Here Harry has allowed his hair to grow out and styled in a bun shape. To reflect this look we suggest styling into a pony tail first by pulling all the hair together with a hair band and then wrapping the hair around the pony tail band until it becomes a bun. Finish with a second hair band to hold the hair in place and spray the hair with hairspray to set. Don’t forget regular trims to prevent split ends.

The Artisian – 2017

the artisian
@Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer via WordPress

To create this look the top has been grown out and swept over to one side, we can see Harry’s natural wave beginning to form. To emulate we recommend a touch of mousse combed through the hair with your fingers to tussle the locks of hair subsequently this Harry Styles haircut will begin to form. One important thing to remember with longer hair is to use a good shampoo and conditioner to avoid dry, tangled hair.

The Shoulder length – 2015/2016

the shoulder length
“Harry Styles – One Direction” by Ianthebush via WordPress

Similar to the rock ‘n’ roll look but slightly shorter. The length has been cut above the shoulder allowing the hair to keep it’s natural bounce and curl. To re-create use a mousse  product to make the curls more visible, slick back the front with a matte cream product and set with hair spray. Regular trims to prevent split ends are a must for this do as well as regular shampoo and conditioning treatments to prevent dry, damaged hair.

The Topknot/pony tail – 2014

the topknot/pony tail
“Harry Styles” by vagueonthehow via WordPress

Once your hair has reached a length where it can be scoped into a pony tail the beginning of the manbun would have started to form. Unlike the manbun which requires a longer length this little gem can be re-created for that inbetween stage. Just scoop what you can from the top section of your hair, pull it all together with your hands and wrap a hair band around the strands to hold them in place. Simple and stylish Harry Styles haircut.

The Suit – 2018

the coat
“Harry Styles” by Nathan Congleton via WordPress

In Harry’s latest hairstyle he’s gone for a much more clean cut look compared to his shaggy rock ‘n’ roll hairdo seen in the years before. Here his ‘Dunkirk’ hairstyle has grown out slightly to show a much longer side and top.  To copy this look we recommend letting the hair grow out from the ‘Dunkirk’ style. Once your hair has reached this length you can begin styling with your fingers with a touch of mousse pushing the front section of your hair back. To hold the fringe back use a hair spray.

The classic Harry – 2012

the classic
“Harry Styles – One Direction.” by hellosepi via WordPress

We have to mention Harry Styles’ original look when he first burst on to the scenes as part of One Direction with that incredible, un-tameable bundle of hair. The future pop star started the beginnings of a hair obsession running alongside a successful professional career in entertainment. To re-create this look we recommend using a tangle teezer to comb through the hair to neaten up any strays, afterwards style the front to one side. Once happy, spray with hairspray to set.

The modern man – 2018

the modern man
@Ianthebush via WordPress

Here Harry has opted for a shorter more straighter look for his hair, the sides are trimmed shorter than the top and has been styled completely straight all over. For naturally curly hair we recommend using a heated straightener to get the look, once straightened apply products such as a matte cream to hold and set with hairspray. Use your fingers to smooth through the hair to get the styled back front which is the main focal point of this Harry Styles haircut.

Other celebrities who rock a style

Chris Hemsworth

From the bright blonde of Thor to short back and sides Chris has rocked an assortment of hairstyles throughout the years. Here are two examples of his most iconic hair.

The Thor

the thor
“Chris Hemsworth” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer via WordPress

The create this look we recommend growing your hair to a longer length, making sure to have regular trims to prevent split ends. Once there use a good hair straightener and pull all the hair together into a pony tail. For one step  further and to get the desired colour you can use a hair dying kit.

Short back and sides

short back and sides
“Chris Hemsworth” by Gage Skidmore via WordPress

This men’s classic will never loose it’s place as a men’s favourite hairstyle. To create this look we recommend getting the sides cut to a shorter length with clippers afterwards style the top with your fingers. You can use salt spray to add thickness and to hold the hair strands together afterwards hairspray to hold. Natural, classic men’s style.

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