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Messy hairstyles are low-maintenance, yet they can look amazing on plenty of men! How do you get the messy hair look for short hair? If you input only some work and maintenance you can look amazing for any event and you can browse through some of our favorites down below. Every person will easily rock an amazing messy cut, just customize it per your face shape. We will present you with hairstyles and messy combinations that are appropriate for formal and casual occasions. See for yourself down below!

How Do You Do A Messy Comb Over?

Create the perfect messy hairstyles with the right set of products, such as hair wax, matte clay, a hairdryer, a small comb, as well as the perfect shampoo & conditioner for your hair type and texture. How do guys get good messy hair? Here are some steps to follow:

  • Wash your hair every 3-4 days. Everything more often than this will affect your natural oil production. Your hair will also begin to thin early on.
  • Once blow-dried, begin the styling with your hair-care items. Do you prefer hair creams, pomades, or oils?
  • Use a pea-sized amount of gel for styling and spread it in your hands.
  • Work with a hot hairdryer and blow dry your hair to the side (go for the combover).;
  • Set all the strands to the side with your comb.
  • Finish it off with clay and a bit of hairspray.

What Kind Of Haircut Should I Get Men Edition: Top 47 Messy Hairstyles

1. Short Messy Hairstyles Slicked Back

short messy hairstyles slicked back
@Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

Messy haircuts once pushed back look amazing and appropriate for the office. If you have straight hair and you need something quick & easy, that does not demand a lot of product; this is the perfect messy hair.

2. Cool Messy Haircut With Longer Bangs

cool messy haircut with longer bangs
@Brandan Saviour via pexels

This messy haircut is perfect for men who love to wear their hair recklessly. Styling is easy; simply wear your hair on the sides and set it only with some gel — Guys who work out can also enjoy this messy hair.

3. Wavy Medium Haircut Messy Hair

  wavy medium haircut messy hair
@Seth Doyle via Unsplash

Guys who have long hair should add only some curling gel to their strands. Let your natural texture come through, and tie the back of your strands with an elastic if you are going for that casual look.

4. Messy Hairstyle Swept On Side

messy hairstyle swept on side
@Prajjal Biswas via Unsplash

This is one of those popular hairstyles that demands minimum time when styling. It is also awesome for men who don’t have facial hair or who can’t grow out of their beards. Keep the style simple and professionally cut.

5. Fashionable Messy Hairstyles With Curly Locks

fashionable messy hairstyles with curly locks
@Gabriel Lara via pexels

Messy hairstyles usually look frizzy, but you can tame down that frizz with a curl gel. Your messy hair will be under control, and your locks will shine all day!

6. Haircut Medium Length Messy Hairstyles Swept

haircut medium length messy hairstyles swept
@salah amrani via pexels

If you are into wild and ‘’fresh out of bed’’ hairstyles, this messy haircut is perfect for you! It looks sexy without any product. Guys who love their locks and who want to emphasize their texture should go for this messy hairdo. Men who are about shorter hairstyles may not fancy this type of messy.

7. Stylish Haircuts For Men With Shorter Hair

stylish haircuts for men with shorter hair
@Shivan Vagale via pexels

Similiar messy hairstyles are the perfect option for those who love to follow trends, but also for guys who need something perfect for the office. Hairstyles such as this one are for men who have fringe or bangs.

8. Messy Spikes Hairstyle

1660727570 349 10 amazing messy hairstyles ideas you need to see

Short messy hairstyles will need a lot of matte clay. Learn how to style messy cuts with the best hair-care products that your barber has recommended.

9. Textured Short Messy Hair

textured short messy hair
@Luis Quintero via pexels

Mature guys can also look sexy with their messy hair. The key is to find the perfect short messy hairstyles for your hair type. This messy hair is swept on the sides and is set with only some hairspray.

10. Modern Straight Messy Hair With Highlights

modern straight messy hair with highlights
@cottonbro via pexels

If you are a fan of messy haircuts and spikes, make sure you set your messy strands to one side. Longer strands need hair gel and matte clay. If you are a fan of bold hairstyles, also get a set of highlights to emphasize your messy hair furthermore.

Shorter messy hairstyles can still look good! Improve your styling and make sure you use the right products, and also book your hair appointments on time. Guys who have messy hair that grows like crazy should book their barber every 3-4 weeks.


Since now you know how do guys get the messy hair look are you ready to give them a go yourself? Anyone wondering ”how do I look good with messy hair” will probably find their answers in this article. Which haircut is your favorite out of these 47 options? Let us know what you fancy and like the most. Book your next barber session and trust them with this new cut to fully enjoy your results.

Feature image from Pexels

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