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Want to pay tribute to your favourite band but falling short of ideas? Here we have for you some of the best The 1975 tattoos that will pop off the charts!

1975 tattoo
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Tracing back to the good old early 2000s, the band started its journey with four high schoolers.

With amazingly relevant lyrics and a vast range, they shot to fame pretty quickly. Really! From alternative rock, alternative pop, pop-rock, synth-pop they have it all.

It is also amazing how most of the original bandmates, Matthew Matty Healy, Ross Mcdonald, Adam Hann and George Daniel have managed to stay together through all the ups and downs they faced throughout the years. If that does not speak of ever-lasting friendship, we do not know what can! Not only that, but they have also continued to produce haunting music that truly reaches out to all the fans all over the world. Remarkably, almost all of their studio albums received critical acclaim with some truly big hits topping the charts in a lot of countries. So it is no wonder that fans across the world would want to pay tribute to this amazing Manchester-based band. And what better way to do it than getting inked on your body with various versions of their logo and song lyrics that provide some sort of meaning and hope to us all. So here, for all the beautiful fans across the world of The 1975, we have a list of amazing The 1975 tattoo ideas that will absolutely blow your minds! Whether you are looking for The 1975 box tattoo design or The 1975 lyrics tattoos, you will find it all here.

The 1975 X A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Tattoo

the 1975 x a brief inquiry into online relationships tattoo
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This beautiful tattoo contains the lyrics of one of their most famous songs, “Love it if we made it” from the album “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”. The song is of course beautiful with soulful lyrics that really touches the heart of everyone who hears it. This is a good idea for people who want to get a little creative with their band or album tattoos. The rectangle box head is a tribute to the band’s logo with the name of the album featured on it, and the lyrics from the song written in the newspaper. This not only looks cool but speaks of a creative personality that needs to be appreciated. So get this and express your love for this band in the most happening way possible.

The Somebody Else X Flower Tattoo

the somebody else x flower tattoo
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‘Somebody Else’ is a song that is very close to every fan’s heart. It stirs our feelings with the poignant lyrics and haunting music. So for people who understand and relate to this song, this is a great design to tell your friends about it. It is a very new-age design with daily life aesthetics thrown in. The mobile phone, the song featuring on it and the flower really speak of your affection for not only this song but also of finding beauty in little things. So if you are someone who appreciates their daily little moments of happiness, this is just the one for you.

The 1975 X This Must Be My Dream Arm Tattoo

the 1975 x this must be my dream arm tattoo
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Another beautiful song is depicted in this beautiful The 1975 tattoo. It contains the title of the song “This must be my dream”. Dare we say, this design does the lyrics some serious justice. The trademark rectangle with a background of flowers makes this The 1975 tattoo all the more charming. So for all the people living their dreams, this is possibly your dream come true.

The 1975 X Love Me Thigh Tattoo

the 1975 x love me thigh tattoo
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This whole picture is a tribute to the band, with lyrics of two of their most famous songs tattooed on it. The sweet hopeful lyrics of “Love me” fit right along with the haunting lyrics of “The Birthday Party”, although it is mostly hidden. This can be a great way to show that you can find meaning in their music as well as in life in a new way by merging different things together. So get this inked on your body to show how this band influenced you to understand things your own way.

The 1975 X You Collarbone Tattoo

the 1975 x you collarbone tattoo
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Well, we just can not seem to get enough of their rectangle logo! Here is another one with the bittersweet lyrics of “You” inked inside it. For people who have faced this truth that it takes work and constantly improving and evolving themselves for anything to work in life, it is for them. From relationships to careers to anything at all, you need to remember this and keep pushing forward. So those who are willing to go that extra mile and improve themselves, this The 1975 tattoo is just for you.

The 1975 X Robbers Arm Tattoo

the 1975 x robbers arm tattoo
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‘Robbers’ are possibly one of our favourite songs ever! The intriguing song creates a stir in your heart that grows as it progresses. It gives a bit of a glimpse of why their content is so highly regarded across the globe. This tattoo completely does it justice with its concise and clear lines. The tattoo is mesmerizing in its charm and is sure to take you in the spotlight anywhere you go. For those who want to honour your favourite band with tattoos with a meaning, this is one of your best chances.

The 1975 Rectangle Tattoo

the 1975 rectangle tattoo
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This is just a classic, yet latest version of their logo. However, even in its simplicity it never fails to cast a charm on its beholders just like this England-based band does on all the fans. The best thing is, it is the kind of tattoo that you can wear anywhere on your body and improve it any way you want to.

The Be My Mistake X Wire Heart Tattoo

the be my mistake x wire heart tattoo
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This 1975 tattoo depicts the title of their heartwarming song “Be my mistake”. The heart made of barbed wire gives it another layer of meaning. People who have been broken-hearted, yet still manage to patch their own hearts and are not afraid to give love a second chance should definitely go get this inked. Nothing speaks of your open heart like this 1975 tattoo.

The Abstract Frail State Of Mind Tattoo

the abstract frail state of mind tattoo
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This 1975 tattoo goes right on par with its aesthetics. The abstract piece shows how people are still struggling to keep their spirits up and do their job even if everything seems to be falling apart for them. It also tells in a very creative way how important it is to take care of not only your physical but also mental health. Get this 1975 tattoo if you are someone who is fighting every day to make tomorrow better.

The Rectangle X Love It If We Made It Arm Tattoo

the rectangle x love it if we made it arm tattoo
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This is another one of our absolute favourite songs. It shows how their content varies across categories but still remains relevant and touches everyone’s hearts. So for people who want to get a tattoo based on their favourite song yet want to keep it minimalistic, this is possibly your jam.

Matthew, as the spokesperson admitted that the band was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, My Bloody Valentine as well as Talking Heads, and it definitely shows in their music. They seem to express feelings in a way that helps fans to understand and appreciate the things they might even be unaware of. So it is no wonder that people want to show them they are appreciated as well in form of tattoos. However, if you are still confused, here are some more recommendations to help you:

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