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Looking for 8 ball tattoo designs? Then, you are in luck! In this article, you will find different examples of 8 ball tattoos that perfectly depict their symbolism.

8 Ball Tattoo
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Both men and women have popularized eight ball tattoos over the years, giving rise to different designs and methods of expressing the meaning of the symbol.

At one point in time, the eight ball tattoo was limited to prison inmates, gang members, and drug dealers. However, since then, people from all backgrounds have made this symbol their own and proudly displayed it on their skin, often associating the tattoo with positive meanings.

What Is An Eight Ball?

Before we jump into the several exciting eight ball tattoo designs, it is first important to know what an eight ball is. There is a kind of popular pool billiards game played with cue sticks and 16 billiard balls. The game is also known as eight ball, and among the 16 billiard balls, there is one black eight ball. This is the most commonly played form of pool game. The objective of the game is to pocket the black eight billiard ball after clearing out all the other billiard balls assigned to the people playing. Hence, an eight ball has a lot of value, as it determines who will win or lose the game. Additionally, there is also a toy known as the magic 8 ball, which resembles the real eight ball and is used to predict the future.

What Does An 8 Ball Tattoo Symbolize?

Now that you know what an eight ball is, it is time to understand the meaning of this symbol. Interestingly, the eight ball depicts both good luck and bad luck. Since in life, one should expect both the good and bad, an eight ball tattoo is one of the most ideal symbols to portray the idea of chance in your life. This tattoo can also remind you to accept both the good and bad that you come across. Hence, for a lot of men and women, an eight ball tattoo is basically a balance tattoo, which helps them recognize that life is a game where good fortune may or may not be by their side all the time. No one is lucky at all times and eight ball tattoos are a gentle reminder of that.

With all this information, it is easy to understand how this tattoo became so popular and well-accepted by people over the years. Read on to find out exciting and unique eight ball tattoo ideas and designs, that will surely impress those around you!

Fierce And Fiery 8 Ball Tattoo

Fierce And Fiery 8 Ball Tattoo
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Fire is a very common element added to tattoo designs to amplify their vibrance. Hence, a tattoo like this one, with the eight ball engulfed in a blaze of red and yellow flames will most certainly bring out the fierceness in you. While different meanings could be ascribed to the combination of fire and an eight ball, the idea of changing luck and unpredictable flames put together surely makes for an exciting tattoo design.

Fierce And Fiery 8 Ball Tattoos
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Depending on your preference, you may also want to opt for a black and white tattoo. In that case, this design pictured above is a good substitute for the first one. Though the flames are not coloured, it still does not take away from the fierceness of the tattoo or its meaning.

Offbeat And Unique 8 Ball Tattoo

Offbeat And Unique 8 Ball Tattoo
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If you like the idea of getting a quirky and unique eight ball tattoo, then why not settle for this design? Here, the black billiard ball is portrayed as a candle being burnt. In general, spiritual meanings are ascribed to candles, which will pair well with the concept of chance and luck depicted by an eight ball.

Unique 8 Ball Tattoo

Another amazing offbeat and quirky design would be this one. Here, both the eight ball and the two snakes have been tattooed in such a way, it looks like they have been scribbled by a child. If you have a fun and childish personality, then a tattoo like this could be quite suitable for you. To add to that, since this design is a small one, you can get this anywhere you like.

Endearing 8 Ball Tattoo

Endearing 8 Ball Tattoo
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If you are interested in cute and endearing design ideas related to eight ball tattoos and love animals at the same time, look no further than this tattoo design. The cute yellow leopard sitting with an eight ball in its lap may just be what you need to bring a dash of happiness in your life.

8 Ball Tattoo with wings
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An eight ball tattoo with wings is undoubtedly cute. Especially if you get it in the same size as the one in the picture, the tattoo will surely look quite adorable. You can choose to ink this design on your forearm as pictured, or on your wrist or ankle.

Elaborate Sleeve 8 Ball Tattoo

Elaborate Sleeve 8 Ball Tattoo
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If you have gotten inked before and are looking to get an elaborate and meaningful sleeve tattoo design to cover your arm, then this one could be it for you. The detailed representation of the cards, dice, and gambling chips, along with the black eight billiard ball in the middle is quite a masterpiece, to say the least! Gambling tattoos like this one often signify the need to take risks in life, as you might never know when your luck will turn around. Just like every time you roll a dice or draw cards, you don’t know what fortune it will bring, the same goes for every decision you take in life. You can also add money signs and other elements from pool, like cue sticks, to enhance the tattoo.

Lucky Cherry 8 Ball Tattoo

Lucky Cherry 8 Ball Tattoo

In gambling, three cherries in a row meant winning the lottery. Hence, many people have opted for a cherry eight ball tattoo design like this one, making it one of the top eight ball tattoo choices. It’s quite a clever design and combines the outline of cherries and eight balls, perfectly! With a tattoo like this, you can surely bet on having lady luck on your side.

cherry eight ball tattoo
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If you want to amp up the cherry eight balls tattoo even further, then follow this picture. All you need to do is add a dash of flame and make your tattoo even fancier. Depending on your taste, you can choose a different colour for the flame, as well.

Spectacular 8 Ball Tattoo With A Skull

Spectacular 8 Ball Tattoo With A Skull
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Skull is one of the most popular tattoo designs and has been incorporated into different kinds of tattoos in various categories. However, this detailed and spectacular tattoo of a skull holding an eight ball is nothing short of art. The reddish shading has further enhanced this piece. You can interpret this as a skull holding an eight ball belonging to pool billiards, or even holding on to a magic 8 ball. Perhaps, the dead are curious about their future as well.

skull eight ball tattoo
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This tattoo is much simpler but still quite a unique piece. Here, the skull itself is portrayed as the eight ball, with a shadow inked right next to it. Altogether, the meaning of this tattoo can be interpreted in many ways. However, in its most basic sense, the skull tattoo means a kind of fearlessness from death. So, that message along with the concept of chance would combine to entail that whoever has this tattoo on their skin is not afraid of the downsides of life, including death.

Rosy 8 Ball Tattoo

Rosy 8 Ball Tattoo
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A rose tattoo has surely stood the test of time and is one of the first choices for people wanting to get inked. Hence, you will find this fusion of a rose and eight ball to be quite the perfect match. While a rose tattoo usually stands for love and passion, its thorns are used to symbolize one’s misfortune. Therefore, rose and eight ball together describe the ups and downs of fortune, brilliantly.

8 ball tattoo with a crown
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If you are open to the idea of a much more elaborate tattoo, then this might be a fine choice for you. Along with the rose and eight ball, there is also a crown on top, which is further enhancing the royalty of the tattoo. A detailed crown like this will most definitely grab the attention of people, no matter where you go!

Magic 8 Ball Tattoo

Magic 8 Ball Tattoo
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For those looking to get a magic 8 ball tattoo, away from the meanings associated with pool billiards, this is quite a fitting motif. You can either opt for this very message as shown in the image or get inked with any other phrase that you relate to. The magic 8 ball tattoo meaning will depend on the message you choose to put in it.

8 ball tattoo floral design
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Playing around with floral designs has never gone wrong. So, why not choose this floral twist in the magic 8 ball tattoo? If you are in search of getting inked with a positive message, then this is definitely your cue to get this on your skin, permanently. Even if you want to stick to black and white tattoos, a floral pattern is still a viable option.

Fascinating Bomb 8 Ball Tattoo

Fascinating Bomb 8 Ball Tattoo
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As you have already figured out, there are lots of ways to play around with an eight ball tattoo. So, this tattoo depicting the eight ball like a grenade will undoubtedly grab a lot of attention. It is a unique way to portray the shape and look of an actual eight ball. More often than not, tattoos are extremely personal to someone. Hence, if you think this motif goes with your personality and energy, we surely suggest you get inked with this!

8 ball tattoo bomb
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If you are more interested in getting a different kind of bomb than the first one to go with your eight ball, then this is the next best option. The detailings on the rope make this tattoo look very realistic. Whichever bomb eight ball tattoo you end up choosing, either way, you are sure to gain a lot of followers who will be inspired to get similar eight ball tattoos.

Enticing 8 Ball Tattoo With Spider Motif

Enticing 8 Ball Tattoo With Spider Motif
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Depending on your personality, an eight ball tattoo with a spider, like this one, can be ideal for you. Spider tattoos are often symbolic of harmony, wisdom, and balance. So, you can understand how that matches perfectly with eight balls. Such tattoos signify a lot of thought being put into it. Additionally, if you are one to play around with various concepts of symbolism, then this combination will be well-suited for you.

8 ball spieder tattoo
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If you have never gotten a tattoo before and want to start off small, then this is another pleasant option for you. While the meanings and symbolism remain the same, the tattoo is much more compact and undeniably one of the best eight ball tattoos. A tattoo of this size can easily be inked on the wrist or even the back of the neck or ear.

The eight ball has become one of the most sought-after tattoo designs. While it might seem like there isn’t much you can do with an eight ball, that isn’t true at all. By combining different symbols and motifs, you can easily find the perfect eight ball tattoo for yourself. Just like your eight ball tattoo will be there as a reminder that you cannot expect to get lucky every time, it will also remind you of your own creativity and values. Here is a compilation of some eight ball tattoo designs, that can also be your source of inspiration:

  1. A minimalist eight ball tattoo on your wrist or ankle.
  2. A detailed sleeve tattoo with vibrant colours.
  3. Combining the eight ball with other symbols of luck and chance.
  4. Eight ball tattoo with floral motifs.
  5. Personalized eight ball tattoo with meaningful words or phrases.
  6. Quirky patterns or symbols in association with the eight ball tattoo.
  7. An eight ball with wings.
  8. Magic 8 ball tattoo with a positive prediction inked on top.
  9. Combining the eight ball with the yin yang symbol.
  10. A flashy eight ball tattoo with flames.

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