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If you’re on the lookout for mind-blowing acuarela tattoo ideas, look no more! We’ve got you covered with our specially curated list of watercolour tattoos.

watercolor tattoo
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Watercolour tattoos (tatuajes acuarelas) have gained a lot of prominence in recent days and they are attracting quite the crowd!

The watercolour tattoo ideas have become increasingly popular and are considered one of the most innovative and modern ways of getting inked with a tattoo. There should be no doubt that watercolour tatuajes are authentic works of body art as well because they are very close to watercolour painting, just on a different surface than paper.

Inking a watercolour tattoo (tatuajes acuarela ) on the skin is a job that needs to be carried out with an enormous amount of skill and dexterity from the end of the tatuajes artist . The objective of this technique is to imitate the soft effect that the brush has on the skin. This technique is easily recognisable and distinguishable from the traditional techniques of tattooing, although it requires a little more precision and time to get the look right. Remarkably elegant as they are, watercolour tatuajes are here to stay for a very, very long time. Read on to take your pick of los tattoos.

Watercolour Groot Tattoo

watercolour groot tattoo
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Groot is a beloved Marvel character for many and getting a Groot tatuajes definitely helps people to learn that you’re an Avengers fan.

Inked in shades of green and brown, with fine line tattoo outlines, this acuarela tatuajes shows one’s admiration for the Marvel character. This cute Groot tatuajes on the arm is best for people who like to have simple tattoo designs engraved on their bodies.

Watercolor Style Planets Tattoos

watercolor style planets tattoos
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Tattoo buffs who are fond of space and astronomy, this could be the tattoo that could work as the ultimate summary of your love for the universe (por lo universo).

The tattoo comprises stars and planets drawn in fine lines of black with colourful backgrounds to make them look more prominent. Engraved across the shoulder blade, this tatuajes gives its bearer a mystical look. The dot shading and balance in dark and light add an extra layer of charm to this beautiful space tatuajes, which is a must-try!

Watercolor Style Lotus Tattoos

watercolor style lotus tattoos
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Multicolour splash lotus tatuajes on the arm is the way to go if you are into floral patterned tattoos. This tatuajes comprises a lotus in full bloom, its petals coloured in shades of pink, violet, green and blue with its stem drawn in a single fancy stroke of black ink. The simplicity portrayed in this tatuajes has a meditative and binding element to it, which adds an additional layer of charm to this watercolour estilo (style) tatuajes.

Watercolour Estilo Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

watercolour estilo monarch butterfly tattoo
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For all those who share a love for butterfly tattoos, this is the ideal choice for them!

This stunning illustration of a monarch butterfly will absolutely blow off your mind! The bright yellow in contrast with the black gives an exceptionally bold look to the tatuajes, that is sure to bring home loads of compliments to its bearer. Skillfully inked on the inner side of the arm, this one has classic shades of red, yellow, and orange that bring out the best in the design (en los tatuaje diseño). To make it more prominent, splatters of red, orange, and brown ink have been used in the background (en los antecedentes) to elevate the visual beauty of this realistic tatuajes monarch butterfly.

Expect patrons Acuarela Estilo Tatuajes Design

expect patrons acuarela estilo tatuajes design
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An Expecto Patronum coloured tatuajes on the arm (tatuajes de colores en el brazo) of any Potterhead is surely going to make them feel braver and much more confident in their endeavours where evil has a chance of interfering.

With the symbol of the Deathly Hallows- The Invisibility Cloak, The Resurrection Stone, and The Elder Wand and Expecto Patronum written below it, any Potterhead will fall in love with this tatuajes idea. The blue, violet, orange and yellow flames in the background lend a magical aura to the tatuajes. Everyone who wants to keep the real-life ‘dementors’ away should definitely get this tattoo inked!

Dog Tattoos In Watercolor Style

Dogs are the most loyal and adorable creatures on Earth and one can get all and sundry to agree to this fact. You will not be able to resist getting this super cute dog tatuajes inked in myriad shades of brown, grey, and ochre. With beautiful moist eyes looking up at you, you can’t get enough of this dog body art. There is remarkable fine lining and the artistic use of colours adds an additional layer of charming dimension to this abstract tatuajes.

Humming Bird Floral Tatuajes Design

humming bird floral tatuajes design
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Getting a small hummingbird engraved on your leg just above your ankle is a lovely choice to place a tattoo. This cute little hummingbird with vibrant colours and simple floral patterns makes it one of the most inked acuarela tatuajes designs. There is little to no outlining in this design as the gradual blend in colours has been given more importance. The casual look of this tatuajes makes it work its charm on the observer and for anyone who has been looking for pretty bird tattoos, this should be the ideal choice for them!

Set Of Three Butterfly Tatuajes Art

set of three butterfly tatuajes art
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This butterfly tatuajes contains a set of three loosely spaced butterflies which are sure to make butterfly lovers go crazy. Inked in pink, violet, and blue, these butterflies are of different shapes and sizes. The line drawing of los tattoos are beautiful to look at and the colour splashes in the background elevate the whole mood of the tatuajes and make it look stunning.

People who love nature and its little friends should by all means get this tattoo inked, and enjoy the compliments that this tatuajes brings along with it.

Violin And Rose Tattoos In Watercolor Style

violin and rose tattoos in watercolor style
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An abstract illustration of a violin combined with a rose, inked on the thighs looks very attractive. Lovers of violin music or people who love the bloom of a cliche rose, both parties will certainly enjoy this amazingly designed tatuajes design. The violin has been drawn with skilful fine lines but the rose has more of an abstract look, without the outlines. There are strokes of black ink which although appear random, enhance the overall look of this slightly romantically inclined tattoo.

Disney Watercolor Tattoos Idea

disney watercolor tattoos idea
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This Disney watercolour tatuajes comprises the classic Disney castle coloured in baby blue, with balloons of famous and widely loved Disney characters floating above the castle. There is a variety of colours that have been used that make the tatuajes look children-friendly. Anyone who would like to look back on their childhood love for Disney should surely get this super cute tatuajes.

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