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If you are looking for the best tattoo that will help you spread awareness about mental health, here are some popular ADHD tattoo ideas that you can check out.

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Mental illness does not always mean that an individual is depressed.

There are a number of battles that people have to fight when they are diagnosed with mental issues. One such problem is ADHD, which is the abbreviated form of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, which is common in children and adults alike. 

It is a neurodevelopmental issue that mostly happens during childhood. Although an individual falls prey to ADHD during childhood, it sometimes may last till the person becomes a full-grown adult. If you have managed to overcome ADHD, and you are proud of your accomplishment, you can go for a tattoo that will help you commemorate your achievement. There are a number of ADHD tattoo ideas that you can count on, some of which will be discussed in this article. You can either go for permanent imprints on your skin or buy temporary ones from online websites.

Chaos Over The Head Tattoo

chaos over the head tattoo
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This is one of the most common ADHD tattoo ideas that you will find on the internet. If you have suffered from ADHD, you know what things are like inside your head. People suffering from ADHD have trouble focusing on one thing at a time. In this ADHD Tattoo Design, you will find the outline of a human figure with both hands against the chin, although the figure does not have a face. Instead of the face, there are a number of strokes that signify confusion. 

This tattoo is more of an outline tattoo. It is minimalist in nature and hence, looks cool in almost all the small places. Therefore, style it in whatever way you like. You can request your tattoo artist to add a few more elements to the tattoo to add charm to it.

Action Conquers Fear Hand Tattoo

action conquers fear hand tattoo
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This is one of the most positive messages that a tattoo can emit. No matter how much you are struggling to keep your thoughts within the limit, there might be chances that your mind is going all over the place, and you will end up feeling dazed and confused.

When you are diagnosed with ADHD, there will be times when you will feel fear, nervousness, focusless, and much more; all of it at once! You need to have a very strong ability to resist these fears. Once you have overcome these fears, you can wear a tattoo like this proudly to show off to the world what you have accomplished. The placement of the tattoo on your arm increases its visibility. 

Read Between The Lines ADHD Tattoo 

read between the lines adhd tattoo 
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Most people suffering from any kind of mental health issue have the tendency to commit self-harm. Every scar has a story to tell. If you are amongst those who have inflicted harm upon themselves several times because that felt like an option easier than asking for help, then this tattoo is ideal for you. This tattoo reads out the message clearly: Read Between The Lines.

Maybe viewers will try to comprehend what you must have been through; what might have compelled you to get those cut marks on your arm, yes, the arm! Because the wrist is the place where people get the most cuts. You will also come across temporary ADHD tattoo ideas, which you will find on many websites. Some tattoo websites have excellent advertising and measurement services, so finding these tattoos won’t be a problem. Try switching on the essential and optional cookies, or just essential cookies, for the smooth functioning of the websites!

Scribbled Face ADHD Tattoo Design

Scribbled Face ADHD <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-324015 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/1662347952_263_10-Best-ADHD-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow-Your-Mind.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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If you are someone suffering from ADHD, you will be completely unable to figure out what exactly is going on in your head, and this tattoo is an exact representation of the same. It shows the commotion inside one’s head when one is suffering from ADHD.

The picture is quite disturbing to look at. The figure in the picture is quite well-dressed. However, the portion above the neck is not as well-decorated. It truly imparts the feel of what mental illness looks like. If you wish to improve content in your Tattoo Design, you will also find more options in the free Pinterest app.

Dopamine Graphic ADHD Tattoo

dopamine graphic adhd tattoo
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Dopamine is a chemical messenger, or in scientific terms, a neurotransmitter in expert language, which is found in the brain. It has a number of important functions, such as the regulation of emotional responses like reward and motivation. Studies have found clear relations between the levels of dopamine in an individual’s body and his ADHD condition.

This tattoo uses the chemical structure of dopamine as a frame and incorporates the use of some figurines to enhance the quirkiness of the tattoo! If you are choosing temporary tattoos online, remember that Facebook products provide a lot of additional information, but you may not be very pleased with the quality of the product offered to you.

Little Girl With ADHD Tattoo

little girl with adhd tattoo
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It is mostly children who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. This tattoo shows the image of a child, with glitches at the head and the legs. Isn’t that exactly how you feel when you are diagnosed with ADHD? Unmindful and lost. It is also interesting to note that the child does not have a prominent face, only a dark, black, hollow one.

This, again, is another large tattoo that you might prefer on your bicep or your calf. Now, what exactly could this tattoo mean? It can either be an awareness tattoo or just take you back to the time when you felt unmindful and lost, unable to concentrate on things, and then show you the progress that you have made over time.

Minimalist ADHD Behind The Ear Tattoo 

minimalist adhd behind the ear tattoo 
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This is another minimalist tattoo that you might want to get tattooed on your body. Although the tattoo is not massive, it is quite powerful. The placement of the tattoo, that is, behind the ear, is very crafty and increases its chances of visibility. You can get this design inked on any other exposed part of your body.

Although minimalist in nature, the tattoo is great at doing what it is supposed to do. This can serve as a great awareness tattoo! If you do not want this design to be permanent, you can look for temporary ones on websites that offer great advertising and measurement services. You can also check your Pinterest log for some ideas.

Out Of Mind ADHD Tattoo Idea

out of mind adhd tattoo idea
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Although this is a black and white tattoo that does not incorporate the use of any color, it is quite crisp and clear in nature. The tattoo reads “Our of Mind,” which is exactly what ADHD does to you. It is a condition in which you are pushed into a state of complete commotion and unmindfulness.

This tattoo might be used to describe one’s state of mind, or it can be seen as an awareness tattoo. Either way, this is a great thing that you can decide to have on your body. You can either get this design inked separately or use it as a part of a larger tattoo by incorporating the use of other elements, which will add character to your tattoo.

Commotion In The Mind Tattoo 

commotion in the mind tattoo 
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This is another minimalist tattoo that you might prefer having on your body. Although the tattoo does not incorporate the use of multiple elements, the message that the tattoo tries to convey is very clear. It shows the commotion that goes on inside one’s head when a person is diagnosed with ADHD. 

The black and white Tattoo Design is sleek and minimalist in nature. You can alter the size of the tattoo according to your requirement and get as creative as you want. There are a number of sites in which minimalist designs like this will suit. This will work great as an ADHD awareness tattoo.

Unmindful ADHD Tattoo

unmindful adhd tattoo
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This tattoo has been put very cleverly. If you are an admirer of the popular band AC DC, you must be aware of the inspiration for this design. Underneath the large design, you will find a small text that reads, “Highway To…Hey Look! A Squirrel!”

This is exactly what ADHD feels like. You get lost in the middle of something and immediately jump to something else. It is the simplicity of this piece that makes it appear brilliant. Not many colors have been used in the tattoo except for red color.

Hope this gives you an idea about some of the ADHD tattoos that might be worth adorning. These tattoo designs might be bothersome to look at. They will remind you of all the efforts that you have made to overcome your problem and emerge as a strong individual. Not only this, but these tattoos also help to spread awareness!

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