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If you are looking for some great tattoo ideas, look no further. Here’s an amazing list of Altered Carbon tattoos that you are going to love.

Infinity Dragon Tattoo
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Everyone who has watched the Netflix series Altered Carbon is familiar with the infinity dragon tattoo.

The symbol is inspired by the original Ouroboros symbol but with an interesting twist. This ancient symbol of a snake chasing its own tail is known to signify the endless circle of life, death, and rebirth.

The main concept of the show Altered Carbon revolves around life, death, and rebirth. In the Netflix original, the protagonist Takeshi Kovacs had this symbol tattooed on himself after being reborn. But instead of the regular circular Ouroboros, the one in the show was designed to be in the shape of infinity. This makes perfect sense as the creators wanted to focus on the concept of the infinite loop.

Later in the Netflix series, it was found Takeshi Kovacs’s sister wore the necklace with an infinite Ouroboros symbol. The necklace was given to her by their mother and it represents the connection between her and Takeshi Kovacs.

This tattoo of a dragon eating its own tail (called Ouroboros) has gained massive popularity and for all the right reasons. People from all over the world are getting this symbol tattooed. If you are planning on getting one of these tattoos, you are going to love this list of kickass Altered Carbon tattoos ideas.

Outline Altered Carbon Tattoo

Outline Altered Carbon Tattoo
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If you have your eyes set on a Ouroboros tattoo (Altered Carbon) but do not wish to go overboard, this can be exactly what you want. Getting this design will save you the pain of filling. Customize the size of the dragon if you are planning on getting a smaller one. The beauty of an outline tattoo is you can get it anywhere on your body.

Ask your artist to get the shading right. This shouldn’t take you more than a couple of sessions. You are absolutely going to nail having this on your body.

Detailed Takeshi Kovacs Tattoo

Detailed Takeshi Kovacs Tattoo
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If you are not afraid of letting your creative side be shown, you need to take a look at this Altered Carbon design. A new touch to an otherwise old symbol, this piece is every tattoo-lover’s dream design. To give your tattoo more depth, you can combine another symbol in the center of the infinity dragon eating its own tail. Your artist is going to take a lot of time to bring life to this tattoo, so make sure you have the time in hand. Ask your artist to use colored ink to make it look more appealing.

Carbon Dragon Tattoo
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You can choose not to make things over-the-top fancy, if that’s what you are looking for. Just make sure you get the details right and you are going to look like an absolute bomb. We are getting hyped up by thinking of the flood of comments you are going to receive when you upload a picture with this tattoo.

Colored Altered Carbon Dragon Tattoo

Colored Altered Carbon Dragon Tattoo
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How do you feel about this colorized version of the dragon eating its own tail (called ouroboros)? Getting this inked in blue or red ink is going to make you look like a real badass. This will do wonders as a sleeve tattoo but can look even cooler as an elbow tattoo. To make the design more prominent, ask your artist to use white ink for the teeth and the eye.

Colored Altered Tattoo
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If you don’t want a fully colorized tattoo, go for a dragon with colored eyes and teeth. You can also ask your artist to use only dark blue ink while shading.

Back Altered Carbon Ouroboros Tattoo

Back Altered Carbon Ouroboros Tattoo
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After getting to know about the Altered Carbon tattoo (what does it mean), it is only natural to have your eyes set on getting it inked. This back tattoo design is perfect as you can tell the tattoo artist to add enough details to this tattoo and make it creative.

Your back can be a great canvass for your artist and you are going to love it.

6.Arm Altered Carbon Snake Tattoo

6.Arm Altered Carbon Snake Tattoo
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Has this arm tattoo been inked just like the one from the series? If you ever plan on cosplaying as an Altered Carbon envoy, go for a temporary tattoo and find great comments coming your way.

People need to see your creative side and getting an arm tattoo is the best way.

Classy Altered Carbon Symbol tattoo

Classy Altered Carbon Symbol tattoo
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The dragon tattoo meaning and designs have reached a level of their own. Having this symbol tattooed on your skin can make you look super cool. If you are planning on getting a matching tattoo with your sister, you will find these types of designs great.

Make sure you don’t rush your artist. Let them take their time and you’ll cherish it forever.

Takeshi Kovacs Art Tattoo

Takeshi Kovacs Art Tattoo
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Go nuts with your creativity and create your new Takeshi Kovacs tattoo ideas. The Takeshi Kovacs tattoo that represents life, death and rebirth from the episode of Altered Carbon, can be made into unique tattoos.

You can make an illustration like this or come up with a new idea. Use colored inks to give it the extra splash and you’ll absolutely love it.

Big Dragon Tattoo

Big Dragon Tattoo
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If you are a fan of the series and committed to getting larger tattoos, you’ll find this one to be super cool. This is a perfect tattoo for your back or side. The filling is going to hurt, so be prepared for that.

Imagine how sexy this will turn out to be when the artist gets the details right! We are confident you’ll not regret having this inked.

Neck Infinity Dragon Tattoo

Neck Infinity Dragon Tattoo
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A ferocious dragon always looks great. Every fan of the series is going to go crazy over this design. Have it colourized or go for an all-black ink, it is going to look badass either way.

Coverup Dragon tattoo
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You can ask your artist to go for a smaller version of this if you want. This is also a great cover-up tattoo.

Filled Altered Carbon Tattoo

Filled Altered Carbon Tattoo
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The best is kept for the last. This is a strong version of the tattoo – a fascinating Ouroboros piece. Inked to perfection with proper filling and shading, this tattoo will look amazing on your arm or thigh. Customize the size according to your budget and you are good to go.

Filled Altered Carbon Tattoos
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To make it more flashy, create your own design and add colours to them.

These tattoos can do wonders as matching tattoos with your sister or your best friend. You can pair them up with a similar necklace and be prepared to look bomb.

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