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Are you a huge dog lover and looking for your next tattoo that expresses your love for them? Then here are some amazing American Traditional Dog Tattoo ideas!

american traditional dog tattoo
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The American traditional style of tattoo art has been quite popular for decades and is known for its bold outlines.

The American traditional tattoo uses heavy black coloured ink to draw bold contours. It is also mostly monochromatic but also uses red, green and blue coloured ink sometimes.

If you are a tattoo lover, then you may be a fan of the traditional style of tattoo or even the neo-traditional style of tattoo designs. The neo-traditional style is newer and more recent and it is a modified version of the traditional style. The neo-traditional tattoo style consists of a more colourful ink palette with bright and vivid colours. In addition to that, the neo-traditional tattoo style has a wider scope as it also incorporates graphic elements from comic books and cartoons. Therefore, depending on your preferences – if you are a big fan of conventional, traditional tattoo art then you can choose that style for a memorial tattoo for your dog. These American traditional dog tattoos are quite different from the neo-traditional tattoos we see today but they have their own rich culture and history. These traditional forms of art remind us of our culture and how people used to honour their canine companions in the past through art.

Amazing American Traditional Dog Tattoo For Dog Lovers

amazing american traditional dog tattoo for dog lovers
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Anybody who loves dogs and have kept them as pets will know how amazing and brilliant it is to live with them. These animals reflect loyalty and courage and they also sometimes speak the same language of love like us. We can often see that they are also aware of our moods and emotions. Therefore, if we are sad, they will come to us and help us overcome our sadness. They also share in our joy and cheer when we are happy. This is why people also call dogs as man’s best friend on earth.

If you want to express your love for your pet dogs, then you can also get a lovely tattoo to celebrate your pet and to pay a warm tribute to them. If you have run out of ideas of nice tattoos, then you can always turn to the traditional old school style of tattooing as can be seen in the picture above.

Awesome Dog And Owner Traditional Tattoo

awesome dog and owner traditional tattoo
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While most traditional dog tattoos are of portraits of the dog itself, some people also choose to celebrate their own relationship with their pet through the tattoo! As can be seen in the picture above, the wearer has gotten a lovely traditional tattoo of their dog along with them. The tattoo artist has done a beautiful task of drawing a young girl with a puppy in her hands. While this tattoo will be quite unconventional as compared to the other dog tattoos, it will also be quite eye-catching and attractive to others. The heartwarming content of the tattoo will express to everyone how much you love your dog. In addition to that, a beautiful red coloured ink palette is also adding to the beauty of the tattoo. However, before choosing colourful ink, you may also want to check your budget as colourful tattoos often cost more money than monochromatic ones.

Wonderful Pet Dog Portrait In Traditional Tattoo Style

wonderful pet dog portrait in traditional tattoo style
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You will often see a traditional pet dog portrait framed in someone’s house in fond memory of their pet who has passed away. These traditional portraits can also be converted into a cool tattoo design if you like. As can be seen in the picture above, the wearer has gotten a colourful portrait of their sweet dog. This can be a great way to honour their memory or to just carry a piece of them with you everywhere you go.

If you really miss your dog and want to get a tattoo in their memory, then go ahead and look at some lovely dog memorial tattoo ideas.

Wonderful Traditional Dog Tattoo Designs Of Your Happy Pets

wonderful traditional dog tattoo designs of your happy pets
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Whether you want a traditional or a neo-traditional memorial tattoo for your wonderful pet, it is important that the design you choose reflects your best memory of them. After all, every dog owner loves the long walks they take with their pet dog and playing fetch with them. If you also have similar happy experiences with your cute pet, you should turn that memory into tattoo art. For the best happy dog portrait tattoos, you can also gain some inspiration from the picture above where the dog is clearly looking happy.

Cute American Traditional Dog Tattoo Designs With Flowers

cute american traditional dog tattoo designs with flowers
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We all know that the best way to add to any tattoo to make it more elaborate and beautiful is to add flowers to it. Colourful floral motifs can make any tattoo look much more attractive. Consequently, if you are thinking of getting a traditional dog tattoo, you can also ask your tattoo artist to add some lovely flowers to the tattoo. As can be seen in the picture, the lovely flower is adding to the beauty of the tattoo. The subtle infusion of colours makes the dog look much more realistic and lively as well. You can add some red roses or sunflowers to express your love for your pet.

American Traditional Dog Tattoo With The Pet’s Name

american traditional dog tattoo with the pet's name
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While most dog owners get tattoos of the portraits of their pets, some also add their pets’ names to the tattoo. You can also add the name of your pet to the tattoo in order to cherish the memory of your dog forever.

As can be seen in the picture above, the wearer has gotten a beautiful portrait of their dog named Ori and have also added flowers to the tattoo. In addition to that, the artist has also infused the tattoo with lovely pastel colours.

american traditional dog tattoos with the pet's name
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In the picture above, the wearer has gotten a drawing to depict their bulldog named Trixy. The tattoo is a true example of the traditional tattoo styles as it consists of a red background for the features of the dog to shine through.

Fun And Quirky Traditional Dog Tattoo Designs

fun and quirky traditional dog tattoo designs
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While some people may prefer a traditional American tattoo dog, some others may also like a more humorous or quirky American traditional tattoo dog. If you are someone who has a playful personality, then you might want to get a tattoo that is different from the usual conventional dog wolf American traditional tattoo designs. If you don’t want traditional tattoos, then you can also ask your tattoo artist to show you some cool tattoos from which you could choose.

You can also be inspired by the old school tattoo in the picture above where the artist has drawn a funny hot dog tattoo! The wearer has chosen to commemorate their cute dog in a funny way to remember them forever and keep their pet in their heart.

If you need some more inspiration regarding cute and quirky dog tattoos, then here are some creative dog tattoos that you will love!

Lovely Puppy Tattoos Done In The American Traditional Tattoo Style

lovely puppy tattoos done in the american traditional tattoo style
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Most of us bring in our pet dogs right from when they are a baby. Adopting puppies makes it much easier to train them to become obedient dogs and also gives us more time to spend with that animal. After all, nobody can deny the bond that grows between the small animal and its owner right from their birth. Consequently, you also have many wonderful memories of the dog to keep in your mind when they were little and used to be quite mischievous. Nowadays, a lot of people also like to take pictures of their puppy as they are growing in order to have fond memories to look back to. People who love dogs find it an absolute joy to see their puppies grow up into strong, courageous dogs.

Therefore, if you have recently adopted a puppy or really miss the way your dog acted when it was little, then you can also ask your tattoo artist to design a puppy tattoo for you in the traditional style. As can be seen in the picture above, the artist has created a really cute puppy tattoo where the puppy is sitting up with a love letter in its mouth! This tattoo will surely make everyone fall in love with the design when they see it.

Elaborate Dog Tattoo For Your Arm Sleeve

elaborate dog tattoo for your arm sleeve
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If you are a tattoo aficionado, you can also get a traditional American dog tattoo sleeve. After all, tattoo sleeves are quite popular among people because they offer maximum visibility. In addition to that, tattoo sleeves also offer a lot of space for the tattoo artist to work on and create a larger picture. Consequently, if you have been looking to get a tattoo sleeve for a long time to celebrate your pet dog’s life and memory, then you can also ask your tattoo artist to create a lovely sleeve tattoo design to express your love for your dog. You can also ask the artist to fill in the tattoo with colourful ink in order to make it look more attractive and eye-catching even from afar.

As can be seen in the picture, the artist has drawn a dog American traditional tattoo on the arm sleeve of a dog named Opie.

Traditional Dog Tattoo With Heavy Shading Effect

traditional dog tattoo with heavy shading effect
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The American traditional tattoo style is known for its distinct type of bold, dark outlines. Most of these tattoos are made with black coloured ink with heavy shading. If you want to stay true to the traditional style then you can also get a dog tattoo with a heavy shading effect. As can be seen in the image above, the artist has done a wonderful job of creating an American traditional snarling dog tattoo named Cuba. The neat strokes of the face of the dog are expressing the ferocity in its expressions accurately.

Every person who has ever had a pet dog and loved them knows the kind of loss that they feel when the dog passes away. If you have also felt that pain and want to pay a sweet tribute to your canine best friend, then you can definitely choose an American traditional form of dog tattoo for yourself.

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