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Are you a fan of Egyptian culture and would love to show it. Then you might want to go for a few best Anubis hand tattoo designs.

Anubis Hand Tattoo
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Anubis tattoos are a homage to Egyptian mythology.

The Anubis Egyptian god tattoo is actually a tattoo of an ancient Egyptian god of death which is a jackal’s face. The Anubis head tattoo is mostly black inked and an old schooled tattoo.

The Anubis tattoo ideas usually include black inked god Anubis figures combined with ancient Egyptian tattoo design. The tattoo includes pyramids, images of souls, mummification, navigation search goddesses, ancient Egyptians, Greek symbols, the body of the afterlife gods, Egyptian symbol, Horus tattoo designs, Egyptian gods, Egyptian culture, etc.

Anubis is a special God in the Egyptian culture and because of the jackal-like face, it is a cool tattoo idea too. Even among pop-culture enthusiasts, Anubis has taken a special role in their hearts making it a God-figure that everyone reveres or fears. Hence, like the Ankh, Anubis has become a symbol of Ancient Egyptian culture.

Anubis tattoo placement holds a very important place. The tattoo artist makes sure that it is placed over an easily visible area that is befitting for the Egyptian God.

The Navigation Tattoo

The Navigation Tattoo
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One of the most outstanding Anubis tattoos is this one right here. This tattoo right away reminds one of Egypt and Egyptian culture. There are various elements in this tattoo that are symbolic of the city of Egypt. On the top, we have an Egyptian clock that shows the passage of time.

Right below the clock, we have the Anubis deity which has been tattooed incredibly. The tattoo artist has made sure that every shading, detailing and expression of the Anubis is spot on. The Anubis figure is wearing armour and is situated right on top of an Egyptian pyramid. A very special element of creativity that has been added to this bottom tier is the addition of an eye inside the pyramid.

The eye has been made quite realistically and it brings out an interesting feature of this tattoo. Overall, the shadings of black ink, brown ink and a hint of beige as well make this entire tattoo very old school, ancient and quite fitting for the Egyptian era.

The Egyptian Anubis

The Egyptian Anubis
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In this specific Anubis tattoo, the tattoo artist has incorporated various minute details that are hard to focus on but the overall execution makes it very authentic and beautiful. Right in the centre, we have the portrait of Anubis, which is the figure of a jackal or some may say a dog that is wearing an Egyptian cloak and various jewellery.

The tattoo artist has very cleverly added another interesting element to this tattoo. The figure of Anubis is holding an Ankh cross in both of its hands in a crossway manner. The Ankh is a famous Egyptian symbol.

The bottom half of the tattoo has not been perfectly outlined and rather has been faded out into the skin. The entire tattoo has been detailed beautifully and the essence of darkness and Egyptian culture has also been captured very well.

The Blackwork Egyptian Mythology

The Blackwork Egyptian Mythology
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In this particular Anubis tattoo, the tattoo artist has stunned the viewers by showcasing intricate detailings and outstanding shadings of black ink. Right in the centre, we have the face portrait of the Anubis figure that has been detailed into perfection. The gold and black striped headscarf is a very symbolic Egyptian cloak that the Egyptian nobles would wear in ancient times. The Anubis face portrait has been put over an entire black background that the tattoo artist has created by using shades of black ink. At the bottom, we have three Egyptian pyramids and the classic Egyptian desert to combine the whole Egyptian culture vibe into this tattoo. Plus, the waves moving from the eyes of Anubis is truly magnificent.

The Night Of Egypt

The Night Of Egypt
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In this Egyptian Anubis tattoo, the tattoo artist has portrayed the glory and might of the Egyptian deity. The figure of Anubis has been made with an aggressive and serious expression.

Right on top of Anubis head, the tattoo artist has drawn the moon in between its crown heads which looks God-like. Another interesting feature of this tattoo if you notice closely, you will find that the Anubis figure is basically holding the entire Egyptian desert with the pyramids.

The detailing by the tattoo artist has been quite on point as we see that the sand is falling out of the hands of Anubis in a very realistic manner which is quite a creative way to execute it.

The Cross Of Anubis

The Cross Of Anubis
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In this black and grey Anubis figure tattoo, the tattoo artist has made sure that the detailing is enhanced by various shadings and strokes of black ink. The expression of the Anubis face is splendidly captured as it is quite bold and God-like.

The hands of Anubis is crossed over in an X shape, and they have two weapons in each hand. Right under the Anubis figure, we have the symbol of Ankh which has been shaded in such a way that it looks like it is being enlightened down from the sky. The Ankh cross combined with the dark Anubis figure makes the tattoo very divine and glorious.

The Evil Magic Anubis Tattoo

The Evil Magic Anubis Tattoo
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This is an amazing Anubis tattoo that brings about the fear of Anubis. The jackal God here is represented as a fearsome deity especially with the layered shading that has been done on the figure. Along with the pointed face of the deity which makes the tattoo appear more prominently, Anubis here brings a new level of design to your tattoo game and makes the tattoo worth it. There is a lively feeling to this tattoo which is brought forward with the Anubis eyes glare. The glow of the eyes makes the tattoo appear even more magnificent and makes a great piece as a hand Anubis tattoo to go for.

The Skull Of Anubis

The Skull Of Anubis
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In this particular tattoo design, the tattoo artist has tried to portray the skeletal side of the Anubis. The entire head of the Anubis looks old and rotten which gives the impression of a dead skull. The expression of the tattoo is quite unique and very fitting with the theme. Since Anubis is the Egyptian God of the dead which protects deceased souls from vicious scavengers, the dead skull theme fits perfect for its trait.

The skull has been detailed in such a way that it looks like it has been covered in bandages with no proper facial structure; just bones. Overall, the tattoo artist has shaded the no flesh face with the perfect amount of light and dark shadings using black ink.

The Bloodshed Eye

The Bloodshed Eye
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In this Anubis figure, the tattoo artist has incorporated a red colour to exemplify the darkness of this tattoo. The eyes of Anubis is completely shaded with red and there are various other places in this figure that has been splattered with red ink as if it is blood.

Even the black ink that has been used to carve out and shade this figure is somewhat dripping down in the corners which compliment the dripping of the red ink. The bottom of the tattoo has been adjoined with an Egyptian pyramid which looks seamless. The armour of this Anubis tattoo has been drawn in such a way that it looks like bones.

Overall, the tattoo artist has shaded this tattoo with light-handed strokes and has also included the Ankh cross symbol at the very centre in the forehead of the Anubis figure. A very flair-some yet mesmerising tattoo of the Egyptian culture.

The Sketch Tattoo Of Anubis

The Sketch Tattoo Of Anubis
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This Anubis figure tattoo has been portrayed in a sketch form in which it looks like the tattoo artist has pencil sketched the entire tattoo in the forearm region of the man. The ancient God tattoo has been executed very skillfully as every line, every stroke, every dot and every highlight has been put down perfectly.

The overall execution looks very realistic and very God-like which captures the essence of the Anubis tattoo perfectly. The tattoo itself looks like a good armour placed in the man’s hand due to such fine detailing. The tattoo has been geometrically well aligned. The tattoo artist has maintained a great symmetry throughout all its features and therefore the outcome is so great.

The Armour Of Anubis

The Armour Of Anubis
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In this Anubis figure tattoo, the tattoo artist has wholeheartedly devoted the details to the armour, the face and the body of the Anubis deity. The armour of Anubis gives it eternal life and is nothing in comparison to human body armour. It has royal power which is why the tattoo artist has paid serious attention to it.

The three inks – black, brown and grey have been used in such an incredible manner that the entire tattoo looks as if it is glowing and has been enlightened on the forearm region. The size of the tattoo with its dark and mysterious black shading gives a very royal aesthetic to the overall tattoo.

The Egyptian detailing is which is the Egyptian armour, Egyptian jewellery and the Egyptian Ankh cross has been used very well to glorify the Egyptian culture in this tattoo. Overall, a fine piece of art by the tattoo artist.

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