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Do you have your mind set on getting an Avatar tattoo but can’t find the right design? Here’s an amazing list of Appa tattoo ideas

Appa Tattoo
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Appa is the flying bison from the animated film Avatar: The Last Airbender.

If Appa were been a real person, he would be loyal, helpful, and filled with absolute purity. A pretty cool character to have on your skin, right?

Appa may not be a ‘talking’ animal in Avatar, but he did play a major role in the ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ series. He’s also very cute and his relationship with Aang is really memorable.

We have a kickass list of Appa tattoos for you. Check them out.

Aang And The Gang On Appa tattoo

Aang And The Gang On Appa tattoo
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This tattoo of Aang and the entire gang sitting on Appa is a perfect representation of friendship and purity. If your mind is set on getting an Avatar tattoo, this can be just the thing.

Flying Appa
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You can ask your tattoo artist to make it look like they are flying or have Appa face forward, but whichever you decide on getting it’s going to look bomb on your skin.

Bold Appa Tattoo

Bold Appa Tattoo
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If you are planning on getting something flashy and prominent, you should definitely check this Appa tattoo design out. Bold. Stunning. On point. Have this tattooed in classic black ink and you are good to go.

This piece of art is going to look incredible on your arm, but you can get it on your chest and it will be just as badass. Just don’t forget the shading.

Appa On Clouds Tattoo

Appa On Clouds Tattoo
@zo_pokes via Instagram

When it comes to ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ tattoos, there are some crazy arts and designs. If your heart is set on an Avatar tattoo, how about getting Appa and some clouds? Get this on your chest like in the picture or on your shoulder.

Lose the stars and the moon if you want and add more clouds instead. If you want to give it a fun touch, have the clouds colorized.

Standing Appa Tattoo

Standing Appa Tattoo
@floyperez.tattoo via Instagram

What do you think about an Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoo where our flying bison is standing straight? Pretty cool, right? Get it in Appa’s colors or just leave it black with proper shading, either way, it’s really cool. This is one of the new tattoo ideas and we are simply loving it.

Appa Horn
@carolinev_tattoo via Instagram

Adding the goatee makes the art look better but it won’t be the worst to leave it out. Don’t forget the horns, no matter how short you make it, and you are good to go.

Appa Tattoo With Flowers

Appa with Flowes
@anothertwilightfantasy_ via Instagram

Ideal for an arm or thigh tattoo, we are sure you will totally rock this one. Have our flying bison in its original colors or use black ink. Flowers add to Appa’s purity and also make it a great cover-up tattoo. Filling Appa is going to take time so be prepared to spend some time at the shop.

Appa Blue flowers
@_lucy_who_ via Instagram

Let your imagination loose and add as many flowers and colors as you want to. You can also come up with new ideas about what pose Appa could take up. A standing or flying Appa would not look that bad!

Funny Appa Sitting Tattoo

Appa sit Tattoo
@inkbyfrnk via Instagram

Looking for a fun take on an Avatar tattoo? There you have it. Who knew Appa just sitting can be one of the best tattoo ideas? Get this on your ankle and let it peek out of your socks.

Appa Tired Tattoo
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It can be exhausting to fly everyone on your back and it shows. The tired look just makes the tattoo more fun and adorable. The apple brings the entire tattoo together – after all, you need something to keep yourself recharged. But you can easily leave it out.

Appa Art Tattoo

Appa Art
@tantattoos via Instagram

Go nuts with your imagination and create an Avatar Appa tattoo like the one in the picture. Just imagine how cool this will turn out to be if the artist gets the details right. You can customize the colors and shading according to your preference.

If you want an Avatar tattoo but are not sure just yet, this can make a great temporary tattoo. Get it on your thigh and see for yourself whether it suits you. Personally, we think you’ll love it.

Aang And Appa Tattoo

Aang And Appa Tattoo
@tantattoos via Instagram

Aang and Appa from the ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ are pretty much inseparable since they met. If you are up for a tattoo of this inseparable duo, then we have got you covered. Share this with the person you are inseparable from and see what they have to say about this!

Appa Colored Tattoo
@ dziarska.ania via Instagram

A bit of a colored touch – a testament to the air-bending skills – would not be a problem either. We are sure you’ll like this on your forearm. Your artist is going to take some time to complete this, but every minute in the shop will be worth it.

Baby Appa Tattoo

Baby Appa Tattoo
@mrowa_tattoo via Instagram

How do you feel about a cute Appa from Avatar tattoo on your forearm? Absolute bomb, right? It’s adorable and a perfect first tattoo. Baby Appa is all about cuteness – it can really make you stand out as a comfortable person to talk to.

Have your artist get the nails right and you will cherish it forever.

Appa In A Bowl Tattoo

Appa In A Bowl Tattoo
@al_tattooer via Instagram

Go crazy with your Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoo ideas and create something unique like this. Yes, it might seem a bit awkward – a ramen Appa is not something that one could think of. But then, creativity can be wild!

Get this quirky tattoo on your wrist or ankle. Be it in black or colorized, it will look pretty chill on you.

Tattoos work best when they are about something you cherish. Avatar tattoos are full of craziness and fun and getting one can be life-changing. Create your own ideas or set your eyes on one of these, we are sure it will be lit.

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