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Are you looking for some quirky inking ideas? Here you will find some awesome and mind-blowing apple tattoo ideas and designs curated to up your style game!

Apple Tattoo
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Did you know that apples and apple tattoos have been an eternal symbol of love, fertility, knowledge, temptation, sin, sexuality, and sensuality?

While the western culture regards the apple as an irresistible yet forbidden object, Greek, Celtic, and other cultures have different notions associated with the fruit. For example, you will find that Greek myths and legends consider the apple to be a symbol of immortality and youth, and for the Celts, the apple symbolizes knowledge, prophecy, and magic.

However, the most relevant apple reference you will find is perhaps to the unnamed fruit that Eve presented to Adam in the Garden of Eden. The fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was later named ‘apple’ by Renaissance artists and immortalized as a symbol of knowledge and temptation through their works.

Birds, sad quotes, love quotes, flowers, infinity symbols, moon and planets, and anchor tattoos are a part of the popular repertoire of meaningful tattoo choices for girls and boys alike. However, meaningful apple tattoo designs will take your inking experience a notch higher and help you express your style and persona to the world. From apple flowers and apple trees to poisoned apples, you will find that there are many apple-related inking designs to content your appetite for aesthetic tattoos. It’s an art that you will wear all the time, every day of your life. Please read on to learn about some of the best apple tattoo ideas and find the one that is most relevant to your unique preferences!

The Chic And Pristine Apple Flower Tattoo

The Chic And Pristine Apple Flower Tattoo
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Want to know what does an apple blossom tattoo symbolize? Known for their intoxicating fragrance and soothing color, the flowers of the apple tree serve as a symbol of peace, love, fertility, sensuality, and the continuity of life. A simple apple flower tattoo such as this one is both classy and meaningful. A simple branch with blossoms and leaves in black ink will set your look apart from flashier choices.

The Disney-Inspired Classic Poisoned Apple Tattoo

The Disney-Inspired Classic Poisoned Apple Tattoo
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Fairytales can open up a world full of enchanting tattoo designs. The Snow White-inspired poison apple tattoo will take you back in time and pep things up in your tattoo game. You can show your love for this old-school theme, or better, the charm and magic that the poisoned apple embodies with a cool tattoo. The one here gives the impression of a skull, symbolizing sleeping death, while the contrasting warm and cool hues make it visually arresting.

Poisoned Apple Tattoo
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There’s more available in the category of poisoned apple tattoos. For instance, the one here shows the evil queen from Snow White dangling a poisoned apple in her hand. The tattoo design is spontaneous in evoking nostalgia for classic fairy tales that never seem to get out of fashion, no matter the time and era.

The Satanic Snake And Apple Tattoo

The Satanic Snake And Apple Tattoo
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Get the apple and snake tattoo inked on your body if you’re interested in designs with a Biblical reference. Besides the snake’s symbolism of strength, rebirth, fertility, wisdom, and knowledge, the slithering creature also represents the temptation that lured Eve with the forbidden fruit. With its fangs exposed, the fearsome image of the snake wrapped around a bright-red bitten apple has the right amount of devilish and sinful undertone

Black Snake Apple Tattoo
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If you’re not content with a simple design and wish to add more detail, here is another dramatic apple and snake tattoo motif that you may find attractive. The reptile is seen entwined with a bitten and a half-cut apple. The vividly colored leaves and flowers further enhance the design and balance the evil vibes with their lively aura.

The Metaphorical ‘Apple Of My Eye’ Tattoo

The Metaphorical 'Apple Of My Eye' Tattoo
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The popular English metaphorical phrase ‘apple of my eye’ is from the Biblical Book of Psalms and symbolizes the pupil of the eye – something that you cherish and protect. You will find that the phrase is frequently used in the context of love and relationships. If you are into realistic art, take your apple tattoo game to the next level with this intricate and life-like design of an eye that seems to stare right back at you through the apple!

The Rotten Apple Tattoo For The Bad Boys

The Rotten Apple Tattoo For The Bad Boys

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Bad apple tattoo designs with a rotten apple and a worm popping out of it might sound extremely gross, but you could use it to express the spoilt and mischievous side of your character. This bad apple tattoo here is something you might like – it’s simple and colorful with a hint of playfulness, a trait you may find similar to your pampered self.

The Tempting Bitten Apple Tattoo

The Tempting Bitten Apple Tattoo
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It’s not new information that the bitten apple has long been a symbol of fall and temptation, the sexual attraction that lures one to the opposite sex. The simple black and gray tattoo here draws inspiration from Eve’s temptation for the forbidden fruit. The nails add a touch of realism to it while still maintaining the right amount of sensuality.

The Mythological Golden Apple Tattoo For Legends

The Mythological Golden Apple Tattoo For Legends
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The Greeks had different symbolisms associated with the golden apple – the Golden Apple of Discord that instigated the Trojan War, the Tree of Life’s Golden Apples with magical healing powers, the Golden Apples in the garden of Hesperides, and so on. If you find Greek mythology interesting, this classic golden apple tattoo can be your go-to choice. Available in solid gold hues, the inking looks super realistic and sophisticated.

The Sensuous Cut-Apple Tattoo For The Passionate

The Sensuous Cut-Apple Tattoo For The Passionate
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When an apple is cut in half through its vertical plane, the seed case resembles the female’s external genitalia. In contrast, when the fruit is cut along the horizontal plane, the seed casing appears as a star-shaped structure, symbolizing knowledge. The apple views trio tattoo here has a perfect balance of erotica and aesthetics, only if you have the eye for it!

Cut Apple Tattoo
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If you like to be unapologetically explicit in flaunting your amorous side to the world, go ahead and get this sensuous cut apple tattoo inked on your body. Bold and sexy, the tattoo resembles the female vulva that will make your taste for art and creativity speak out loud while quietly asserting its inherent sexual appeal.

The Sublime Apple Tree Tattoo

The Sublime Apple Tree Tattoo
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You may find that tattoos with apples hanging on a tree are widely popular and available out there. First of all, it is symbolic of fertility and sublime love. Moreover, the apple tree may also serve to represent the Tree of Knowledge from the Biblical Garden of Eden. The apple tree tattoo here with its spread-out branches is voluminous and will impart substantial charm to the wearer’s look. In addition, the bright red and green hues add the perfect amount of contrast against your skin.

Half Cut Apple Tattoo
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If you want to get more creative with your apple tree tattoos, you may use this imaginative design showing a tree sprouting out of a half-cut apple. The tattoo design is perfect for those who have a vivid imagination and love all things abstract. The color combination of the design is equally eye-catching and will surely turn heads due to its sheer out-of-the-box conception.

The Green Apple Tattoo For Healthy Eaters

The Green Apple Tattoo For Healthy Eaters
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A green apple tattoo on the body is absolutely appealing to vegetarians and healthy eaters. The green tattoo here is simple and yet is perfect for those fitness freaks who want to flaunt their healthy lifestyle choices in a stylish and unique way!

Apple Grapes Lavender Flowers Tattoo
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If you want to be a bit more artistic in brandishing your healthy lifestyle preferences, go for this elaborate apple tattoo design. It goes beyond simply showing the fruit and includes bunches of grapes, lavender flowers, and a bird as well. The colors, detailing, and utter elegance of the design will surely grab all the attention in the room!

Apple tattoos have been in vogue for a long time and are not going out of fashion any time soon. Thanks to their universal appeal and popularity, you will find thousands of apple tattoo motifs portraying different themes and symbolism. While a good apple tattoo design can enhance your look, a poorly chosen one can ruin your appearance. So, here’s what you can keep in mind before getting inked:

  • Choose an apple tattoo design that complements your persona.
  • Make sure that you choose the design wisely with full knowledge of the message it conveys.
  • Never invest in an apple tattoo design that you do not connect with emotionally or physically.

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