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Love the Arabic language and looking for cool and amazing Arabic tattoos? Check out some amazing Arabic tattoo designs and take your pick!

Arabic Tattoo
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The Arabic language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world and has been a consistent part of popular culture.

Needless to say, the beauty of the Arabic language and the Arabic script have resulted in lots of people getting Arabic tattoos. Not only does an Arabic tattoo look beautiful, but it is also an exotic way of conveying your message.

The meaning of Arabic tattoos depends on what word or phrase you decide to get inked with. You can also choose to get a tattoo of Arabic architecture on your body. The beauty of Arabic tattoos lies in the fact that each of the Arabic letters looks good on its own and the Arabic script has an aesthetic flow. Additionally, Arabic symbols and motifs are also quite enticing. So, even if someone does not understand the meaning, they will still be in awe of the permanent Arabic ink on your skin. Famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Selena Gomez also have Arabic tattoos that carry beautiful meanings.

Even though the internet is filled with images of Arabic tattoos, it can be difficult to understand which one will suit you well. However, with the help of this article, you will be able to find some of the best designs that you can choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in and find the right kind of Arabic tattoo for yourself. You will surely want to get inked with any one of these designs!

‘Soul’ Arabic Tattoo

'Soul' Arabic Tattoo
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If you want to get tattooed with a small, yet meaningful Arabic word, then this option will fit you perfectly. Here, the word translates to, ‘soul‘. Not only is this design minimalistbut it also has a spiritual essence. A tattoo like this on your wrist, or any other body part, will remind you to put your soul into any work you do. Additionally, the bold manner in which this tattoo is inked will catch everyone else’s attention as well.

Arabic Window Tattoo

Arabic Window Tattoo
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Your Arabic tattoo does not have to be limited to words and phrases. You can also get creative and choose a design like this. Here, the tattoo is depicting a typical window done in the style of Arabic architecture. A tattoo like this will act as a symbol of the Arabic culture. The way the lines have been inked will surely make you love the tattoo. You can get this elegant design on your arm, or even on your neck or shoulder.

‘Love’ Arabic Tattoo

'Love' Arabic Tattoo
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One of the most used words in the world is, ‘Love‘. However, it is also one of the most powerful and positive words. Hence, getting that inked on your body in the Arabic script will surely be a good idea. The tattoo pictured above is quite simple and the lettering has been done in a bold manner. The writing done here is quite similar to calligraphy and hence, you will notice a beautiful flow of the letters. You can also ask your tattoo artist to use ink of a different colour or add some calligraphy or cursive styles to the letters. This tattoo will look cool on your wrist or shoulder, no matter what size you choose to get it in.

Hamsa Arabic Tattoo

Hamsa Arabic Tattoo
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The Hamsa hand symbol plays a role in several cultures, including the Arabic culture. This motif is said to provide protection against the evil eye. So, getting an Arabic tattoo design like this will not only look beautiful on you but also protect you from harm. The way this tattoo has been designed is quite creative. The detailed linework and floral designs surely make this tattoo look like art. You can also get your tattoo artist to add any particular phrases or words, that you might think will go with this symbol.

‘Family Comes First’ Arabic Tattoo

'Family Comes First' Arabic Tattoo
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One of the most important aspects of your life must be your family. Hence, an Arabic tattoo that says the phrase, ‘Family comes first‘ is a lovely message and will help you to always remember to prioritise them. This tattoo design has quite an aesthetic appeal as the letters have been written in a neat manner. A tattoo like this one should be inked somewhere you can see it regularly. Hence, the wrist or arm are good options.

Aesthetic Arabic Tattoo

Aesthetic Arab Tattoo
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If you are in search of a very aesthetic Arabic tattoothen take a look at this work of art. In this tattoo, the phrase, ‘I love you‘ is inked right below the butterfly. A tattoo design like this could be gotten keeping a special person you love in mind. This is quite a nice way of forever symbolising your love for them. Additionally, a butterfly is symbolic of faith and transformation. Such tattoos might look feminine and appeal to a lot of women, but can get a tattoo like this, as well. Combining Arabic words or phrases with meaningful symbols, always turn out to be cool and convey a beautiful message. As pictured above, you can easily get this inked on your arm.

‘Different’ Arabic Tattoo

'Different' Arabic Tattoo
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If you are a person who likes to stand out, then this Arabic tattoo design is ideal for you. The Arabic word for ‘different‘ has been inked here. Interestingly, the way the lettering is done is also different. Instead of choosing a cursive font or using a style of calligraphy, the writing has been done using bold and separate lines. Anyone who known the Arabic language would certainly be confused at first and would have to tilt their head to understand what’s written. Such designs and styles are not only cool but will bring a certain uniqueness to you.

‘Never Give Up’ Arabic Tattoo

'Never Give Up' Arabic Tattoo
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You can get an Arabic back tattoo like this one which has the message, ‘Never give up‘. The style of writing of this tattoo is quite enticing, as it is making the letters stand out. An Arabic tattoo like this one could remind you to keep faith in yourself, even during the tough times. This tattoo could act as your source of inspiration and become your strength tattoo.

Arabic Letters Tattoo

Arabic Letters Tattoo
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Arabic letters make for cool tattoo designs. If you want to get the first letter of your name or of someone’s you love, inked on your body, then you can ask your tattoo artist to use the style depicted here. In this tattoo, the letter ‘m’ has been inked. The lines and gradient shading certainly adds a charm to the tattoo. As shown in the picture, a tattoo of this design would look really good on your arm.

Arabic Spine Tattoo

Arabic Spine Tattoo
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Spine tattoos make for some of the best designs. Therefore, combining that with the Arabic language can only result in a masterpiece. So, if you are in search of an amazing spine tattoo to get inked with, forever, then why not choose this design? In this tattoo, the Arabic words carry the message, ‘Love yourself first‘. The style of the tattoo is also quite simple, yet eye-catching. A tattoo like this would be an important reminder for you to value yourself. Undoubtedly, an Arabic tattoo like this carries a message and words to live by.

Now that you have gone through the various kinds of Arabic tattoo designs, you can easily pick an Arabic tattoo that matches your liking. Arabic words are pleasing to hear, read, and even look at. Combining that with different styles, designs, and fine lines can bring your Arabic tattoo to life. Your Arabic tattoo can fully serve your beliefs and values by carrying strong spiritual messages, as well. Here is a compilation of some ideas for an Arabic tattoo-

  1. Arabic tattoo that contains any inspirational message.
  2. Arabic tattoo inked in cursive or calligraphic styles.
  3. Arabic tattoo depicting their enticing style of architecture.
  4. Arabic tattoo with spiritual symbols and Arabic words.
  5. Arabic tattoo with the lettering done in various styles.

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