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Today, the popularity of tattoos is quite high and many people are getting inked. You may find a perfect idea for yourself using these archer tattoo ideas.

Archer Tattoo
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The bow and arrow tattoos of an archer have been one of the most popular designs among people for a long time.

Using the archery symbol as a tattoo was previously popular among the Native Americans. Gradually this amazing design reached a wider audience today and you can come across archer tattoos almost in every part of the world.

The craze for this piece did not change over time, rather it increased. Even today it remains a top pick in the industry although people have been getting this design for years. Archer tattoos are available in a diverse set of tattoos, some tattoos are inspired by actual archers while the other designs emphasize their weapons. Overall, it is one of the best designs that you should get. The Sagittarius sign, the love cupid, the arrow tattoo, and the traditional bow and the arrow also qualify as archer tattoos.

An archer tattoo tells a story by itself. It does not require additional features to make it more meaningful. However, combining tattoos together with phrases, words, or different elements can never go wrong if you map a perfect story for the design. A professional tattoo artist can deliver a well-defined and decorated archer tattoo that brings more life to the piece. If you like this design and want more information about it, please check out some great archer tattoo ideas shared below that might help you choose your favorite design.

Classic Archer Tattoos

Classic Archer Tattoos
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Getting a classic archer tattoo by a professional tattoo artist show how classy you are. Small archer tattoos are comparatively rare. A classic archer tattoo piece is available in moderate to big sizes and is usually made using black. They are commonly inked in places like the arm, ribs, chest, and back.

Traditional Bow And Arrow Tattoo Of An Archer

Traditional Bow And Arrow Tattoo Of An Archer
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Among all the weapons and products of an archer, the bow and arrow is the most commonly used weapon of all time. For this reason, using the bow and arrow tattoo is a great depiction of an archer. The arrow tattoo meaning intellect, beauty, and history symbolizes the depth of its owner. Check out this colored and compact design of the bow and arrow tattoo imprinted on the wrist. The artist can also add details on the bow with floral patterns to give it a calm look.

The Sagittarius Tattoo Of The Zodiac Sign Representing The Archer Symbol

The Sagittarius Tattoo Of The Zodiac Sign Representing The Archer Symbol
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Sagittarius, meaning the ninth symbol of the zodiac sign, is the best and most popular example of an archer tattoo. The unique centaur portrayed in the symbol is a classic image and much-loved among Sagittarians. If you are a Sagittarius – open-minded and fun to be with, you can also try out an abstract Sagittarius symbol like a bow and arrow.

Colored And Lively Archer Tattoos

Colored And Lively Archer Tattoos
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Black tattoos have their own charm, but tattoos with colors look more vibrant. Take a chance and try it out yourself! However, we can all agree to the fact addition of colors to the above piece makes this archer tattoo look amazing and it’s a design we all want to get. An archer tattoo that looks like Geralt of Rivia, also makes you a part of the Witcher fan base.

Robust Full Back Archer Tattoos

Robust Full Back Archer Tattoos
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The back of the body provides a large surface area, almost like a big canvas for tattoo artists to bring out their creativity. A large tattoo like this bow and arrow tattoo decorated with various elements and floral patterns will definitely attract those who find big tattoos interesting.

Rustic Archery Tattoos For Guys

Rustic Archery Tattoos For Guys
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Carving the bows and arrows on the body of a man is considered to symbolize masculinity and fearsome power. Combining this symbol with a detailed archer tattoo will create a more dynamic design that no man can resist. The tattoo design in the above image represents the powers and raw masculinity of a strong man. This type of tattoo looks amazing on the arms and chest of a man.

Incredible Archer Tattoos For Women

Incredible Archer Tattoos For Women
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Although bow and arrow are associated with the masculinity of men, there are wonderful archer tattoo designs curated for all kinds of women in the world. For example, check out this realistic tattoo piece where we see a powerful and determined lady pointing her arrow at her aim. Apart from being an incredible tattoo art, this also shows the power of femininity.

The Acrobat Archer Tattoo

The Acrobat Archer Tattoo
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An acrobat practicing archery in a yogic pose! It’s a great body tattoo if you can add yoga with archery, especially when zodiac signs are related to this art. Adding colors to the piece have made the tattoo more vibrant. You can try this archer tattoo on the arms and the shoulders.

Archer’s Stretched Back Bow Tatto

Archer's Stretched Back Bow Tatto
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In the above piece, we see a stretched bow position of a professional archer. This resembles that the archer has fixed the aim and is ready to attack. Getting a stretched bow tattoo of a professional archer resembles your will to never settle for the less and to try to reach your goal no matter how many hardships you face.

The Cupid Archer Tattoo

The Cupid Archer Tattoo
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Many symbols are available that help you to curate archer tattoo designs. The symbol of the cupid, a baby boy pointing his arrow towards the heart can also be a good representation of an archer tattoo. Cupid tattoos are related to art and can be one of the best depictions of love and finding help in love. It still remains a popular and one of the best tattoos of all time.

Arrow tattoo is another meaningful tattoo that you can try out. A simple tattoo on its own, it can be decorated with various elements and object to give it a more abstract edge. We have come up with some ideas you can choose from for your arrow tattoo.

  • The classical arrow tattoo
  • Multiple arrows.
  • Arrow with broken lines
  • Arrow with words tattoos.
  • The fiery arrow.
  • Traditional arrows of hunters.
  • Arrow stabbed heart tattoos.
  • Bow and Arrow tattoo across fingers.
  • Geometrical arrow tattoo.
  • Bow with three arrows.

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