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Wear your regional pride as a piece of body art with these innovative area code tattoo ideas. Stay humble and represent your roots through all your successes!

area code tattoo
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What does it mean to get an area code tattoo?

Area code tattoo ideas have been popular for a long time. People choose to tattoo area codes of places like their hometown or somewhere they have a beautiful memory of.

Area code tattoos are fun to have significant body art with a personal meaning. Area code tattoo ideas signify pride in your roots and were initially used by gang members. Many couples who belong to the same town choose to get matching area code tattoos as a sign of commitment and passion. Area code tattoos are not just to enhance your aesthetic or come off as conventionally cool and rad. Instead, they are used to symbolize the connection one has to their roots, their honor to the beginning of their life.

Celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have area code tattoos on their body to remind themselves of home. You can get very trendy area code tattoos with minimalistic designs thanks to the brilliant tattoo artists today. Take a look at these amazing designs below, and then decide for yourself!

Upper Arm Area Code Tattoo

upper arm area code tattoo
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This cute area code tattoo is a minimalistic design lettered 274. 274 is the area code of Wisconsin: the state that has still retained its Scandinavian-American culture in ways of food and art. The Tattoo Design is simple, but due to the wearer’s skin tone, it is bound to attract attention.

The lettering is in a neat classic font, and the tattoo does not take up much space. It is in an area behind the arm where it can be easily covered up while dressing up formally. The area surrounding the tattoo has turned reddish. However, the design looks like it has been made by an experienced tattoo artist.

Area Code Tattoo On Side-Hip

area code tattoo on side-hip
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This is a very uncommon location for an area code tattoo. Unlike other tattoos that are typically on the wrist, forearm, or thigh, this one is on the hip. Also, this tattoo is in red, adding to the feminity of the design. The number 619 is the area code of the exotic San Diego.

The region is all about romantic beaches and fun family outings for visitors. To the residents of San Diego who have left the sea behind to explore their destiny in some other corner of the world, the place holds a special place in their hearts. The 3D font of the tattoo gives it a risen look on the skin, and overall the appearance is minimalistic but bold.

Bold Area Code Forearm Tattoo

bold area code forearm tattoo
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This 323 area code tattoo is in gothic font, stretching from under the knee and stopping right above the ankle. The design is quite rare as the background is inked black to make the tattoo stand out in the wearer’s skin tone. The numbers 323 are lettered in a curvy manner, with the tips and tails of the digits swirling upwards. The background has been given a spray-painted appearance.

The area code tattoos with 323 are generally inked by people of Los Angeles. LA has given many people fond memories. That is why the 323 area code tattoos are not just for the LA natives with their near manic local pride. Couples who have amazing memories in LA also choose to get such a matching tattoo of the Los Angeles area code. Ultimately, that’s what area code tattoos are for: signifying people’s journeys!

Area Code Tattoo On Back

area code tattoo on back
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This area code tattoo idea is more than just a minimalistic number design. The design features several other components, like roses and broken horseshoes. The 519 area code is for Ontario, Canada, and London. This tattoo describes strength and grace with broken horseshoe magnets and roses. It also reaffirms one’s beliefs in the power of their upbringing and struggle and does away with superstitions.

Although there is the presence of roses in the design, it is a unisex tattoo. Flowers are a common symbol of love and respect, especially when discussing one’s home. The design is completely healed and looks amazing due to the color combination. The roses tilt upwards with leaves enfolding the bud, and between them, “519” is written in shadowy black outline with grey shading. The tattoo gives a classy look irrespective of the number one chooses to get inked with.

928 Area Code Tattoo

928 area code tattoo
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This 928 area code tattoo is proudly worn by an Arizonian. The design is adequately shaded. The outline and the shading are black, keeping the tattoo simple. It has no other designs attached to it, but the wearer has other tattoo designs all around it.

The number is not inked in a straight line, but it is tilted a bit upwards. All over, this tattoo gives off a very powerful aura. There is no 3D shading behind the tattoo to give it a shadowy appearance, and the presence of certain scratches on the wearer’s skin gives off the idea that maybe this is a coverup tattoo. Area code tattoos that represent pride and dignity in oneself are great cover-up tattoos for self-harm scars or other tattoos, as these bring in the sense of confidence in the wearer whenever they look at them.

Boston Strong Area Code Tattoo

boston strong area code tattoo
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This tattoo is a clever play on the “Boston Strong” slogan from the Boston Marathon of 2013. 619 is the area code for Boston. The word “Strong” is written under it in big cursive. The slogan rose against the bombings in the marathon of 2013 and soon became a popular t-shirt emblem for people in Boston.

The slogan tattooed on the arm of a Bostonian not only shows solidarity against the bombing in the marathon but also reminds them of the fact that Boston stood united as one that day. The tattoo is undoubtedly flaunting the Boston pride as it should and is easily noticeable. It could be said that the tattoo enthusiast wears his Boston pride on his sleeve!

Outer Arm Area Code Tattoo

outer arm area code tattoo
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This 973 area code tattoo is a very minimalistic and super classy design to wear on your upper outer arm. The 973 area code is for New Jersey, USA. This state is multicultural, to say the least. The Italian heritage that comes along with the American friendliness is a specialty of the people of New Jersey. It is very common that a native will be proudly flaunting this tattoo to his best and relish the feeling of coming from such united diversity.

The Tattoo Design features the number “973” written vertically down the upper arm. The design is inked in full black with zero hyper-realistic shadings. This tattoo is a great example of how minimalistic designs without the contemporary idea of shading are still in vogue and look superb when the ink tone is matched with the complexion of the wearer.

Upper Elbow Area Code Tattoo

upper elbow area code tattoo
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This area code sleeve tattoo is inked to represent the state of Las Vegas. The paradise on Earth-Vegas has many fans. People who have not been to Vegas are missing out on the supercharged fun environment. For natives, the place is all that and home.

The numbers 702 are inked vertically down the upper elbow to the lower arm on the side. The numbers are inked in a freestyle font, and all of them are linked to one another. Unlike other area code tattoos that are usually drawn in black, this unisex tattoo is multicolor. The immaculate shading is in a combination of grey, pink and green.

Area Code Tattoo Above Knee

area code tattoo above knee
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This bold knee area code tattoo idea features a reference to the racing capital of the world: Indianapolis. The area code is tattooed horizontally across the upper knee, giving it ample space to span out. The lettering is in a classic vintage font.

The tattoo is in pitch black ink and complements the skin tone of the wearer beautifully. Indianapolis is the land of rich history and culture, and anyone who wants to represent their hometown must go and get this tattoo at once.

Area Code Sideburn Face Tattoo

area code sideburn face tattoo
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This is a 203 area code tattoo on the sideburn of a man. 203 is the area code for Connecticut. The state is famous for its prestigious Yale University, its cultural fertility, and superb cheeseburgers!

The tattoo is minimalistic, yet it is difficult to overlook. The position of this body art is in a very exposed region: the sideburn. The lettering is in gothic font, and it creates an impression of strength and pride. The tattoo wearer has chosen a very quirky location to flaunt his regional honor. The area surrounding the tattoo shows a little redness, which is common in face tattoos.

A few more tattoos with the theme of area codes are given below.

  • Area code tattoo on neck.
  • 904 area code tattoo.
  • 803 area code tattoo.
  • Area code matching tattoo.
  • Area code 267 tattoo.

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