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Have you ever wondered what an armor tattoo represents? If yes, then below is a list of some fascinating armor shoulder tattoo designs along with their meanings.

armor shoulder tattoo
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Armor tattoos are usually quite large-sized tattoos, extending from the biceps up to an individual’s chest.

The placement of your armor tattoo designs can denote several meanings. Ideally, armor tattoos are more popular among men than women.

You can choose from different styles and designs for an armor shoulder tattoo. For example, you can opt for a gladiator armor tattoo, a Samurai armor tattoo, or even a Japanese armor shoulder tattoo. Regardless of the design, almost all armor tattoos represent one common emotion: protection. Below are some unique examples of armor shoulder tattoos that you need to check out for your next Tattoo Design.

Black And Grey Armor Tattoo Ideas

black and grey armor tattoo ideas
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The above-mentioned image contains an exquisite design of an armor tattoo, extending from the shoulder up to the elbow of the individual. The whole tattoo has been designed using plain black and grey ink. Armors were used by the warriors and conquerors of the ancient age to protect themselves during combat. Over the years, they have become a very popular symbol of protection and strength. Here, we can see one such beautiful example of the same. The artist has done some excellent shading using grey ink to portray the shiny texture of the metal. The tattoo looks quite realistic and is a must-have for all tattoo lovers. Other than the shoulder, some common placements for these kinds of tattoo designs might include the chest or the thigh.

Half Sleeve Armor Tattoos

half sleeve armor tattoos
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Here is another beautiful example of a half-sleeve tattoo extending up to the individual’s chest. An important thing to remember about these kinds of detailed tattoos is that they are usually done in many tattoo sessions. So you need to have sufficient pain tolerance for this tattoo.

In this image, the artist has created a stunning design of an armor tattoo, using shades of gold, grey, and black. The tattoo undoubtedly looks incredible, and the inclusion of the eagle symbol right in the middle of the plate armor further enhances the beauty of this design. Armors have been used by warriors in various cultures. Take the example of Vikings. With the progression of time, more and more Vikings started wearing armor. Before this, it was only restricted to the wealthiest because of the highly expensive materials used to make one. In this current world of innovation and technology, such heavy armors are no longer in use. Instead, they have become a popular symbol of the conquerors of the Middle Ages. If you are fascinated by these kinds of tattoo ideas, then you should definitely consider using this design for your next tattoo.

Realistic Armor Sleeve Tattoo

realistic armor sleeve tattoo
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If you are looking for a colorful armor tattoo, this is the perfect design for you. Etched on the shoulder of this individual is a beautiful armor sleeve tattoo that the tattoo artist has created using an amalgamation of different colors like red, yellow, grey, and blue. As mentioned earlier, the armor symbolizes nobility and chivalry. This makes it an ideal design, especially for men, to display the warrior side of their personality. However, that said, you can also customize an armor tattoo with various other elements like animals and birds. It will not only enhance the meaning of your overall design but also make it look more realistic. However, the only downside to colorful armor tattoo designs is that you might need to get frequent touch-ups done in order to retain the fresh and crisp look of your tattoo.

Helmet Armor Shoulder Tattoo

helmet armor shoulder tattoo
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The above-mentioned image contains quite a stunning design of a helmet armor tattoo etched on the shoulder of the individual. The whole design has been inked in black and grey color. Furthermore, to give the tattoo a more antique look, the artist has even added some shading, using the said colors, to the design. It surely looks incredible and beautifully highlights the curves of the individual’s arms. If you like these kinds of antique designs for your tattoo, you should definitely consider using this one. This can be a great idea, especially for men to show off the chivalrous and warrior-like side of their personalities. Simultaneously, you can also look out for other similar ideas like the Celtic armor tattoo designs, Samurai armor tattoos, and Viking armor tattoos.

Feminine Shoulder Armor Tattoo

feminine shoulder armor tattoo
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Looking for some feminine tattoo ideas? Don’t worry; we have just the same. Here is an exquisite example of a feminine armor tattoo drawn on the shoulder of the individual. The wearer has chosen quite a unique wolf design to be incorporated into her design. For those who are new to the tattooing world, the wolf is a popular symbol of power, fearlessness, and speed. Including these kinds of meaningful elements in your tattoo makes your design more appealing. So far, we have seen quite large-sized sleeve tattoo designs. If you are looking for something in the medium size, you should definitely check out this one. These kinds of tattoo styles are slowly growing in popularity. They contain deep symbolism and can be the perfect Tattoo Design for those who like reading about ancient war stories and different cultures.

Clock And Iron Plate Armor Tattoos

clock and iron plate armor tattoos
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Armor tattoos not only represent protection and war but they can also be perceived as a representation of traumatic events of the past and how, with time, we have been able to move past them. In this image, we can see one such beautiful design of an armor tattoo that portrays this meaning. Etched on the shoulder of the individual is a stunning design of an armor and clock tattoo. The significance of the clock can be interpreted in different ways. For example, some might argue that, in this design, the clock might represent a specific tragedy, while others might simply see it as a symbol of life and existence. Which idea do you relate to the most? These kinds of strength tattoos and warrior tattoos are especially popular among men, and when you pair them with these kinds of interesting elements, you enhance the meaning as well as the design of your tattoo.

Eagle And Armor Tattoos

eagle and armor tattoos
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The eagle is yet another very popular symbol in the world of tattooing. Needless to say, it is one of the mightiest birds in Nature, known for its speed and strength. So what happens when you combine such a powerful symbol with an armor tattoo? The answer to this question lies in the image mentioned above. The artist has drawn an exquisite design of an eagle and armor tattoo, using distinct patterns with fine lines. At a closer look, you can see that instead of the birds’ feathers, he has used different symbols and artwork that is similar to those of tribal tattoo designs. The different elements have been beautifully amalgamated in this tattoo, making it one of the perfect designs for anyone who like these kinds of tattoo ideas.

Lion And Realistic Sleeve Armor Tattoo Designs

lion and realistic sleeve armor tattoo designs
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Nothing can beat a lion when it comes to strength and fierceness. They are the apex predators in the jungle and equally feared by both men and animals alike. So why not include this majestic beast in your armor tattoo?

In this image, we can see an incredible design of a lion and a half-sleeve armor tattoo. The artist has quite creatively managed to bring out the fire and piercing glance of the lion tattoo, which is placed right in the middle of the armor Tattoo Design. For the armor, he has used different mixtures of unique designs so as to create an attractive look. These kinds of tattoos are easily visible even from a distance. They are not just pleasing to the eyes, but you can also cover them up or display them, based on the situation.

Dragon Armor Tattoo

dragon armor tattoo
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The dragon, as we all know, is one of the strongest mythological creatures. Known for their great wisdom and powerful figure, they have been represented in various ways in different cultures. Take the example of Chinese culture. The Chinese men believe that the dragon is the protector of mankind, whereas, in cultures, this mythological beast is often associated with destruction and evil force. Regardless, they are one of the most interesting elements that you can incorporate in your Tattoo Design. The above-mentioned image contains one similar example of a beautiful armor tattoo paired with the dragon symbol, which is placed right in the middle of the design. If you are looking for something more colorful and vibrant, you can also add colors like red, yellow, and orange to this Tattoo Design.

Full Sleeve Armor Tattoo

full sleeve armor tattoo
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Last but not least, here is another exquisite example of an armor Tattoo Design drawn on the shoulder of the individual. These kinds of full-hand tattoos usually take a lot of time to complete. Also another important thing to keep in mind is that they are much more expensive than simple minimalist designs. So choose your Tattoo Design accordingly.

Armor tattoos are undoubtedly one of the greatest designs that are in trend. If you agree with this statement, then you should definitely check out the below-mentioned armor tattoo ideas for your next tattoo.

  • Medieval Armor Tattoo
  • Viking Armor Tattoo
  • Celtic Armor Tattoo
  • Shoulder Gladiator Armor Tattoo
  • Aztec Armor Tattoo

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