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Are you looking for full sleeve tattoos that will attract everyone’s eyes towards you? Here are some amazing armor sleeve tattoo ideas which you can use!

armor sleeve tattoo
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If you like your tattoos to be bold and evocative but realistic, an armor tattoo might be the best idea for you!

If you are wondering, “What does armor sleeve tattoo mean?” then the answer is right there! An armor sleeve tattoo is a tattoo that covers the sleeve or skin of your arm with armor designs.

If you love getting tattoos and are looking for your newest tattoo design – then the Armor tattoo will definitely attract you. After all, an armor tattoo is an expansive design that covers the entire length of your arm with intricate and gorgeous art.

In addition to that, history lovers would also find the armor tattoo design to be fun and intriguing. Getting an armor tattoo would almost make one feel like they are also wearing an armor and are transported back to the middle ages!

Armor Tattoo Inspired From Medieval Art Style

armor tattoo inspired from medieval art style
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Almost any armor tattoo you will see or get done will draw its inspirations from the medieval ages. After all, full body armors were created during that time to protect the soldiers from the sharp edges of spears and arrows. There were expert blacksmiths and craftsmen who would spend hours at their workshop to create the finest armors to guard the soldiers in the battlefield. These armors belonging to a knight would also have intricate designs which would show the mark of an expert creator.

Therefore, if you want to get armor sleeve tattoos, medieval style shoulder armor tattoos may be of inspiration to you as well!

In addition to that, if you want to make your armor tattoo more historically correct – you can also add roses as they were also associated with the gallantry displayed by the knights of the middle ages. To enhance your tattoo, you can have a look at some beautiful Yellow Rose tattoo ideas.

Armor Tattoo With The Chainmail Armor Pattern

armor tattoo with the chainmail armor pattern
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Chainmail is a kind of a special armor that was used in the medieval ages. The chainmail armor is made by putting small metal rings together to create a mesh. These armors were worn by the soldiers below the heavier metallic guards. If you are a fan of historical battle movies, then you will have seen these types of armors.

A full sleeve armor tattoo takes a long time to draw and might require several sittings with the tattoo artist to complete. In addition to that, making chainmail armor tattoo is more difficult because of the convoluted and complex design. Both the tattoo artist and the person getting the tattoo has to exercise a lot of patience to get the perfect tattoo armor sleeve that will resemble a knight armor tattoo sleeve.

Armor Tattoo Inspired By The Fierce Gladiators

armor tattoo inspired by the fierce gladiators
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Gladiators were unique fighters who fought to entertain the people in the Roman Empire. They had to fight other gladiators or wild animals with the weapons they had. They were also allowed to wear protective shields and armor. Most of their armor started from the shoulder and ran down their arms.

If you are thinking of getting armor tattoos, you should definitely look at a variety of Gladiator sleeve tattoo designs. With the help of an expert tattoo artist, the design will look incredibly realistic. People might actually think you are wearing a real armor instead of just armor tattoos!

Armor Tattoo Resembling The Armors Of Fierce Celtic Warriors

armor tattoo resembling the armors of fierce celtic warriors
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Celtic warriors were famous through out Europe in the middle ages because of their ferocity in the battle fields. These warriors were known for their long hair, impressive physique, unbreakable spirit and massive strength. These warriors also included women in their armies and were quite fierce while fighting. The armor that they used was also impressive and quite strong as they used it to protect their body.

If you are inspired by the TV show ‘Vikings’ or are looking at the Viking people from Northern Europe for your armor tattoo inspiration, you should definitely search for a Celtic armor sleeve tattoo or Nordic armor sleeve tattoo like this one.

Gorgeous Armor Tattoo Ideas For Your Shoulder

gorgeous armor tattoo ideas for your shoulder
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Shoulder armor tattoo designs are also very popular among people who want to have unique tattoos which are different from the rest of the armor tattoo designs. The tattoo is designed in a special way so that it draws attention to the shoulder part of the body. A Celtic armor tattoo piece might suit the area very well.

Colourful Armor Tattoo Ideas For An Impressive Tattoo

colourful armor tattoo ideas for an impressive tattoo
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Another way to have a unique armor tattoo made is to let the tattoo artist add different colours to your tattoo. If you need your armor tattoo to look more lively and vibrant, then you should see which colours you can add to make your armor tattoo look great. Many people add colours like bronze, yellow and red to enhance the beauty of the art piece on their body.

Tattoo colours take a long time to fade so you do not have to worry about the colours for many days and years. Just sit back and let the tattoo artist work their magic!

Stunning Armor Tattoo With Graphic Patterns And Symbols

stunning armor tattoo with graphic patterns and symbols
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The armor wielded by ranked soldiers and knights in the middle ages often had symbols carved on them. The best warrior in an army would often have the strongest armors with lions and other ferocious animals carved into the armor on their arm. You can draw some inspiration from these knights armor tattoo sleeves and have pictures of skulls and lions made to enrich your armor tattoos! As seen in the picture, the skulls and lions are making the tattoo art feel more realistic.

Armor Tattoo Influenced By Roman Knights

armor tattoo influenced by roman knights
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Many men like their armor tattoos to properly represent the time that armors are from. Therefore, they add Roman numerals to so that the piece looks even more authentic. You can even add dates of special days in your life to the tattoo to immortalize it.

Armor Tattoo Ideas With Contemporary Designs

armor tattoo ideas with contemporary designs
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It is not necessary that all your armor tattoo ideas have to be inspired by history or be medieval tattoos. Instead, you can also look at the present years and the things that you love to create a sleeve armor tattoo. After all, it is your tattoo and it should always represent the things that you love.

Sometimes people get half-sleeve armor tattoo with contemporary designs but do not know how to artistically extend the same tattoo over the rest of the arm. Unless the design of the armor tattoo is amazing, the entire design looks bad and disjointed. So you might wonder how to continue an armor half sleeve tattoobut the solution is quite easy if you are prepared beforehand. Before committing to a half sleeve armor tattoo, you should ensure that the tattoo is ending on a design which can be easy to extend into the latter part of your arm. This is how you can easily fill up the rest of your arm later without the design looking incomplete or awkward.

Evocative Half Sleeve Armor Tattoo Designs

evocative half sleeve armor tattoo designs
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If you are getting an armor tattoo for the first time, it is natural to be scared of a huge and expansive tattoo that starts from your back and extends to your arms. However, you can easily go a different path and still get a great armor tattoo! An armor tattoo half sleeve is also a pretty cool way to get an armor tattoo if you do not want to spend a lot of time getting the tattoo done. Half sleeve armor tattoo normally starts from the shoulder and then extends down to the bicep area of your body.

armor tattoo
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A half sleeve tattoo armor also looks extremely realistic on the skin if it is designed by a good tattoo artist who knows their way around the needle. These tattoo designs are extremely popular among men who serve in the army. For these men, the armor tattoo style has a deeper meaning because of their own experience of fighting.

A full sleeve armor tattoo will definitely attract people and make them intrigued about your tattoo. Whether you choose a Celtic or a Gladiator armor tattoo sleeve, the armor tattoo style is one of the most popular designs in the latest fashion trends. If you need a tattoo that covers your full arm but also makes a bold statement, then go ahead and find the best armor tattoo that you like!

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