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If you are looking for some beautiful and elegant designs to tattoo around your thigh, fret not follow tattoo enthusiasts, we have you covered.

Around Thigh Tattoo
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Tattoos that are wrapped around the thigh are one of the simplest yet boldest designs that many tattoo enthusiasts like us are currently very obsessed with.

Thigh tattoos are also trendy among both men and women since men and women have grown increasingly prone to use different sections of the thigh for tattoos. These thigh tattoos are really something that you can reveal and up your tattoo game.

The thigh is a new go-to zone for both inexperienced and committed tattoo fans, whether it’s a massive thigh piece tattoo sleeve or a more intimate sensual tattoo.

However, tattoos that wrap around one′s thigh are considered unique designs compared to regular thigh tattoos. In regular thigh tattoos and thigh tattoo ideas, some of the best designs include lion tattoo, dream catcher tattoo, mandala tattoo, tiger tattoo and more.

When it comes to around thigh tattoos, they usually include garters and bands and or such floral design and even tribal designs.

Many women and men are attracted towards garter and band tattoos in the thigh area seeing as they serve as a perfect placement that draw attention to a unique tattoo design.

Other than that, thighs are the least painful areas and an ideal body part when one needs to conceal their tattoo, one can easily cover or hide their tattoo with clothing.

So, if you are convinced that you want to get a tattoo design that wraps around your thigh, then we have a collection of tattoo design curated just for you to explore and take your pick from.

Thorn Thigh Tattoo To Wrap Around The Thigh

Thorn Thigh Tattoo To Wrap Around The Thigh
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Different people have different interpretations of thorn tattoo designs. Some people equate thorns with the intertwining of elegance and misery, as in the lyrical proverb ‘every rose has its thorn’.

Others equate thorns with honour and sacrifice, the thorny crown worn by individuals committed to atoning for the crimes of others via their own efforts.

With this simple design, the tattoo artist created a beautiful wrap-around tattoo that has both a symbolic value and visual appeal.

Done with black ink and a lighter shade blend, some parts look as if it was fading, further adding to the appeal of the tattoo.

If you are someone who appreciates simple, minimalist tattoos, then this is a perfect choice for you to get tattooed.

Flower Tattoo Around Thigh

Flower Tattoo Around Thigh
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Flower thigh tattoos are commonly used tattoo designs seeing as they are some of the prettiest designs out there. But when it comes to tattoos wrapped around thighs, flower designs are the ideal choice for tattoo enthusiasts who appreciate sweet and cute designs.

This particular design has a vine-like look to it, as it wraps around the thigh like a bracelet or a band that gives the tattoo a beautiful look.

While the other curves and lines have been drawn in Fineline, the insides have been shaded minimalistic way, adding to the beauty of the work.

The only colour used here is black making for a unique thigh tattoo design.

If you are interested in designs that are simple yet cute and elegant, then this will surely sail your boat.

Floral Garter Upper Thigh Tattoo

Floral Garter Upper Thigh Tattoo
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Garter Tattoos are very sensually gorgeous pieces that appeal to most tattoo enthusiasts and they should be so, all you have to do is look at this beautiful line-work and you will be sold.

It is a branch work done with a lighter shade of black and wraps around the thigh. The larger flowers have been intricately and elegantly drawn while the smaller flowers and leaves create a chained or branched look.

If you prefer beautiful, flower crown-like, simple tattoos like this particular design then we suggest you go through with the thigh tattoo.

While some people might prefer a small design, when it comes to garter thigh tattoos, most body art is done in a size larger and are mostly inked in the upper thigh seeing as it provides more space to be creative and is less painful than those band tattoos for legs.

Freesia Flower Upper Thigh Wrap Around Tattoo

Freesia Flower Upper Thigh Wrap Around Tattoo
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This beautifully coloured body art gives a watercolour tattoo look. Watercolour designs are popular tattoos, however, they are not always used for wrap-around tattoos.

This could change seeing as they look just as good on thighs and as garter or wrap-around tattoos, as they do on any part.

It has been beautifully drawn with a dark shade of blue for the Freesias and green for the leaves. These dark shades create a beautiful contrast with the skin tone and many women and men are often thrilled to get such perfect design tattooed.

Freesias also hold a symbolic value, the flowers represent purity and innocence. Usually, they are gifted for occasions such as birth, christenings, weddings etc. It definitely makes sense to have it as a garter tattoo on your thighs.

Dagger Upper Thigh Tattoo

Dagger Upper Thigh Tattoo
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Daggers for wrap-around tattoos are one of the most popular ink designs one can get inked on them. This amazing body art is popular for its ideal “thigh tattoo placement” seeing as the sensual placement of the dagger with a lace band is highly desired among women.

However, such ink is also popular among men, with similar designs and simpler band designs to hold the dagger. The whole idea of the tattoo is interesting and therefore, it makes for a sought-after tattoo to have.

In this design, the tattoo artist created a blackwork design. While the dagger is placed on the upper thigh, the lace design holding the dagger wraps around the inner thigh creating a cool and chic design.

If you are someone who appreciates some quirky and interesting designs as such, then this tattoo is definitely your cup of tea.

Polynesian Ornament Wrap-Around Tattoo

Polynesian Ornament Wrap-Around Tattoo
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This beautiful Polynesian ornament design for a wrap-around tattoo is probably one of the most intricate and beautiful artwork.

It has been drawn with a wider band design and done in blackwork while the insides look like they have been shaded to create a shadowed and dark look.

The design is not only intricate but also has an edgy and sensuous look. If you are looking for an elegant and classy looking design that is quick to grab attention, then this design is ideal for you.

Polynesian Tribal Designs are largely popular among the male population and such ornamental designs often appeal to the tattoo community seeing as these designs are both meaningful and beautiful.

Samoan Thigh Band Tattoo

Samoan Thigh Band Tattoo
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Usually, band designs are for arm tattoos, however, some designs are also perfect for the thighs. They beautifully wrap around the thigh and create a band design that appeals to many. Samoan tattoo designs are ideal for band tattoos.

They are sleek. chic and edgy and gender-neutral. Both men and women can have a Samoan Thigh Band Tattoo.

In this tattoo, the lines are clearly and precisely drawn, creating a Samoan tribal artwork, and surrounding the straight lines and curves is a thick line that frames the tribal design.

If you appreciate tribal designs, then you should definitely consider this Samoan tribal design.

Maori Thigh Band Tattoo

Maori Thigh Band Tattoo
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Another Polynesian design that will definitely tickle your fancy include the Maori Tribal designs which are slightly similar to those of the Samoan designs but they have their own unique look.

Like this particular design, the artist created a freehand design that ensures that the artwork is inked temporarily into the skin before the permanent ink is used to set it.

Such tattoos ensure to highlight the contours and complement the body. The artist uses intricate designs that are both curvy and end with pointy edges, giving it a sharp and sleek look.

While they are ideal for the thigh, they also thrive well for other placements. The shape of the tattoo is created in such a way that it blends with different placements, may it be your thigh or your biceps.

Blackwork Polynesian Wrap-Around Tattoo For Men

Blackwork Polynesian Wrap-Around Tattoo For Men
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This beautiful blackwork is ideal for men who like bold and beautiful artwork that stand out and grab attention from the onlookers not only because they contrast beautifully with the skin tone but also because their tribal designs are similar to Aztec designs and they use some creative designs to create a larger design that is both visually appealing and hold profound meanings.

Moat Polynesian tribal tattoos have deeper meanings and are always made up of designs that are extremely intricate and detailed.

Every small detail of a line or a curve is carefully inked in order to create a larger outcome as gorgeous as this design.

Here, the artist has drawn a wide tattoo that clearly highlights and complements the contours of the thigh and its wide space. One of the many reasons thighs is ideal for such band tattoos, seeing as they provide freedom for the artist to get creative with their designs.

In this design, the artist has used triangles, pointed edges and other such Polynesian designs to create one wide band that wraps around the thigh.

Customized Plant Around Thigh Band Tattoo

Customized Plant Around Thigh Band Tattoo
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We have one last design for you before you book your next tattoo appointment, and this one is probably one of the cutest designs you will find out there.

Ideal for plant lovers, and a sweet design for those who like their tattoos to look chic while giving out a message.

This beautiful design celebrates nature and its abundant gifts, and getting a plant tattooed can be both meaningful and pay respect to nature′s gifts.

The artist created the design in simple Fineline work which includes a long branch with leaves that wraps around the thigh. The shape of the design isn′t as wide as other band tattoos, making it a minimal and simple choice. This idea is simple to get and shouldn′t consume much of your time.

With that said, while most of these designs are highly popular, they also need professionals and experts who are great at what they do. While garter tattoos are mostly appreciated by women, there are other designs, listed in this collection that appeal to both men and women.

Just as tattoo designs for legs are popular, tattoos that wrap around thighs are also quickly becoming trendy. So, we have curated this list to make it easier for you. Now, you can spend lesser time scrolling through the internet looking for a design that suits your choice and take your pick from this popular design collection instead. We have another smaller list of tattoo ideas that can further help you find your next inspiration:

  1. Snake Around Thigh Tattoo
  2. Rosary Around Thigh Tattoo
  3. Mountain Wrapped Around Thigh Tattoo
  4. Flower Thigh Tattoo
  5. Tribal Around Thigh Tattoo For Good Luck

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