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Looking for some gorgeous tattoos with optical illusions and references to the occult and wicca? Here are some amazing As Above So Below Tattoo ideas for you!

Above so below
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There are very few tattoos that can leave a deep impression on people’s minds without revealing too much.

The phrase ‘As Above So Below’ has a deep and profound meaning which indicates that whatever happens in one level is bound to happen in all other levels. This ‘As Above So Below’ meaning is based on the belief that all spheres of our life are interconnected and interdependent.

In order to reinforce our belief that whatever happens in a corner of the world is bound to be reflected in all the other parts, many people choose to get ‘As Above So Below’ tattoos. The ‘As Above So Below’ symbol tattoo is also unique as it can make a beautiful optical or visual illusion. These optical illusions create a mirror effect and an onlooker will feel as if they are seeing the same pattern and design but from two opposite ends. This matches with the concept of the tattoo that whatever you find above, you will find below. If you are feeling very curious about the concept, there is also a horror movie called ‘As Above So Below’ which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

‘As Above So Below’ Tattoos With Faces

'As Above So Below' Tattoos With Faces
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One of the most popular As Above So Below tattoo designs are that of the optical illusion with one or two faces. As seen in the picture, these faces are usually grotesque. Some people prefer to have the illusion play out with just one face while some prefer to put two faces with one below the other. This way, when looked at from the top, the two faces seem identical but placed in opposition to the other.

‘As Above So Below’ Tattoos With Card Designs

'As Above So Below' Tattoos With Card Designs
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Since the As Above So Below tattoos are heavily associated with the occult and wicca practices, one of the most recurrent themes in this tattoo design are cards. Many people who practice the wicca or occult like to get card tattoos. You can ask your tattoo artist to sit with you and make a gorgeous card tattoo which can show the As Above So Below illusion as well.

‘As Above So Below’ Tattoos With Mystic Tree Symbol

'As Above So Below' Tattoos With Mystic Tree Symbol
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If you have the spirit of adventure and love to travel in woods and forests, you should also check out ‘As Above So Below’ tree tattoo ideas. These tree tattoos are gorgeous and elaborate but do not look cluttered or messy at all. These mystic tree designs also look great with the aura of dark mystery that surrounds wiccan and occult practices.

Gorgeous Tattoos Of The ‘As Above So Below’ Phrase

Gorgeous Tattoos Of The 'As Above So Below' Phrase
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Some people choose to get the entire As Above So Below phrase tattooed on their body because of the deep meaning it holds to them. Like the picture, you can also get ‘As above so below, as within so without’ tattoo if the phrase inspires you and calls out to you on a deeper, personal level. You can also choose to modify your As Above So Below quote by drawing various symbols or patterns around it.

Meaningful ‘As Above So Below’ Hand Tattoo

Meaningful 'As Above So Below' Hand Tattoo
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As so much of the occult and wiccan practices are dependent on the participation of human beings and their hands, the hand motif is quite important in these ‘As Above So Below’ tattoos. As seen in the pictures, these hands are drawn in such a way that they look to be part of the same design regardless of which direction you are looking at the tattoo from. You can also add more designs to the tattoos such as sparks or flowers in order to enhance the beauty of your tattoo. Here are some amazing Lily of the Valley tattoo ideas to make your tattoo even more striking.

Stunning Geometrical Patterns

Stunning Geometrical Patterns
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The ‘As Above So Below’ tattoo is also very popular among followers and practitioners of Sacred Geometry. People who believe in Sacred Geometry feel that there are higher powers to be worshipped in certain intricate geometrical patterns. There are many beautiful geometrical patterns based on the As Above So Below visual design. You will find many triangular shapes and patterns which you can use for your tattoo. Here are some more ideas for tattoos with outlines from which you can choose a design that will work for your tattoos.

‘As Above So Below’ Tattoos With The Eye Motif

'As Above So Below' Tattoos With The Eye Motif
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One of the most important As Above So Below symbol is the eye motif which is also a recurring symbol in occult practices. The “evil eye” is said to be a superstitious curse which can bring bad fortune upon a person. So, occult practitioners wear amulets made of special gemstones to stop the effects of the curse.

The eye symbol can also lead to a fascinating design whereby you will find many onlookers intrigued by your tattoo. With the eye symbol occupying a central position in your tattoo, it will add a bold and dramatic effect.

‘As Above So Below’ Tattoos For Occult Practitioners

'As Above So Below' Tattoos For Occult Practitioners
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If you are a deep believer in the occult practices, then you should also add the different sign and symbols that you feel are important to you in your tattoo. As seen in the picture, you can add the Sun, Moon or cloud symbols to elevate the meaning of your tattoo.

You can also add the stone sign as it is quite important in these practices. The occult practices believe in the power of different gem stones and precious stones. For them, different kinds of stones can have healing properties. Thus, they add the stone sign to their tattoo to represent those positive characteristics and properties as well.

Vibrant And Colourful ‘As Above So Below’ Tattoos

Vibrant And Colourful 'As Above So Below' Tattoos
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Life is a wonderful journey which is never devoid of colours. Therefore, many people interested in the wiccan practices often surround themselves with vibrant and colourful accessories and things. Therefore, your tattoo should also resemble your life and be full of bright colours that you love.

So, if you are tired of only black-coloured tattoos, then you might like to add some colour to your tattoos to make them less boring. A lot of people love to enhance their tattoos with bright colours. As seen in the picture, there is a Sun and a Moon and both have been coloured accordingly. The yellow and orange colour of the sun looks beautiful in contrast to the blue and grey hues of the moon.

Dark, Monochromatic Tattoos For The Perfect Dramatic Look

Dark, Monochromatic Tattoos For The Perfect Dramatic Look
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In order to add to the dark, mysterious aura of your tattoo, you can choose a unique design. For an absolutely unconventional and unorthodox tattoo that will be distinct from the rest, you can add dark shading to your design. The monochromatic shaded design will look like a painter or a sketch artist has drawn the tattoo on your hand. However, you will need to work with your tattoo artist and tell them what you are looking for in order to get the perfect tattoo.

The ‘As Above So Below’ tattoo meaning can vary based on your faith, practices and beliefs. For some people, it is a simple philosophy of life while for some, it may play a huge part in their lives. Some other tattoo lovers may choose to get this tattoo because of their love for optical or visual illusions. These are intricate, subtle, nuanced and amazing tattoos which will stand out in any crowd. Therefore, if you are looking for tattoos which reveal a part of your soul but are not too explicit, these tattoo designs are a great idea!

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