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In search of an autism-related tattoo that represents those on the autism spectrum disorder? Check out these wonderful autism tattoos for yourself!

Autism Tattoo
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Studies show that nearly 1% of the world population has autism spectrum disorder or ASD.

People diagnosed with autism are often thought to be insufficient in many ways. It is essential to note that those with this autism are different, not less and an autism awareness tattoo would be the perfect way to convey that.

What Is The Symbol For Autism?

There are many symbols that represent autism, some of which are the butterfly, ribbonand infinity symbol. The colours of the rainbow and the blue colour are also symbolic of autism awareness. However, the most common and well-known sign for those with autism spectrum disorder is the puzzle piece. More specifically, a blue puzzle piece or rainbow-coloured puzzle piece is often used to mark support and raise autism awareness. The puzzle piece represents the complexities and diversities of those with autism. However, some people find this sign to be offensive and negative as the puzzle piece might symbolise that those who are autistic are incomplete. Keeping the negative connotations aside, an autism tattoo or autism awareness tattoo can help get rid of the stigma around autism. It is also a nice way for those who are part of the autism community to own it confidently and for family members of such people to show their unconditional love and support.

Autism tattoos are not only for people with autism but also for their loved ones. Check out some of the best autism tattoo ideas, and you will surely fall in love with one or all of them!

Colourful Autism Puzzle Piece Tattoo

Colourful Autism Puzzle Piece Tattoo
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As the puzzle piece is the most well-known way to symbolise autism and autism awareness, a single puzzle piece tattoo like this one will be quite a subtle way to inspire others to learn more about autism and get rid of taboos. In this tattoo, the puzzle piece is outlined with black ink, and different colours have been inked on it, to make the design more meaningful and vibrant. A tattoo this size would look great on your wrist or arm, as pictured.

Heart Autism Colored Tattoo
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If you want a puzzle piece tattoo with more detailingthen this can be the perfect choice for you. Here, four puzzle pieces have been inked, with different colours. A heart has been carved out in the middle of the design. If you are related to someone with autism, whom you dearly love, this tattoo can be the perfect way to portray that. Additionally, if you are someone with autism yourself, this tattoo could be a reminder to love yourself and be your own inspiration.

Simple Outline Puzzle Piece Autism Tattoo

Simple Outline Puzzle Piece Autism Tattoo
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A lot can be said through a simple and small tattoo. So, if you are in search of a minimalist design, check out the image above. The outline of a puzzle piece has been inked, with blue and pink colours. You can also get a blue puzzle piece of the same size on your hand. Tattoos of this size hardly take any time to be done but will be just as beautiful.

Colored Autism Tattoo
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If you want a puzzle piece tattoo of a bigger size, then draw inspiration from this design. The outline has been done in six different colours. Such a tattoo can be ideal for family members to get together as a matching tattooin honour of someone who is autistic in their family.

Autism Ribbon Tattoo

Autism Ribbon Tattoo
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The ribbon is symbolic of autism. On World Autism Awareness Day, which takes place every year on the 2nd of April, many people can be seen sporting a blue ribbon. Hence, a ribbon tattoo like this one can perfectly sum up the need for autism awareness. The colourful puzzle pieces create quite a unique effect in this ribbon. You can get this design inked on your back or even on your hand or leg.

Autism Awareness Tattoo
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If you are in search of an autism awareness tattoo that looks like artthen this design can be your ultimate inspiration! The ribbon here has four puzzle pieces surrounding it. However, the most striking feature of this design is the way the colour has been used. The splash of red, blue, yellow, and green is making the tattoo look like a painting. Beautiful tattoos like this one are hard to come by, so if you want to raise autism awareness and make a statement on your skin, this is the way to go.

Anatomical Autism Tattoo

Anatomical Autism Tattoo
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Anatomy tattoo designs are always aesthetic to look at. If you combine that with your puzzle piece autism tattoo, the results will be nothing short of spectacular. Look at this anatomical heart tattoo that features the puzzle pieces symbolising autism. The way the heart has been designed and coloured is certainly making it very realistic. In addition to that, the colourful puzzle pieces are only amplifying the beauty of the tattoo. An elaborate and detailed autism tattoo like this one should be on any visible part of your body, for everyone to see. Such a tattoo would get all the likes on social media!

Autism Brain Tattoo
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If you want a smaller design, then you can opt for this tattoo of the human brain coloured with the shades of the rainbow. Even though this idea lacks the typical puzzle pieces, it is still a unique way to symbolise autism. This tattoo can be particularly applicable to a person who is autistic, as the colourfully inked brain can be representative of their own brain, which is different, not less.

Autism Butterfly Tattoo

Autism Butterfly Tattoo
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In general, butterflies represent transformation, developmentand hope. Hence, a butterfly tattoo has also become symbolic of autism and stands for continual development and change at one’s own pace. It also celebrates the diversity of people on the autism spectrum. As you can see in the tattoo, a colourful butterfly made out of puzzle pieces seems to be resting on two roses. The colours of the butterfly are looking brighter due to the black and white background provided by the roses. You can get this autism tattoo inked on your arm and make it a half-sleeve tattoo.

Butter Fly Autism Tattoo
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If you want a much less elaborate butterfly autism awareness tattoo, then how about this design? The use of black ink to boldly outline the butterfly with multi-coloured puzzle pieces in its wings is providing the perfect contrast. Since this tattoo is so detailed and vibrant, it would be best if you got it in size as shown in the image, on your leg or arm.

Rose Autism Tattoo

Rose Autism Tattoo
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The rose is symbolic of love and passion. It can also stand for the idea of beauty. Hence, if you want an aesthetically pleasing autism tattoo, that also carries a valuable meaning, this design can be your inspiration. The rose here has been inked with black, while some of its petals have different colours, a classic way to symbolise autism. The ribbon around the rose, with multi-coloured puzzle pieces, is enhancing the design even further. Each of the puzzle pieces has been designed in such a way that it appears 3D-like.

Realistic Rose Tattoo
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A realistic rose tattoo like this one can be quite an enticing choice to represent autism and autism awareness. The way the puzzle pieces have been inked in the petals of the rose, with one missing puzzle piece is unique, to say the least. The white border around the rose and its stem and leaves is making this tattoo even more realistic.

Feather And Puzzle Piece Autism Tattoo

Feather And Puzzle Piece Autism Tattoo
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One of the best things about autism tattoos is that you can use any sign that represents your story with autism and is an inspiration for you. For instance, you can use a feather in your autism tattoo. Feathers are symbolic of strength and courage. If you are a mother or father of an autistic son or daughter, getting a feather and puzzle piece autism tattoo can be your mark of strength. The feather in this tattoo is multi-coloured and surrounded by puzzle pieces, which seem to be flying around the feather. A tattoo like this one will not only remind you of how strongly you have led your life but also inspire others with autistic kids to do the same.

Colored Feather Tattoo
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An alternative to the first tattoo can surely be this one. The feather has been designed differently here, and the outline of a puzzle piece has been incorporated within the feather, itself. This tattoo will look amazing anywhere on your body since the design is so vivid and colourful.

Detailed Bear Autism Tattoo

Detailed Bear Autism Tattoo
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Bear tattoos symbolise motherhood and courage. So, a bear tattoo like this can be ideal for a mother with an autistic son or daughter. One half of the bear has been inked to look quite realistic and well-shaded, while the other is multi-coloured to symbolise autism. Each line in this tattoo has been inked to perfection. The meaning behind such a design can be deeply personal and emotional. Additionally, if you find the puzzle pieces autism tattoo to be negative, a tattoo like this one can be the perfect alternative.

Skull Autism Tattoo

Skull Autism Tattoo
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An autism awareness tattoo like this will surely be hard to come by. This tattoo can be meaningful in a number of ways. However, this design mainly attributes to the fact that those with autism have a brain that is different from those who don’t. Nevertheless, the mantra of, “Different, not less” can be the inspiration behind this tattoo. The skull is looking quite exquisite and realisticand the colourful puzzle pieces are providing the perfect pop of colour.

Skull Puzzle Tattoo
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If you love the idea of a sleeve tattooyou can certainly get inked with this fabulous autism tattoo featuring a skull and puzzle pieces. This tattoo will be quite a statement piece for you and also will raise autism awareness. Whether you are someone with autism or know someone with autism, you will undoubtedly fall in a love with an extraordinary tattoo like this one.

Personalised Autism Tattoo

Personalised Autism Tattoo
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A personalised autism tattoo could be just the perfect way to honour someone with autism in your life. As you can see in the image, this tattoo is quite simple and represents a heart made up of puzzle pieces. However, the name on top of the heart is what is making the tattoo special. If your child or someone you love has autism and you want to dedicate a tattoo to them, this will be quite an effective way of doing so. You can also choose to ink inspirational words that remind you of that person.

Now you that have gone through the different autism tattoo ideas, it will be easier for you to take inspiration from any one of these tattoos and get it inked on yourself. Each autism tattoo is a way of sharing a personal story without using words. For those with kids, family members, or friends with autism, these tattoos can be the best way to show their love and support. These amazing tattoos are also ideal for people with autism, themselves. A quick compilation of different autism tattoos for you to draw inspiration from are:

  1. Blue puzzle piece autism tattoos.
  2. Colourful and vibrant puzzle piece autism tattoos.
  3. Autism tattoos with a name or word.
  4. Autism tattoos with symbols that hold personal meaning.
  5. Ribbon autism tattoos.

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