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Are you an aspiring pilot or just a frequent traveller looking to get ideas for airplane tattoos? Then this list would be perfect for you.

aviation tattoo
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We all remember learning about the Wright brothers while growing up, the first invention of airplanes in the world, the making of an aircraft, and the first flight of airplanes.

Like a bird flying in the sky, airplanes are no less than a common sight and our pilots always work hard to help us reach our destination safely. An airplane tattoo is thus a very popular idea to get tattooed and there are a lot of different kinds of ideas, sizes, and shapes of airplane tattoos to choose from.

Airplane tattoos represent the symbol of adventure, the fighter in you, freedom, and those who love to fly. To feed your inspiration for a plane tattoo, there are a lot of airplane tattoo designs that would be perfect as a first tattoo choice-from minimal simple ones to stunning airplane tattoos, from blackwork that tattoo artists prefer to huge colourful ones. If you’re not afraid of the tattoo needle, all you need to do is talk to your tattoo artist, pick a design to showcase your passion and you’re all set to get your very first of many airplane tattoos permanently etched on your skin.

A Classic Blackwork Airplane Tattoo

a classic blackwork airplane tattoo

Aviation fans, of the many airplane tattoos you’ll see, this tattoo art is a must for you if you love airplanes. A comparatively simple plane design, this tattoo is a line-art blackwork one on the arm complete with gradient inked shading on the body of the plane with the degrees of the compass in the background. If you love to fly in the air, this simple airplane tattoo would be perfect to represent your love for planes and travel since airplane tattoos do look great on your arm as well as your forearm.

A Small Wrist Airplane Tattoo

a small wrist airplane tattoo
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This small airplane tattoo on the wrist is one of the cool but simplest airplane tattoos you can opt for without having to make any huge commitment. Popular with both men and women, this would be perfect if you’re looking for something simple and small as your first tattoo, so this small blackwork plane design would be best. You can get in anywhere on your body, like your forearm or other parts of your arm, your feet, leg, shoulder, or neck, and black ink is known to cause the least amount of complications and will not hurt or be much painful.

A Stunning Arm Airplane Tattoo

a stunning arm airplane tattoo
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This beautiful blackwork tattoo art on the forearm is one of the best airplane tattoos you will come across. The intricate line-art in black ink showcases the front of a plane, highlighting the front windows of pilots, the outstretched wings, and the huge propeller. The smooth black lines all around the airplane are an incredible detail that denotes the motion of the wind, and your tattoo artist will surely work hard to deliver this great airplane tattoo. Of many airplane tattoos that we see, blackwork line-art airplane tattoos are the easiest to work with and look effortlessly great all while being super popular and very easy to maintain.

A Gorgeous Sleeve Arm Airplane Tattoo

a gorgeous sleeve arm airplane tattoo
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If you’re ready to cover up your forearm in airplane tattoos or aviation-themed tattoos and plane designs then this sleeve tattoo would be an interesting choice. Ranging from geometric patterns to a compass, direction markers, and rounded off with a small jet plane in flight, this tattoo idea is done entirely in blackwork with gradient shading on the patterns while ornate line-art in black ink completes the compass and the plane. If you want to show off a fresh plane tattoo idea to your crew in the future, then search no more, this plane tattoo design is it. Unlike other tattoos related to aviation or just a airplane, this tattoo presents not just one airplane but so many other aviation designs in one, done in very extensive detail, that although might take some time to complete and cannot be recommended to first-timers, will make your hands look a lot cooler once done.

A Minimal Line-Art Airplane Tattoo

a minimal line-art airplane tattoo
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One of the most wonderful airplane tattoos, this plane design is a minimalistic stunner. Stretched across your forearm, this plane design looks like a bird flying in the sky as the dark lines etched in black ink traces the entire shape of the aircraft. This is not your daily airplane but it is called a sailplane (model ASW15). Rest assured, if your skin is not prone to allergies then you can also add coloured pigments to your tattoo where the choice of colour won’t matter much but will add life to your airplane tattoo and such a tattoo design will look good anywhere on your figure.

A Bright Leg Airplane Tattoo

a bright leg airplane tattoo
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This coloured airplane tattoo will stand out irrespective of where you get it, your leg or your forearm, or the back. To constitute the fighter that you are, this red and yellow plane design is very attractive and this tattoo presents a plane flying in the sky with the propellers done in black that offers a nice contrast. If you are fine with coloured pigments and want to go for a flashy colourful plane tattoo, this design would be the best choice.

A Small Arm Airplane Tattoo

a small arm airplane tattoo
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Whether you want to pay tribute to yourself or a loved one who serves in the military or if you simply love to fly in a plane and looking to get a simple plane tattoo that you can cherish then this small blackwork design on the forearm will do wonders. Popular with women, the detailed outline of the plane itself, as well as the gradient shading on parts of the plane, makes for a minimal but wonderful plane tattoo that will add life to your everyday style, and as a blackwork tattoo, it will also be preferred by your tattoo artist to work on.

A Sweet Chest Airplane Tattoo

a sweet chest airplane tattoo
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Plane tattoos are very popular and more so when they’re accompanied by a sweet quote. In this airplane tattoo, the quote given is “born to fly” followed by a lovely but minimal line-art plane. You can make this plane tattoo colourful but blackwork tattoos are less complicated and also do not require very sincere after-care. You can also replace the quote according to your own liking to add life to this lovely plane tattoo.

A Realistic Aviator Airplane Tattoo

a realistic aviator airplane tattoo
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It is not always necessary to restrict your aviation-themed tattoo to simply an airplane tattoo or a plane tattoo, you can also switch to your favourite aviation character or a fighter in the aviation business that you admire. This striking tattoo portrays a woman aviator that is a symbol of empowerment and inspiration in itself in stunning elaborate blackwork with incredible realism to etch out the features of the face; the details on the eyes, lips as well as on the ropes are too marvellous to miss. If you’re feeling like you need a huge forearm tattoo of a famous aviator, like a fighter like Amelia Earhart, then search no more, this tattoo idea, though not a plane would do just fine.

A Majestic Arm Airplane Tattoo

a majestic arm airplane tattoo
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This awesome plane tattoo depicts a super cool tattoo design of a plane entirely in realistic blackwork that depicts a fighter airplane flying across with the skin left blank in places to highlight the body of the airplane. This plane tattoo is also accompanied by flying birds and intricate gradient shading for the smoke from flames and missiles they’re shooting, while a lightish black background forms the sky. This stunning plane tattoo thus offers not one airplane but two and is rounded off with beautiful shaded blackwork that makes this one of the best airplane tattoos you’ll come across.

From the first flight of an aircraft in this world, airplane tattoos have become increasingly popular as tattoo ideas and one can find several unique plane tattoo ideas and images across the world. With fresh tattoo ideas that will express the fighter inside with a love for spontaneity both in the past and the present, plane tattoos would be perfect.

Be it being a part of the military or just looking for inspiration to accentuate your freedom in this world, your dreams of adventure, and to present the symbol of a fighter in you, your plane tattoo is sure to shine anywhere you go.

If you’re looking for even more aviation tattoo designs, then the following ideas would be great:

  • an aviation-themed white tattoo
  • aviation compass tattoo
  • an aviation sleeve tattoo
  • an aviation wings tattoo
  • an aviation machinist mate tattoo
  • paper plane tattoo

If you’re in the military army, aviation tattoos would be great to show off, or if you’re simply looking to etch your love for the air and being up in the blue sky then flying tattoos would be the most common idea complete with the fact that a paper airplane tattoo is a very uncomplicated aviation tattoo design and stands as an adventurous symbol. So take your pick now and go get your first aviation-themed tattoo!

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