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If you want a cute tattoo of your baby’s footprint to show how much you love them, then these baby footprint tattoo ideas for mom are just what you need.

baby footprint tattoo
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Baby footprint tattoos are getting really popular these days.

Parents are getting tattoos of their newborn baby’s footprint. And it is really one of the cutest things ever.

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys of one’s life. Nothing can beat the feeling of becoming a mother or a father for the very first time. And we know that it is very important to remember the joy you felt on the day you became a parent. Bringing new life into the world is probably one of the miracles that life offers us. That is why, if you want to cherish the moment of becoming a parent and show your children how much you have loved them from the very beginning, you can do that with your baby’s footprint tattoo. You can take an imprint of your child’s foot and ask a tattoo artist to make a beautiful and meaningful tattoo from it. But obviously there are many types to this tattoo as well to suit different tastes. Here we have made a list of baby footprint tattoo designs that you are going to love.

Colorful Baby Footprints Tattoo Ideas

colorful baby footprints tattoo ideas
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For those of you who like colorful tattoos, we have just the thing. This baby footprints tattoo is perfect for people who want to add artistic elements to their tattoo. The tattoo features two baby footprints and they are both done with different colors. One is fiery while the other is watery. If you want a tattoo like this, you have to take pictures of your baby’s foot and take them to an artist who can turn them into a masterpiece like this. You can also add your baby’s name to the tattoo like this one has. This tattoo is also perfect if you want a mother of two tattoo, then you can take prints of one of each child’s footprint and get an unique tattoo on your body.

Cute Baby Footprint Tattoo that Show Parental Love

cute baby footprint tattoo that show parental love
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One of the best mom tattoo ideas is to get your baby’s footprintand their birthday tattooed on you. This way you will always remember the feeling you felt on the day you held your baby for the first time. You can always scale down the size of the footprint tattoo depending on what dimensions you want your tattoo to have. To get this cute tattoo, just take your baby’s footprint on a paper and find a tattoo artist that can replicate their print exactly on your body. You can also add your child’s birthdate and name like in this one.

Sweet Baby Name Footprint Tattoo Ideas for Moms

sweet baby name footprint tattoo ideas for moms
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Baby footprint tattoos are amazing but they are also pretty common. If you want a much more unique design, then this tattoo idea is perfect for you. This design features three baby footprints representing three children. Their names are written in the shape of the feet and their birth dates are used to make the toes. This is a very fun Tattoo Design that will show your kids how much you love them while also adding an interesting Tattoo Design to your body. This will create a lasting memory for you and you can always cherish them while looking at the tattoo even when your children grow up.

Tiny Footprints With Baby’s Name Tattoo Ideas

tiny footprints with baby's name tattoo ideas
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Baby footprint tattoos do not always have to be the same size as your baby’s actual footprint as that can become a pretty large tattoo, especially if you add more elements to it. That is why, some people like to get a minuscule version of their child’s footprint tattooed on themselves along with beautiful lettering that may state their baby’s name, birthdate and time. These tattoo designs are perfect for people who like small and meaningful tattoos instead of larger tattoo designs. In this tattoo we can see that the artist has replicated the baby footprint in a much smaller size and the black ink lettering makes the tattoo look really amazing even though it is pretty minimalistic. It is small enough that you can get it on your wrist.

Amazing Baby Footprint Tattoo for Mother of Two

amazing baby footprint tattoo for mother of two
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Are you a mother or father of two looking for a good footprint tattoo idea that will have both of your kids’ footprints as well as some other unique elements? Then this baby footprints tattoo idea will suit your perfectly. Not only is it a beautiful tattoo for people who have two children, but also has elements like their name and birth date written on the footprint, which makes it a really interesting design. The two footprints are from two children will show how much you love them and how thankful you are to have them in your life. This is one of the best baby footprint tattoo designs for parents of two.

Vibrant and Beautiful Tattoo of Baby Footprint

vibrant and beautiful tattoo of baby footprint
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Watercolor tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Not only do they have a vibrant design but also the style is really unique and look really amazing on anyone. If you want a really cool baby footprint tattoo idea, then this idea is perfect for you. In this tattoo we can clearly see the footprint design of the baby which is then adorned with beautiful colors from the rainbow. This tattoo can be a reminder of all the colors your child has brought into your life. The name of the child is also written in tiny fonts under the tattoo and you can also choose to add your baby’s name to your tattoo if you want to. Sometimes people also add colorful butterfly wings to their baby footprint tattoo to make it look more interesting.

Tiny Baby Footprint and Time of Birth Tattoo Ideas

tiny baby footprint and time of birth tattoo ideas
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A new member joining your family is always something that should be celebrated. And if you want to express gratitude for the gift that is a child, then this Tattoo Design is perfect for you. This tattoo is very small and can fit on your wrist. It features two minuscule footprints that are a smaller replica of the baby’s actual footprints, along with the date and time of birth. A tattoo like this will remind you of the most joyful moment of your life when you became a parent. The sweet tattoo will also remind your child how much you love them and always will.

Baby Footprint Tattoo Ideas for Mom on Arm

baby footprint tattoo ideas for mom on arm
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The arm is one of the best places to get a tattoo like this as it is always visible to you and others. If you want to show the world how much you love your child and how thankful you are to have them, you can get this tattoo on your arm or forearm. These baby feet tattoos are amazing for anyone as they are very small and do not hurt at all to get. You can also add some beautiful lettering to your tattoo just like this one. In this tattoo, you can see the name of the child and their birth date and time. You can also add a meaningful quote to your tattoo to make it more unique. You can also get a larger single footprint tattoo if that is a design you like more.

Baby Footprint Tattoo Ideas for Mom on Chest

baby footprint tattoo ideas for mom on chest
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Chest tattoos are not recommended for people who have never gotten tattoos before. But if you want a chest tattoo of your child’s footprint then this tattoo idea is perfect for you. This person has gotten the tattoo on their ribcage but you can also get it on the upper chest or upper arm of you want to. The tattoo has one baby footprint done in red ink, which makes it look much more unique, but you can also ask your artist to make it in black. The tattoo also has the date of birth of the child written above, which is something you can add to your tattoo as well. Find a good tattoo artist who can make the mental journey to become a parent even more memorable with a beautiful tattoo like this.

Minimalistic Child’s Footprint Tattoo Ideas for Parents

minimalistic child's footprint tattoo ideas for parents
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There are people who always prefer minimalistic tattoo designs over anything else. If you are also looking for a minimalistic baby footprint tattoo idea, then we have just the thing for you. This cute baby footprint tattoo features two very tiny and minimal footprints that will look amazing on anyone and won’t even hurt that much to get. The size is so small that you can get it on your ankle or your wrist and it will be barely visible. You can always add some very small text to the tattoo which states your child’s name or their birthdate. You can also add text that has special hidden meanings. This is a beautiful and simple tattoo. This tattoo is the best option for people who are getting a tattoo for the first time.

There are numerous designs for tattoos like this, so if you did not find your perfect tattoo on our list, then here are a few more ideas.

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