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Want to express your love for your kids through tattoos? Then choose your favourite from these amazing ideas for a baby tattoo.

Baby Tattoo
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Our kids are an extremely big part of our lives.

They embody the good parts of us. That’s why some people express their love for their child through baby tattoos.

Others also tattoo faces, names, birth dates of their babies as a remembrance. Getting a tattoo gives special value to whatever you are getting a tattoo of. In this case, you can get a beautiful baby tattoo by taking inspiration from the list below. We have brought you some of the best ideas for amazing baby tattoos.

Parents And Baby Tattoo

The bond between parents and their kids is something sacred. It’s made of unconditional love. They are a part of each other’s soul and body. Cherish that with a beautiful parents and baby tattoo.

Parents And Baby Tattoo
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You can do a full family tattoo of parents and kids. You can also get a tattoo of kids with father or kids with mother, like the one in the picture. Including some floral or mandala patterns to the design as it can be seen in the picture can surely make it more beautiful.

Baby Name Tattoo

Some people decide the names of their babies way ahead in life. Some people decide when they are pregnant. Whenever it may be, the process is always special and meaningful.

Baby Name Tattoo
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You can tattoo the name of your baby with his / her eyes, like the picture above, or foot and handprint or with birth date. You can use different fonts for the kids’ name tattoo as well to make it look cool. These additional factors will make the tattoo even more special.

Baby Face Tattoo

We see ourselves in our kids. We see the good things in them. We love them to no end and getting tattooed with their face on your body can be such a lovely way to show that affection for your little gems.

Baby Face Tattoo
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Not everyone can tattoo a perfect human face, so choose an expert tattoo artist for this kind of tattoo. You can tattoo the face of your baby with their birth date like the one in the picture, or you can also include some designs around the face.

Baby’s Birth Date Tattoo

You never forget the birth date of your children. Those days stay etched in your memories for your lives. You can make the birth date of your child more special by getting the date inked on their birthday as a gift to them.

Baby's Birth Date Tattoo
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You can get a tattoo of just the date in Arabic or in Roman numbers. You can also include some special moments, like you holding your baby’s hand like the picture. Show your love in a new light with a birth date tattoo.

Baby’s First Tattoo

The day your baby is born is not the only thing that you will remember. There will be many firsts for your child. The first time they talk, they crawl, they stand, or they walk, their first day off to school and many more firsts like that. Getting it on video is mainstream. In 2021, many people get inked with these first moments.

Baby's First Tattoo
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A footprint tattoo for the first time your child stood, or walked can be perfect, or you can get a tattoo of the first ever picture your child painted. You can also get creative and include some designs or patterns in their footprint tattoo to make it look trendier.

Baby Hand Print Tattoo

Footprint tattoos are pretty trendy, but handprint tattoos can be just as great. As a remembrance of the innocence of your kid’s childhood days, you can get a tattoo of their handprint.

Baby Hand Print Tattoo
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Handprint tattoos are trendy in today’s time in 2021 as well. Get a picture or print of your baby’s hands and get it to your tattoo artist. You can add their name and date of birth along with the handprint for more significance, like the one in the picture.

Cry Baby Tattoo

Cry baby tattoos don’t have any significance to babies, but rather it has their roots in people’s emotions. It can be a reference to a Johnny Depp movie of the same name, or to the rapper Lil Peep.

Cry Baby Tattoo
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Cry baby tattoos usually mean that it’s okay to show your emotions. Take a peek at the picture above for inspiration and get cry baby tattoos of your own with unique designs.

Baby Angel Tattoo

Baby angel tattoos mean many different things. Many people of belief or religion tattoo baby angels which represents Cherub or Cupid. Some tattoo it as a representation of their baby’s innocence, the link to God, and God’s love. Some tattoo it to mark the birth of their baby, and sometimes sadly to the untimely passing or their baby.

Baby Angel Tattoo
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You can commemorate the birth of your baby as it’s shown in the picture with wings and halo on the head of the little baby angel with the name of the baby on the bottom.

Baby Animal Tattoo

Little baby animals are just as cute as humans. Some baby animal tattoos such as a baby elephant tattoo usually represents innocence, gratitude, creativity, curiosity and some people also get tattoos of baby elephants to express their love for their child.

Baby Animal Tattoo
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You can get a colourful tattoo of a baby elephant with a sweet message for your kids as it’s shown in the picture. You can also get tattoos of other baby animals if you want.

Baby Pet Tattoo

Pets take as much place in our hearts as our kids do. The love between a pet and the pet-parents is unconditional as well. Pet babies can be just as precious.

Little Baby Pet Tattoo
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Get your own baby tattoo of your pet as the one in the picture with the little paws. You can also get the paw print tattoo of your little baby pet. The tattoo can be minimalistic or a detailed realistic one in accordance with your heart’s desire.

Now you know that you can get many different types of baby tattoos by this list above. If you are wondering how much does a baby footprint tattoo costit depends on a lot of factors, such as the size of the tattoo, the tattoo artist, the place of the tattoo art shop, and more. Get inspired, design your own unique baby tattoo, and get that inked now.

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