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If you are passionate about basketball and your whole world revolves around it, this list of best sleeve basketball tattoo ideas is something you should check.

basketball sleeve tattoo
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Basketball has been one of the most celebrated popular sports for a long time worldwide.

It is one of the most taught sports in schools or colleges along with soccer, volleyball and more. Hence people are well aware of it from quite a young age.

Basketball is pretty simple in turns of definition – it is a game played between two teams, each team trying to score by passing the ball through a hoop. It is like a Quidditch from the Harry Potter series. It’s quite a popular game and people love to watch a good basketball game whether it is a NBA or a FIBA or a neighbourhood game. So here is a list of cool basketball tattoo sleeve ideas for all types of basketball lovers out there.

LeBron James Legs Sleeve Tattoo

lebron james legs sleeve tattoo
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One of the greatest basketball player of all time, the Los Angeles Lakers’ player, LeBron James is the only player who have won NBA Championships with not one, not two but three franchise. And the fact his achievements do not end there as he is one of the players with most playoff points which is pretty impressive, whether you are a big fan or not. But as a basketball fan, you can not dismiss that. So if he is your favourite player, then this legs sleeve tattoo with a huge detailed portrait which another picture of him going for the dunk while defying gravity could be a great inspiration.

Michael Jordan Portrait Sleeve Tattoo

michael jordan portrait sleeve tattoo
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If you are a basketball fanatic, then the legendary name Michael Jordan is nothing new to you. The Chicago Bulls’ player’s eminence and distinction show through his bio on NBA website which literally states “Championship celebrations were the norm for Michael Jordan throughout his NBA career.” and “By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time”. So if you want to get a tattoo to honour his magnificence, then this heroic portrait sleeve tattoo could be the one.

Michael Jordan Hanging On The Hoop Tattoo

michael jordan hanging on the hoop tattoo
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Hanging on the basketball rim has been a celebrating tradition after a victory among the basketball players and this Jordan tattoo is the visual reminder of that. An iconic moment to get the sleeve tattooed on your arm till the wrist. The details of the shading especially the audience crowd part is very skillfully done and highlights the skill of the tattoo artist. So make sure to find a skillful capable tattoo artist for yourself.

Kobe Bryant Leg Sleeve Tattoo

kobe bryant leg sleeve tattoo
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Kobe Bryant was a living legend and forever will be in the hearts of basketball fans. The Los Angeles Lakers’ player was one of the well known shooting guards of all time. His achievements were no joke and he was loved and adored worldwide which even brought him the votes for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2020! This ink is an amazing concept with all the thoughtful details to honour the great legend who lives in every fan’s heart.

Basketball Arm And Leg Sleeve Tattoo

basketball arm and leg sleeve tattoo
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This ink is the ultimate basketball tattoo with not only one or two players but with three of them. Two Kobe Bryant portraits blended into one full arm sleeve tattoo and Jordan and Allen Iverson blended into one Leg sleeve tattoo. The shadings used to feel in the gaps between two portraits in each sleeve is amazing. The concept of including all of your favourite players into the one is amazingly intelligent. Customize by including your favourites and Viola!

Childhood Memories Basketball Tattoo

childhood memories basketball tattoo
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The orange ball, the swish sound of the feet, all the alley-oop with your teammates, all the slam dunks in the neighbourhood basketball court makes you nostalgic. This basketball arm sleeve tattoo is a bit different from the rest of the tattoos in this list as it is more close to the heart of all the people, in whose life basketball was a huge part. If you want to highlight the flavours of your neighbourhood add colours and other details to make it more personal.

Basketball Half Sleeve Tattoo Sketch

basketball half sleeve tattoo sketch
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This tattoo basketball sleeve is one of the coolest tattoo ideas for a basketball lover. All the things that make up the tattoo-like with the jukebox, sports shoes, basketball hoop and the iconic orange ball are something that makes up the style of the tattoo. The masterful technique used in the tattoo with black ink highlights every detail of the tattoo perfectly. This tattoo would be a great inspiration if this is your lifestyle as it would represent you as an individual greatly.

Javon Bess Basketball Tattoo

javon bess basketball tattoo
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Javon Bess, the talented basketball player have already earned a name despite being new. All the details including the basketball court, the city, his figure standing with the ball and the “BESS” written ball is very close to the heart of his fandom. The shading technique used separates the light shade from the dark ones giving an amazing finish. So if you are part of this fandom, go for it.

Basketball Sleeve Tattoo Design

basketball sleeve tattoo design
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This forearm sleeve tattoo basketball with the quote “For many are called but few are chosen” is Malik Thomas’s own tattoo, but also would be a perfect tattoo inspiration for all those who got chosen out of all the finalists. Extremely greatly done with the techniques used. But since it is his creation do not copy it right away add your individual details like different jersey numbers or maybe a quote of your own and make sure to use your own creativity.

Basketball Hoop Arm Sleeve Tattoo

basketball hoop arm sleeve tattoo
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This basketball sleeve tattoo for men and women is an intricate design with amazing shading techniques. The artist didn’t use lines to draw the hoop which makes it so unique. This ink is one of the basketball sleeve tattoo designs that are meant for broad arms due to its size. But if you can search for a capable artist then go for it.

Basketball has been popular for a reason and that is due to its fun nature. Whether a player or not, no one can stop you from showing your love for it with a tattoo. So choose a tattoo, get a good artist and create the one for you.

Still looking for inspiration, then checkout this blog sleeve tattoo ideas.

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