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Are you looking for creative tattoo designs? Then, you are at the right place! Get in to have a look at the best believe tattoo ideas.

Believe Tattoo
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Believe tattoos are frequently placed on people as the simple word helps to reinforce the faith in yourself.

Some people prefer to get inked with simple inspirational words like ‘believe’ when it comes to getting tattoos. The design can be a good way to reassure yourself about the hurdles that crossed in the past.

A believe tattoo is sometimes the best beginning tattoo as it can be pretty and simple. Tuck it into any part of the body, be it your wrist or neck, and let it give you hope. One of the best things about a believe tattoo is that you can do full-blown customisation.

Moreover, believe tattoos can truly represent the strength held in your heart. So, if you have been thinking of getting inked, keep reading to get some amazing believe tattoo ideas!

Small Believe Tattoo

Small Believe Tattoo
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As a commonly tattooed symbol, many people like to go for small believe tattoo designs. Made simply with black ink, these small tattoos can be paired with motifs like a bird. Moreover, joining the symbol with the words surely represent the will to soar high with belief.

Handwriting Believe Tattoo
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If you are someone who would like to go for a discreet believe tattoo, then place it in an easy to hide spot. Choosing a fun font helps to tattoo to pop. You can also get inked with your handwriting, as it is the best way to add personalisation to the believe tattoo.

Believe Tattoo With Heart

Believe Tattoo With Heart
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The heart is one of the most common tattoo symbols that have been used for ages. When you add it to a believe tattoo, it brings out your loving and caring personality. Getting a believe heart tattoo can also stand for self-love and acceptance. To create more diversity in the font, the letter ‘B’ can also be shaped like a heart. The use of the red colour will also add the aspect of love to the believe tattoo.

Shoulder Believe Tattoo
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The trailing red heart emerging from the word ‘believe’ manages to catch the essence of love. Moreover, the contrast of the red and black in this tattoo makes it a great design. Along with the shoulder blade, this believe tattoo would also look great on the wrist or ankle.

Believe Tattoos With Feathers

Believe Tattoos With Feathers
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Feather tattoos are a symbol of strength and faith in the creator. When a feather is made into a quill, it symbolises the creative power of a person. Moreover, the use of a lot of colours depicts the curious and interesting nature.

Colourful tattoos with these intricate designs look best on body parts with bigger space. The forearm or calf will be the perfect place to make the tattoo. But, if you like minimal designs, feel free to reduce the size and place it on your wrist or even on the side of a finger.

Tinkerbell Believe Tattoo
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Revive your childhood by adding something like the winged Tinkerbell to your believe tattoos. As time goes by, this pretty tattoo will keep reminding you of the well-spent time. You can also add a symbol like a phoenix to this tattoo to signify the dreams that keep you alive.

Believe Tattoo On Forearm

Believe Tattoo On Forearm
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The forearm provides an ample amount of space to get inked. If elaborate tattoos are your thing, getting a believe tattoo on the forearm will help to show off your design. To keep it simple, ink the word ‘believe’ in black ink and pair it with a motif like a rose or even a butterfly.

FLower Believe Tattoo
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Nothing can be better than pairing fonts with delicate flowers. The beautiful colours in this ornate believe tattoo helps to see the intricate details of the art. Moreover, the tattoo manages to cover a huge part of your forearm, making it a piece you would love. Rather than going for the usual rose, you can go for other inspirational motifs like stars or feathers.

Believe Tattoo On Finger

Believe Tattoo On Finger
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Pretty finger tattoos look great, and a similar thing can be done for a believe tattoo. Tying it up with a symbol of faith, like a bird or stars, would make it look more pleasing. When it comes to the art of tattooing fonts, go all in, as you will see a finger tattoo always.

Believe Tattoo On Wrist

Believe Tattoo On Wrist
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Would you like to experience your faith every day? Getting inked on the wrist with a believe tattoo will surely help you keep up with the hope. Pairing a simple black ink design with a bird or a heart sign would strengthen the motif. However, to take it up a notch, you may add symbols like rosary beads or a simple cross. Creating a bracelet-like loop that goes around your wrist also adds freshness to the design.

Believe In Yourself Tattoo

Believe In Yourself Tattoo
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It is inspiring to get a believe in yourself tattoo on your forearm or wrist to keep up with your hope. A big and bold tattoo can really show your personality to the world. Tattoos with decorative or script fonts always work as a bold reminder of the message.

Believe in Yourself Tattoos
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Chest Tattoos
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Chest tattoos may not be the very first thing that comes to your mind while thinking of getting inked. However, these believe in yourself tattoo ideas include some chest tattoos that look fabulous. Also, the tattoo will always remain close to your heart, giving you constant inspiration.

I Want To Believe Tattoo

I Want To Believe Tattoo
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Someone who is an X-Files fan will get the ‘I want to believe’ phrase instantly. A poster with a similar theme as the tattoo was often seen in Fox Mulder’s office in the TV series. The striking landscape, with the ominous blue light of the UFO and the yeti, creates magic in this tattoo.

Apart from the show, the phrase ‘I want to believe’ is a great tattoo design for daily assurance. Having it on your forearm or even on your wrist will make you think of having faith in yourself. Another good place for this can be on the thigh or calf.

Vintage I Want to Believe Tattoo
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This believe tattoo design is for those who love vintage tattoo designs. The bright colours, and the subtle shading makes the tattoo a fun piece. With diamond-like stars, the artist has also managed to add a bit more curiosity to it.

Believe Tattoo With Infinity

Believe Tattoo With Infinity
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The beauty of this tattoo design lies in its simpleness. With the intricate geometric sides, the star and the moon appear to be emerging from the skin. However, the main interest in this believe tattoo is the infinity symbol along with the action lines. Apart from placing it on your chest, the tattoo would also look good on your wrist or ankle. Also, adding an infinity loop to the word ‘believe’ signifies the importance of believing stays forever.

Believe infinity Tattoo
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Sometimes the pairing of different symbols can add uniqueness to a tattoo. Moreover, when the word ‘believe’ is paired with an infinity loop inside a heart, it signifies eternal love. Even though this is inked in black, adding a pop of colour to this tattoo may also add an interesting layer.

Believe Tattoo With Flowers

Believe Tattoo With Flowers
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Flower tattoos remind us of rejuvenation and beauty, which are also integral to keep believing in yourself. The intricate shading in the lotus brings out its beauty without needing any colour. These designs are great for those who are looking for minimalistic believe tattoos. The amusing font used to write ‘believe’ also helps it to stand out against similar designs. Adding your favourite flower to the lettering will help to include a bit of yourself into the design.

Sunflower Believe Tattoo
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Sunflowers were an integral part of the art of Van Gogh. The bright sun-soaked flowers signify unwavering faith. When done in simple black ink, the sunflower believe tattoo can truly become your assurance of hope and faith. The hope of life might also be signified through the use of colour on the wings of the butterfly. As the word ‘believe’ is placed at the bottom, it becomes the root of life for the person.

Minimalist Believe Tattoo
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Are you a fan of the minimalistic tattoo? If yes, then a simple line tattoo might be the best thing for you. A single line has continued to form the leaves, the word ‘believe,’ and the tulip creating the beauty of this tattoo. The pop of blue in the tulip makes the tattoo significantly interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

If you have been thinking about getting a believe tattoo, then this is the best time to do it! With so many ideas, you will surely get a hint about your tattoo. You can even get the word ‘believe’ in a different language as there is no set best language for a tattoo. When in doubt, always come back to get a refreshing look at the different believe tattoo ideas.

Before wrapping things up, here are a few extra believe tattoos for inspiration:

  1. A believe tattoo in bold letters.
  2. Combining the word ‘believe’ with an arrow in a tattoo.
  3. A quote tattoo that includes the word ‘believe.’
  4. Getting a believe tattoo along with a symbol of your faith.
  5. Believe tattoo for couples.
  6. Get a believe tattoo near your ear.
  7. Believe tattoo with geometrical shapes.
  8. Getting a ‘believe in your dreams’ tattoo.
  9. Believe tattoo with the letter ‘i’ as a semicolon.
  10. An elaborate believe tattoo as the part of a sleeve.

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