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Do you love birds and tattoos? Then, here we bring the best of both worlds to you in the form of a bird forearm tattoo! Have your pick.

Bird Forearm Tattoo
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Bird tattoos are so versatile, that both men and women can flaunt them with style.

Be careful about the bird you choose for your tattoo. Depending on the particular bird, the meaning of your tattoo alters.

Bird tattoos largely represent freedom and independence, inspired by their ability to soar high up in the sky. So, someone with a bird’s tattoo is trying to express their desire to fly in a limitless expanse. Of course, individuals may differ in their opinion on why to get bird tattoos. Someone may just love birds and want to have a little friend on their arm always. We are looking at you, ornithologists! Someone might even want to encapsulate the memory of their deceased pet through a beautiful tattoo, while some others may love the symbolic meaning behind bird tattoos. There can be reasons galore, but one thing is certain, it is never a bad idea to get a bird tattoo!

Watercolor Bird Tattoo

Watercolor Bird Tattoo
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For those who like a splash of colors on things, this owl tattoo is simply gorgeous. The watercolor bird tattoo is done in a style to resemble a watercolor painting with a touch of abstract art. With the combination of blue and orange hues, the tattoo is sure to turn heads. This piece can also be a good specimen if you are looking for half-sleeve tattoo designs. Since this is a large tattoo, keep in mind, that you will need to book early for long sessions.

Owl has always been associated with magic and mystery. Hence, these tattoos are also a symbol of clairvoyance and astral projection. Being nocturnal birds, an owl is used to represent the ray of light during dark times. Hence, the person with an owl tattoo is in search of that light, towards a goal of better clarity. In this case, the light may be comprised of many different colors.

Dove Fleeing From Birdcage Tattoo

Dove Fleeing From Birdcage Tattoo
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This is a beautiful dainty piece to adorn yourself with. There is a golden cage with its little gate open. On the cage, two flowers can be seen on either end. Finally, the white dove comes into view, who is flying away. Even though elaborate, the piece is really small and can be fit on many different parts.

No doubt, a birdcage tattoo represents someone breaking away from all their shackles. Therefore, this individual has fought hard to cherish the new beginnings in their life. The aesthetic piece also shows how even if the individual may appear well-cared for, the person may still have different aspirations and a drive to be freed from whatever is hindering them.

Da Vinci’s Hummingbird Tattoo

Da Vinci's Hummingbird Tattoo
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For those who want a little twist to their same old hummingbird tattoo, this is worth serious consideration. The hummingbird tattoo has the hummingbird prostrated on top of a geometrical figure. There is a square in the background, all of which is neatly packed inside a larger circle. It looks like a fun take on Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’. The painting portrayed a divine connection between a human and the universe. In this case, the tiny bird indicated how the bond of the universe is with everything big or small, with the universe. The little bird has been nailed to its beak with a realistic touch.

Hummingbirds are perfect for this motif since they are also a sign of resilience. This is because these birds play a role to sustain the ecosystem with their sheer willpower and active hard work.

Prismatic Phoenix Bird Tattoo

Prismatic Phoenix Bird Tattoo
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For the colorful soul, here is a colorful way to celebrate your soul. A multicolored phoenix tattoo that is both attractive and makes for a powerful statement. The colors on the phoenix look as though brush strokes were applied with care, one shade over the other, making an impression of a Phoenix. Keep in mind, that this Phoenix tattoo requires some level of expertise. So, find the best artists to get inked. When searching for forearm bird tattoo designs for men or women, this unisex design certainly is charming.

Since Phoenix rises from its ashes, Phoenix symbolizes rebirth. Thus, this is someone turning a new leaf in their life, making a fresh start as they walk through the journey of finding themselves all over again. The watercolor bird style mixed with the tail detail makes it a perfect balance of simplicity with intricacy.

Bloom Into Birds Tattoo

Bloom Into Birds Tattoo
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There are various elements in this tattoo. We can see the family of three little birds flying away, whose origin in turn seems to be a dandelion. Further down, the stalk of the dandelion turns into a Chinese knot.

The Chinese knot is used as a symbol of good fortune, while dandelions tell a story of rebirth. This person is born again, during which, they have finally found their wings to fly to the top. Three birds have different meanings in many cultures, however, largely the numeric connotation winds back to a symbolism attached to the idea to give joy. Hence, they are finally living life to the fullest, sharing and receiving joy and happiness. If that does not strike a chord with you, there is always the song of Bob Marley, reminding us of what is important in life.

Birds Of A Feather Tattoo

Birds Of A Feather Tattoo
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Stretching over the entire forearm, there is a bird silhouette of an identified bird species. The birds are connected with a thread to the feather. The coal-black ink makes the birds look more appealing. This small bird tattoo is a perfect tattoo if you want to get one done in a single day.

Have you ever heard of the phrase birds of the same feather flock together? Why not take that symbolism to represent your family? Such a tattoo represents hope and freedom. Moreover, flying birds denote optimism. Hence, this tattoo can encapsulate your best wishes to share a life with your loved one and grow in different ways together.

Fierce Eagle Tattoo

Fierce Eagle Tattoo
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If you are brainstorming ideas for an eagle design, you can get this little bird tattooed on your forearm. This is not a traditional bird tattoo. The eagle tattoo is influenced by the Japanese style of art. Covered in golden-black feathers, the eagle is hunting a demon commonly known as Netsuke. The demon is bright orange, with horns, wearing animal skin for the garment. The demon looks at the eagle terrified with fear, while the eagle holds and peers into the demon.

This seemingly simple eagle tattoo is riddled with meanings. Eagles stand for strength and freedom, someone secure in their space. On the other hand, the symbolism behind Netsuke is that of longevity and prosperity. Hence, hunting denotes how the person is actively working to change their fate.

Raven Witch Tattoo

Raven Witch Tattoo
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This is one of the best blackbird tattoos we have come across. Do not confuse them, this is not a crow but a raven. Yes, they are different birds. The black bird is accentuated with the help of crimson hints. The bird has a red scarf and hat. It stands on a typical broom. Behind the bird, bats are flying with a crescent blood moon in sight, creating a goth style.

Among the Native Americans, ravens hold a significant meaning. They are symbols of wisdom, as well as trickery. The Celts, on the other hand, took ravens as a motif for war and death. Interesting how meanings change in different cultures. One thing is for sure though, ravens, crows, and such other blackbirds have often been associated with death, or as an ill omen. So, when it comes to badass tattoo designs, we find this very appealing.

Quirky Crow Tattoo

Quirky Crow Tattoo
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For the ones who like a contemporary twist on a traditional bird tattoo, pay attention to this design. A crow appears in an anthropomorphic form. The crow has a pair of sneakers and trousers. On its back, it has a backpack. On its hand, if not wing, the crow carries what looks like skulls. At the top, a speech bubble can be seen with a heart inside.

A single crow is often considered a bad omen, while three are meant to be a good omen. However carrying three skulls beneath, the tattoo seems to crack a grim joke and say much more than what meets the eye. Besides, with the little whimsical touch of a heart amid an otherwise sardonic suggestion, this is one of the most interesting bird tattoos to get inked with.

Free Spirit Swallow Tattoo

Free Spirit Swallow Tattoo
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Here we have a pair of flying birds tattoo. The swallows tattooed in extreme detail can be seen circling a stopwatch. Both the swallows look at the time, as they fly around the stopwatch. Completed in grayscale, the beauty of this tattoo will only exude if you pick a skilled artist with good experience.

Because swallows travel to faraway places for migration, among many birds, they are taken as a strong symbol of independence. A soul who is uninhibited by any challenges, and keeps moving ahead. Though, in this tattoo, the birds seem to be running out of time. Hence, the tattoo urges one to live life now, instead of waiting around, since time is precious for all.

Have you found your spirit animal, or rather, spirit bird with which you want to get inked? With the wide expanse of avian creatures in this world, you are sure to find one that speaks to your soul.

Bird tattoos have got our creative juices flowing. Since there are so many ways to play with these tattoos, we must mention just a couple more before wrapping up:

  • Singing blue jay and lark tattoo
  • Family as a flock of birds tattoo
  • Mythical bird Roc tattoo
  • Native American culture inspired Navajo tattoo
  • Dove holding an olive branch in a broken cage tattoo

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