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Birthdays are definitely one of the most special days of our lives. Keep reading the article for some awesome birthday tattoo ideas!

Birthday Tattoo Ideas
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A lot of people get birthday tattoos to celebrate and cherish a special day in their lives.

It might be their own birthday which they want to get tattooed on their skin. While some people also get a tattoo of the birthday of a loved one.

Birthday tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo ideas since it allows us to treasure a wonderful day in our lives. Some loving parents like to get the birthdates of their children inked on their body as it is a day they want to remember and treasure forever. Some people also get birth date tattoos of people they love in order to carry a part of them. However, the birth date tattoos and their designs differ from one person to another based on their likes, wishes and preferences. While some people prefer a simple and minimal tattoo, others may want a bigger tattoo with a splash of bright colors.

Consequently, if you are still wondering “What tattoo should I get based on my birthday?” Go ahead and look at these awesome birthday tattoos and decide for yourself!

Minimal Birthday Tattoo Ideas For Novices

Minimal Birthday Tattoo Ideas For Novices
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If you are getting a tattoo for the first time and are not sure about how much pain you can handle, then you should start with a simple or minimal tattoo. Just like the picture above, you can also look at some ideas of minimal birth date tattoos that are not too complex or convoluted. Just a simple tattoo with the date you want to celebrate, remember or honor written in a stylish font with black ink would also look great.

Lovely Ideas For A Family Birthday Tattoo

Lovely Ideas For A Family Birthday Tattoo
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If you want a tattoo design that will display your love for your entire family, then you need to get creative with your birthday tattoo idea. A very popular family tattoo idea that also incorporates special days such as birthdays of all members is a tattoo that charts the generations in the family. Therefore, you can create an elaborate family tree tattoo or just make a simple genealogical chart that traces the birth of every member, starting from the grandparents to their children and grandchildren. This will be a really fun tattoo for every kid and elder one to see. You can also take the same design and get a similar birthday tattoo that has the birth dates of your friends. In this way, you can always carry a symbol of your loved ones and their special days around with you in a special place in your heart and on your body.

Like the picture above, you can place this inspired tattoo on your wrist or also on your arm or back.

Heartwarming Memorial Tattoos With Birthdates

Heartwarming Memorial Tattoos With Birthdates
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While a birthday tattoo design is often a thing of joy as it serves as a constant reminder of the people we love and on the days they were born, sometimes these birthday tattoos can also be bittersweet. A birthday tattoo idea can also easily become a memorial tattoo after that person’s death. Consequently, you can combine a birthday tattoo along with a memorial tattoo in a sweet display of love, honor, and affection for the person who has passed away and can no longer celebrate their birthdays with you. A lot of people get this style of birthday tattoos for their mom as the bond between a mother and her children are very strong. Consequently, if you as a child want to remember the kind of woman your mother was, you can also get a heartwarming design tattooed with ink.

Unique Ways To Create A Birthday Tattoo

Unique Ways To Create A Birthday Tattoo
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If you are looking for unique but simple tattoo ideas for your birth date tattoo, why not choose Roman numeral tattoos? Roman numeral designs are quite simple but they look a lot more unconventional and elegant as compared to simple numerical tattoos. You can get a Roman numeral birthday tattoo celebrating your own birthday or for your parents, best friend, siblings or significant other. A birth date tattoo done in Roman numeral style will look really great and attractive as well.

If you are curious about roman numeral tattoos, go ahead and check out these awesome roman numeral tattoo ideas.

Beautiful Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate Your Child’s Birth

Beautiful Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate Your Child's Birth
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A child’s birth is truly one of the most memorable days in a parent’s life. After all, a parent will always treasure and cherish the day their child first came into the world. Thus, a lot of parents get a birthday tattoo design with their children’s birth dates. You can simply write the date along with the names of your children if you want a minimalistic tattoo. However, you can also add a number of flowers or some heart symbols to add to the beauty of your tattoo. You can also ask your tattoo artist for some beautiful fonts which you can use to make your own tattoo. You can also add a tattoo print of their tiny hands or feet when they were first born so you can carry that endearing symbol of their childhood with you wherever you go.

The wearer has gotten all the details of their child’s birth tattooed on their arm. They have not just added the date of birth of their child but have also added the child’s height during birth, the exact time of their arrival in the world, and even their weight!

Small And Colorful Ideas For A Birthday Tattoo

Small And Colorful Ideas For A Birthday Tattoo
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Birthdays are happy occasions in your lives since we all look forward to this day. We get gifts and warm wishes from everyone around us. If you want your birthday tattoo design to reflect the same cheer and joy, you should look for tattoo artists who work well with colorful ink for tattoos. You can also choose some amazing beautiful fonts date tattoos that are done in a variety of colors so that they look bright and attractive. You can either get a small and simple tattoo like the wearer has or you can get a large and beautiful birthday tattoo. You can also further specify the kind of color palette or shades you would like as some people prefer softer pastel shades while some people prefer brighter, neon, or fluorescent colors.

Awesome Tattoo Designs With A Birthday Cake

Awesome Tattoo Designs With A Birthday Cake
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If you are looking for a slightly unique happy birthday tattoo, then you can also get creative with your birthday tattoo design. After all, a lot of people get birth date tattoos as it is a very popular idea. If you want something unconventional, you can get an awesome tattoo of a birthday cake! We all know that cakes are a very important part of birthdays as the person cuts the cake and blows the candles to make a wish. We all love to eat birthday cakes which come in a variety of flavors and designs.

Awesome Tattoo Designs With A Birthday Cake ideas
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Therefore, a fun and lovely birthday tattoo design would consist of a beautiful cake. The cake can be multicolored or layered as per your wish. You can also use colorful ink and add candles to the cake to make it a symbol of birthdays. You can add this tattoo on your shoulder, wrist, forearm or on your ankles as well.

Adorable Party Tattoo Ideas For A Birthday Tattoo

Adorable Party Tattoo Ideas For A Birthday Tattoo
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shoulder wrist young dates faith girls body If you have decided to get birthday tattoos, you can either choose to get the dates tattooed or a different kind of motif. A lot of people also choose to express birthdays through a new way, such as that of a birthday cake or even a birthday party.

Whether we are young boys or girls or adult men and women, everyone loves a great birthday party. These parties consist of delicious cake, lots of good food and dancing. We make a lot of good memories at one birthday party and those warm feelings help us pass the rest of the year fingers. if you want to keep a trace of this quality moment with you, you can get a cute tattoo that expresses a birthday party,

Adorable Party Tattoo Ideas For A Birthday Tattoo ideas
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You can ask your tattoo artist for tattoos in different font or styles to make a fun design. In the pictures above, the wearers have gotten amazing birthday tattoos like a raccoon or a skeleton wearing party hats with streamers around them.

Wonderful Birthday Tattoo Ideas With Birth Month Flowers

Wonderful Birthday Tattoo Ideas With Birth Month Flowers
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If you are fond of flower tattoos, you can combine your love for floral motifs with a lovely birth date tattoo design. Just go to the calendar and then search on the internet about the birth flowers associated with each month. For example, carnation and snowdrops are usually noted as the birth flowers for January while the July birth flower is larkspur as well as water lily. Each of these amazing flowers associated with different months of the year tells us more about the kind of people who are born on those months. These tattoo ideas are especially popular among women and they get these flowers inked on different parts of their body like chest, rght or left arm, collarbone, shoulder and fingers.

Here are some awesome ideas for traditional flower tattoos which will inspire you to get a tattoo of your birth month’s flower!

Beautiful Birthday Tattoo With The Name Of Loved Ones

Beautiful Birthday Tattoo With The Name Of Loved Ones
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While most birthday tattoos have the birth dates of special people, some people take it up a notch and get the names of those people inked on their body as well. It can be the names of their kids, their significant other or even their best friend or siblings. So if you are looking for an elaborate birthday tattoo idea, you can simply add the name of the person you love beside the date they were born on. This will be a wonderful way to carry them around with you and celebrate the important place they occupy in your life.

If you have always wanted to get a tattoo of dates that were important to you, a birthday would be a perfect inspiration. The tattoo can be based on your own birthday, or your parents, siblings, romantic partner or your children’s birthday. So go ahead and choose an awesome design that you love the most and get a fantastic birthday tattoo!

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