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Are you searching for wonderful and unique tattoo designs to go with your personality? Then we offer you some of the best bison tattoo ideas that you will cherish.

Bison Tattoo
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Bison tattoos have been a part of the human community since ancient times.

Popularised by cave paintings and drawings, people have now incorporated the bison symbol even in the present tattoo business. Just the way a butterfly tattoo shows femininity, inscribing a beast like bison is a good way to show masculine strength.

A bison tattoo meaning is a versatile one. Some ink a bison tattoo because of their sacred image. The mention of bison in native American history is also very prominent. Therefore if you are into spirituality or the idea of a greater being then you should be definitely open to this tattoo option.

Apart from that, a bison tattoo also connotes endurance, and symbolizes power and strength. Many people inscribe a bison tattoo after accomplishing major victories in life. So if you are someone who acts on your free will, inscribing this stubborn beast on the body will turn many heads. Check out some of the best styles of tattoos of a bison given below which will help you to find the ideal piece for your body.

Simple Outline Bison Tattoo

Simple Outline Bison Tattoo
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A simple and minimalistic tattoo on your wrist or ankle can never go wrong no matter what design you get. So if you are looking forward to get one, you can certainly take inspiration from this piece. Making an outline tattoo requires the lowest effort and causes the least pain. Therefore, this is a safe yet a great idea for the first-timers that want to get inked.

Elaborately Designed Bison Tattoos

Elaborately Designed Bison Tattoos
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An elaborately designed bison tattoo on the sleeves or the back is one of the best way to portray strength and masculinity. A finely detailed tattoo of a mature bison like the one in the image looks phenomenal. This tattoo inked on the biceps is one of the best choices for men. If you want a much bigger version of such elaborate tattoos, the back might just be the right choice for you!

Traditional Bison Tattoo Piece

Traditional Bison Tattoo Piece
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Traditional tattoos are surely a great way to depict your cultural aesthetics. If you are looking forward to ink a traditional tattoo this time, then a conventional bison tattoo might help you seal the deal. The crown made up of feathers placed on the head of the bison tattoo gives a Native American vibe to the tattooed piece. Apart from that, you can also add other motifs like feathers and arrows to give a traditional look to your bison tattoo. The connection of the symbol with the cultural backgrounds of many religions is a great way to portray your rich intellectual upbringing.

Running Bison Tattoo

Running Bison Tattoo
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Some people are fond of offbeat tattoos, something that will make their tattoos different from the others. For them, we have added the idea of running bison tattoos. Over the years, bison tattoo designs have been popularised only by inscribing their heads of skulls. However, you can rarely see someone tattooing a running bison like this one. The position of the legs and the body posture in the tattoo clearly resembles a running bison. The running bison tattoo is symbolic of our strong will to move forward in life by overcoming all hurdles.

Bison Skull Tattoo

Bison Skull Tattoo
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Skull tattoos have become one of the most popular fashion trends within the tattoo realm. They can be incorporated into almost all kinds of tattoo categories. Many people get skull tattoos of a bison on different parts of the body as an appreciation of the dreadful and empowering beast. Apart from that, skull tattoos also help to overcome our fear of death by conveying that a beast as powerful as a bison is also destined to die. This simple outlined skull tattoo of a bison is one of the best tattoo ideas of this genre. Combining the coloured flowers with this symbolic tattoo is a wonderful representation of balancing out the darkness of the tattoo with joyous elements of life.

Bison Tattoos With Abstract Designs

Bison Tattoos With Abstract Designs
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Another way of embracing your tattoo game in this contemporary world is by combining the bison tattoo designs with different kinds of tempting abstract patterns. Getting this tattoo will definitely make you stand out among the crowd. The fusion of vibrant colours and several motifs have changed the overall appearance of the bison tattoo. The leafy petals, feathers and shinning stars encircling the bison’s face add to the royalty of the tattooed piece. Unlike other bison tattoos, in this one, the bison is seen to have a very endearing face. The sun on its forehead gives a holistic edge to the art.

Mandala Bison Tattoo
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Combining traditionalart patterns together with tattoos is simply one of the best choices you can avail for your bison tattoo. Needless to say, a bison’s head inked in a mandala pattern like this one enhances the artistic appeal of the tattoo and is bound to attract everyone’s attention.

Bison Tattoo With Short Texts

Bison Tattoo With Short Texts
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If you are fond of attaching statements or sentences to your tattoos, then this is a fitting piece. Different people choose different statements to go with their disposition. However, it might get difficult for some to find the right words for summing up their personality through a tattoo in a compact manner. For such unfortunate events, adding enticing motifs like the flowers fire up the overall appearance and grace of tattoos while maintaining the traditional worth of the original art.

Geometrical Bison Tattoo

Geometrical Bison Tattoo
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Bison tattoos inside a geometrical shape is also one of the most common tattoo designs of this genre. However, the thing that sets this piece apart from other geometrical tattoos is its beautiful blend of geometrical patterns with an original drawing of the bison. On the right side, you can see a normal tattoo of the bison’s face which is designed realistically. However, the left half is completed by joining several geometrical shapes together to give a defined and complete structure to the face. Apart from its amazing looks, this is also an extraordinary piece we suggest you to include in your list of go-to tattoo designs if you are making one.

Enormous Bison Head Tattoo

Enormous Bison Head Tattoo
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If you are looking for an intricate art piece for your arm muscles, then this is surely a great idea that we have to offer. The detailed bison head is inked in such a way that its horns and body hair are giving off a 3D vibe. Often a bison is related to the beast because of its power. Therefore tattooing a robust head of a bison on your arm muscles is a pronounced way to symbolize the power and strength within you. Such tattoos represent your ability to take firm decisions and stick to them no matter what.

Colored Bison Tattoo
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Head tattoos do not simply have to be portrayed in a monotonous manner. There are numerous ways in which you can amp up your bison head tattoos. Therefore if you are someone who is looking for a simple yet unique piece, then the bison head tattoo portrayed here might be a good choice for you. Give your tattoos a touch of creativity by replacing the horns of the bison with the antlers of the antelope! The leafy motifs near the antlers of the bison in the picture symbolize passion for nature.

Teton’s Bison Tattoos

Teton's Bison Tattoos
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Last but not the least, a bison tattoo representing the scenic beauty of Teton County inside its body is a very interesting and moderately common piece that might interest you! Moreover, this design is a delightful way to show your passion for exploring mountains. So whether you belong to the Teton village or not, you can get a design like this anywhere in the world. You can either dig the idea of the above art piece which visually describes the mountains of Teton along with the grasslands. Otherwise, you can also get a tattoo of your hometown or your favourite destination in a similar pattern inside a bison’s body. The vibrant and dreamy sky pattern of this piece is bound to attract the attention of everyone around you once you ink this on your body.

Many people get confused between bison tattoo and buffalo tattoo because of their similar appearances. Now that you are familiar with so many bison tattoos and ideas, you can also check out this compilation of some additional designs to make your future tattoos more creative. The list will help you choose the right piece for yourself:

  • 1. Bison tattoo with vibrant colours
  • 2. Detailed bison tattoo
  • 3. Fusion of bison and buffalo tattoo
  • 4. Cute bison tattoo
  • 5. Bison tattoo with the cubs
  • 6. Bison outline tattoo
  • 7. Artsy bison tattoo
  • 8. Bison tattoo with floral patterns
  • 9. Fierce bison tattoo
  • 10. Endearing bison tattoo

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