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Are you looking for a tattoo that shows your free, passionate, and rebellious spirit? Then here are some amazing Born This Way tattoo ideas for you!

Born This Way Tattoo
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There are many brave people who do not hide who they are but have flaunted their identity since birth.

For those people, American pop musician Lady Gaga’s album ‘Born This Way’ was like gospel! It was an album that asked people to embrace who they are with all their flaws and imperfections.

The lead single of the album named ‘Born This Way’ also struck a chord with many people who had been shunned from society for who they are. They were also encouraged and inspired to not bow down to society’s boring norms and demands anymore. Rather, ‘Born This Way’ and Lady Gaga along with it, provided some amazing songs for people to identify and dance with!

Simple ‘Born This Way’ Tattoo Designs

Simple 'Born This Way' Tattoo Designs
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If you are getting a tattoo for the first time and are not sure how much pain you can handle, then you can choose a simple or minimal tattoo design. A lot of people getting tattoos for the first time are quite confused regarding what kind of a design they should get. If you are looking for a subtle, minimal but eloquent tattoo that reveals your personality to others, you should get a ‘Born This Way’ tattoo.

As seen in the picture, just writing the three words in a simple font will also add a lot of gravitas to your design.

Vibrant And Colourful Tattoos For Brave People

Vibrant And Colourful Tattoos For Brave People
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If you are quite experienced in getting tattoos and are looking for your next one, then you can always choose a colourful tattoo. One of the most trendy and fashionable tattoo ideas of 2020 and 2021 has been to get tattoos with simplistic designs along with a splash of coloured ink. Therefore, you can also write the words ‘Born This Way’ on your body followed by coloured ink that you like the most to make a beautiful tattoo.

Beautiful Pride Tattoo Ideas

Beautiful Pride Tattoo Ideas
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Lady Gaga has always been an amazing ally to the LGBTQIA+ people of the world. With the release of her album ‘Born This Way’, she was quite vocal that anybody who belongs to the LGBTQIA+ community should feel proud of who they are since they were born that way and there is nothing to change.

Consequently, a lot of people got ‘Born This Way’ tattoos along with the rainbow which symbolizes Pride. In this way, you can reveal an important part of your identity and also show solidarity with other LGBTQIA+ people.

Great Tattoo Ideas For Lady Gaga’s Fans

Great Tattoo Ideas For Lady Gaga's Fans
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If you are a huge Lady Gaga fan, you can also pay a homage or tribute to the artist who has changed so many lives with your tattoo. As seen in the picture, the wearer has gotten the concept art of the album tattooed. They have also added the phrase ‘Born This Way’ in their own native language. Such a tattoo will be really dark, edgy, and will be quite eye-catching.

Magical Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Magical Unicorn Tattoo Ideas
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If your heart is full of love for Lady Gaga, chances are that you already know that she has a Born This Way tattoo as well along with a unicorn on her left thigh. The music video for ‘Born This Way’ also shows a unicorn right at the beginning. Thus, if you are looking for unique ‘Born This Way’ tattoos, you should add a unicorn next to it to elevate the beauty of your tattoo!

After all, unicorns might be mythological creatures but they can be used to resemble your purity and strength.

Cool Tattoos With The Album Art

Cool Tattoos With The Album Art
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The album ‘Born This Way’ has some of the biggest pop hit songs of the entire decade. Subsequently, if you want to get a ‘Born This Way’ tattoo in a way that also honours the album, you can modify the font to look like the album cover. You can also add the signature triangle that was associated with the album in your tattoos.

This might be a bit difficult to execute but you can look for a great tattoo studio that has amazing reviews online to help you with it.

Great Tattoos That Can Be Placed Anywhere

Great Tattoos That Can Be Placed Anywhere
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The best aspect of these tattoos is that they can be placed anywhere. Depending upon the ink, shape, size, and idea you choose for your tattoos, you can place them on your neck, shoulder, chest, or even legs.

If you are looking for more patterns to add to your tattoos, check out these beautiful Yellow Rose tattoo designs!

Best Tattoos For Lady Gaga Fans

Best Tattoos For Lady Gaga Fans
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Lady Gaga is a versatile artist who can change her entire look and style depending on the songs she sings. For ‘Born This Way’, she had a specific makeup style and look which made her look like a skeleton. So if you are looking for unconventional ‘Born This Way’ tattoos, you can also choose tattoos which shows her during her ‘Born This Way’ phase.

‘Born This Way’ Tattoos For Your Bicep

'Born This Way' Tattoos For Your Bicep
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The years 2020 and 2021 have seen a rise in the preference for bicep tattoos. For the 10th anniversary of the release of ‘Born This Way’, you can also choose to get a ‘Born This Way’ 3D tattoo on your bicep. A unicorn symbol would also look great on your bicep area.

If you are looking for more 3D tattoo ideas, here are some great 3D Butterfly tattoo designs.

Elaborate Tattoo Ideas For Your Chest

Elaborate Tattoo Ideas For Your Chest
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If you are looking for ‘Born This Way’ body arts, then you should think about getting an elaborate tattoo on your chest. If you want a huge, complex tattoo idea for your chest region, there are plenty of amazing ‘Born This Way’ body arts ideas on the internet to choose from. You can also look which tattoo studio near you has the best reviews and go there if you need help with the tattoo pattern.

A lot of people have been reminiscing about pop songs in the past in 2020 and 2021. When they think about these songs, they also think about the immense effect these songs had on them. So if you also have strong feelings about ‘Born This Way’ album, go ahead and get a wonderful tattoo related to the album!

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