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Are you in search of bow tattoo ideas? Here is a list of some cool bow tattoo designs along with their unique symbolism that will surely win your heart.

Bow Tattoo
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Bow tattoos usually represent liberation, femininity, and open-heartedness.

Bows are popularly used as accessories or to wrap up gifts and bouquets. They are also a celebrated design when it comes to tattoos and carries deep meaning.

So you must be wondering what does a bow tattoo mean? The way a ribbon bow is tied using tension and later opened by releasing the knot is associated with the liberation of women. It can have a sexual connotation if the tattoo is inked on the back of your thighs. However, a bow tattoo on the back of your legs can simply be a way to accentuate them. Apart from being an aesthetic designthese tattoos are a way of expressing your femininity. This can be one of the reasons why a bow tattoo is considered to be a gender-specific design that is favoured mostly by women and girls.

You can make your bow tattoo look quirky, realistic, or simplistic to express your personal style. Read to find out about some amazing bow tattoo ideas that you can get inspired from.

Elegant Bow Tie Tattoo

Elegant Bow Tie Tattoo
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This is a creative tattoo design placed on the chest like a bow tie. The loosely curled ends of the ribbon accentuate the entire design. The red bow is beautifully shaded in black around the edges. Although bow ties are mostly worn by men, they look extremely impressive on a woman as well. Apart from being a style statement, a red bow is symbolic of power and authority within the professional sphere. You can alter the size of the tattoo according to your preference.

Bowtie tattoo
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Here is another interesting bow tie tattoo idea in a vibrant blue shade. The bow is highlighted with white ink that creates a stunning contrast. This cute bow tie will look great on both men and women.

Realistic Bow Tattoo

Realistic Bow Tattoo
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This beautiful bow, with a satin finish, is tattooed on the back of the woman. The artist has given a realistic touch to this design by creating shadows underneath the bow. Moreover, the use of white ink to highlight the tattoo gives it a satiny sheen. These vintage bows are making a comeback in today’s fashion as well as tattoo designs. You can place this classic tattoo art anywhere on the body according to your preference.

Polka Dots Tattoo
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This one can be a great alternative if you want to bring in some patterns to your realistic bow tattoo. The white polka dotsinked throughout the design, create a stunning visual. The shading on the bow gives a realistic appearance to the tattoo. The illusion is further accentuated by the subtle highlights in white.

Bow Lace Tattoo With A Diamond

Bow Lace Tattoo With A Diamond
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This is quite an enticing design of a black lace bow with a sparkling diamond in the middle. The lace bow is emboldened in black with intricate detail work all over it. The sharp edges of the diamond are created by smooth strokes of different colours. The bluish diamond at the centre of the monochromatic bow produces a remarkable contrast in the design.

Bow Red Tattoo
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This can be a great option if you want to add more colours and variations to your lace bow tattoo design. The layering of the bow with satin and lace ribbons adds a feminine charm to this design. A row of white pearls encircles the red ruby to emphasize its appearance. You can place this beautiful bow tattoo on your lower back or on the wrist like the one shown in the picture.

Flowers Tied With A Bow

Flowers Tied With A Bow
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This can be a great bow tattoo idea if you have a love for floral aesthetics. The flowers are filled with vibrant colours and each carries a deep symbolism. The rose and marigold are intricately inked in yellow while the aster is drawn with purple ink. They are tied together with a peach bow that gives a delicate look to the entire tattoo. Moreover, the artist has avoided the use of black ink and solely used bright colours to create the bow and flowers. You can place this exquisite tattoo art anywhere on your skin.

Floral Tattoo
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You can also go for a bouquet to express your love for florals! Bright colours are used in inking the flowers while the leaves are darkened to create a contrast. The leopard print on the bow looks quite quirky and adds to the liveliness of the entire design. You should place this bow tattoo on the back of your thigh or leg that will provide a large canvas to fill in the minute detailing of this design.

Tribal Bow Tattoo With Feathers

Tribal Bow Tattoo With Feathers
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The wispy ribbon is tied in a bow and secured with colourful beads at the centre. The feathers, attached to the bow, bring a tribal look to the entire design. Here, the artist has played with contrast by adding the monochromatic feathers with the bow. The blending of two shades in the ribbon has created a beautiful hue, while the feathers are highlighted near the shaft. Together, the feathers with the bow, carry the message of liberation and freedom of the inner soul. You can ink this design on your thigh like the one shown in the picture.

Feather Bow Tattoo
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The impressive amalgamation of shading, highlights, and shadows in this bow design makes it stand apart. Most of the detailing are inked in black with subtle white highlights on the beads. The use of a single colour has certainly added to the mystery of this design. The beauty of these monochromatic tattoo designs will never fade and will look great anywhere on the body. Both men and women can ink this design on their skin.

Feminine Bow Tattoo

Feminine Bow Tattoo
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A chic bracelet bow tattoo can be the perfect accessory to amp up your style quotient. The band is inked in black with a dainty bow on the side. The brilliant shading on the bow has given it a velvety sheen. The artist has used white ink to highlight the edges of the bow that adds to its beauty.

String Bow Tattoo
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Here, a single string is tied into a cute bow around the ankle. This tattoo can be a great substitute for a real anklet and looks quite appealing with its minimal detailing. The feminine charm of these bow tattoo designs makes them a popular pick among women and girls.

Anchor Tattoo With A Pink Bow

Anchor Tattoo With A Pink Bow
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Incorporating other elements is a great way to add depth to your bow tattoo. Here, the anchor tattoo is kept simple with minimal shading along the edges. The vibrant pink bowattached to the anchor, is the focal point of attention in this tattoo design. The anchor is symbolic of passion and strength, while the bow tattoo is associated with liberation. The union of these symbols translates to the liberation of your soul through passion. Perhaps, you can take on this world by following the path of your passion. The perfect spot for this powerful bow tattoo design is on your leg or arm.

A Cute Bow Tied To A Heart

A Cute Bow Tied To A Heart
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The tattoo is inked with intricate dot works throughout the design. The bow is tied to a heart tattoo that has an intriguing eye at the centre. Shades of red and purple are used in inking the bow and heart. The bluish eyeball intensifies the piercing gaze and grabs the attention of the viewer. This elegant tattoo art will look stunning on any woman.

Intriguing Bow Tattoo With A Skull

Intriguing Bow Tattoo With A Skull
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The small skull tattoo placed in the middle of the turquoise bow appears to be quite intriguing. The blend of colours in the bow creates a beautiful backdrop for this design. The skull is intricately detailed with dark colours to make it look realistic. You can ink this unconventional bow tattoo with a skull anywhere on your body.

Skull with Bow Tattoo
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This bow tattoo design with a skull have elements of mystery and realism attached to it. The shading has certainly brought this skull to life. Moreover, the prominent red bow on its head is not one to be missed! The white polka dots on the red bow add a splash of colour to this tattoo. The tattoo perhaps signifies the freedom of the soul from the shackles of life and death. You can ink this incredible design on your thigh or back.

Endearing Bow Neck Tattoo

Endearing Bow Neck Tattoo
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This simple monochromatic bow tattoo design on the back of the neck can be a great option for women and girls. The intense black ink emboldens the bow, while the discontinuity in the linework creates an abstract outline for the tattoo. You can also add colours to make it more appealing or a personalized detail that will be unique to you.

Decorative Bow design Tattoo
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This bow design is undoubtedly a decorative body art that is inked with vivid detailing. The blue gem, in the middle of the bow, looks quite realistic with the gradual layering of colours. The outlining of the gem is done with intricate pattern work and rows of pearls. The indigo coloured bow is highlighted with a golden border and dark shading. This design will look beautiful on the back of the neck and will fit like a brooch on the skin.

You can bring a whole lot of variation in colours and patterns to make your bow tattoo stand out. You can get a sexy lace bow tied around your arms or a realistic satin bow on the nape of your neck. Incorporating other elements like stars, flowers, and gems will add layers to the meaning of your tattoo. These tattoos are often regarded as gender-specific designs as they represent the virtues of a woman. If you are still looking for ideas to style your bow tattoo then here is a list of suggestions that you can check out:

  1. A lower back bow tattoo with floral motifs.
  2. A cute pink bow tattoo on the ankle with feathers.
  3. An elegant red bowtie tattooed on the chest.
  4. A bow and arrow tattoo inked in vibrant colours on the chest.
  5. A chevy bow tie tattoo on the back of your leg.
  6. A minimalistic bow design on the finger.
  7. A stunning bow tattoo with a red rose at the centre.

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