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Are you fascinated with weapons? Then you are about to be bombarded with some extraordinary broken arrow tattoo designs you’ll immediately fall in love with!

broken arrow tattoo
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If you possess an undaunting fighting spirit then weapon tattoos are meant for you.

The world has become ultra-modern with its upgraded versions of super cool weaponry but bow and arrow has always been in vogue be it through the legendary character Robin Hood, the fearless warrior Katniss Everdeen from ‘The Hunger Games’, or the favourite Marvel character, Hawkeye. Weapons are a vivid representation of inner strength, durability, and courage.

Don’t think about the number of digits you’ve to let go, think of the satisfaction and pride it’ll bring you every time you lay your eyes on it.

If you stay somewhere in Oklahoma, USA, then don’t forget to visit the Zen Tattoo of Broken Arrow Tattoo Shop for a unique customized tattoo from the best of tattoo artists! Here you can choose from a plethora of broken arrow symbols for the most-cherished tattoo of your lifetime.

What does a broken arrow tattoo mean?

broken arrow tattoo meaning

feather tattoo

warrior tattoo

you can also go for the double arrow symbol

broken arrow tattoos
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Black And Bold Broken Arrow Tattoo

black and bold broken arrow tattoo
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Black and white can never go cliché! Plus, it’s just perfect for every mood and blends with any kind of attire. So, if you’re looking for something that would accentuate your bold and sensual appeal then it has got to be black! You can go for a large one covering your entire forearm or you can add some zing by personalizing it. You can take cue from the picture below – ‘Semper Porro’ in Latin means ‘Always Forward’.

black broken arrow tattoo
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Vibrant Broken Arrow Tattoo

vibrant broken arrow tattoo
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Vibrant colors make tattoos extremely attractive by instantly grabbing attention of onlookers. Make it glamorous and trendy! Add some bright colours and break the monotony!

Super Attractive Broken Arrow Tattoo For The Shoulder

super attractive broken arrow tattoo for the shoulder
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Looking for the perfect tattoo that would highlight your shoulder blades? You can use this design or find your own customized one. You can go horizontal covering your shoulder blades or even opt for a vertical one along your spinal cord.

Traditional Broken Arrow Tattoo

traditional broken arrow tattoo
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Classic traditional tattoos come with a rustic spirit and possess a unique charm. The simple broken arrow sign with its shards scattered around is ageless.

Neotraditional Broken Arrow Tattoo

neotraditional broken arrow tattoo
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Marriage of the traditional with the contemporary has always produced excellent results. Check out these amazing neotraditional tattoo designs! They are old school yet stylish. Pick any one and rush to your tattoo artist without any further ado.

amazing broken arrow tattoo
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Sweet And Small Broken Arrow Tattoo

sweet and small broken arrow tattoo
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Not everyone wants a big showy tattoo, right? However, that shouldn’t stop you from presenting your boldness and what can express your thoughts more than your face? This minuscule tattoo is sleek, stylish, and sexy! For the first timers, it’s going to be an experience worth remembering and that too at a reasonable rate.

Starry Broken Arrow Tattoo

starry broken arrow tattoo
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If you want to shoot for the stars then this tattoo design with stars dispersed around the tip of the arrow is just the one you’re looking for.

Geometric Broken Arrow Tattoo

geometric broken arrow tattoo
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dots and lines

Lettering Broken Arrow Tattoo

lettering broken arrow tattoo
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Sinister Broken Arrow Tattoo

sinister broken arrow tattoo
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