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Are you a big fan of Bruce Lee and his philosophy? Here is a list of Bruce Lee tattoos that will make you feel powerful and motivated!

Bruce Lee Tattoo
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Bruce Lee, mostly known for his martial arts, was a master of many trades.

He was not just a martial artist but also an actor, poet, filmmaker, and philosopher. Many of us have admired him while growing up and some of us had even started taking martial arts classes during our childhood days.

His fame shot up in the world as he put forward martial arts as a genre in world cinema and changed the way how Asians perceived Hollywood.

Though Bruce Lee never had tattoos, the love, and positivity that he has been spreading for years and years now, has inspired many people especially the young generations to get a tattoo done on their body with him as their idol.

A Bruce Lee Tattoo is a symbol of the hidden warrior in all of us. It symbolizes resilience and the ability to spread positivity around the world. It is 2021, and Bruce Lee remains a fascinating symbol for all. Getting a Bruce Lee tattoo now will inspire you to not give up on life.

Bruce Lee Arm Tattoo

Bruce Lee Arm Tattoo
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A Bruce Lee arm tattoo is unique and if the tattoo artist designs it well, it looks like a real punch. This is one of the most life-like Bruce Lee tattoos which looks better on a muscular arm. The idea behind this tattoo is to create an illusion that will look as if Bruce Lee is punching.

Bruce Lee Face Tattoo
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You can even have a dedicated Bruce Lee tattoo hand like this. This is an amazing idea for a full-hand tattoo. The details on it are life-like. And this version of the Bruce Lee tattoo is unique. Get it done by a professional tattoo artist so that you do not regret it later.

Detailed Bruce Lee Tattoo

Detailed Bruce Lee Tattoo
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A Bruce Lee punching tattoo is one of the most inked Bruce Lee tattoos. Even a Bruce Lee one-inch punch tattoo will look cool if the details are done carefully. A life-like hand with intricate detailing will look good. Bruce Lee is known for his famous punch and if you get his punch inked on your body, it will definitely make you feel strong.

Bruce Lee Wrist Tattoo

Bruce Lee Wrist Tattoo
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A Bruce Lee tattoo on the wrist looks amazing! You can have a long tattoo covering the entire forearm till your wrist or you can have a small portrait of Bruce Lee drawn on the wrist. If this is your first-ever tattoo, then this can be a great option. In 2021, people are looking for tattoo ideas that are inspiring and motivating, and hence a tattoo like this will definitely make one feel powerful.

Black Bruce Lee Tattoo
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This black and white Bruce Lee tattoo is a piece of art! If you want something aesthetic, then a tattoo like this will help your craving. A Bruce Lee tattoo like this is not only better than the usual ones but it also adds up to your style statement. Many such Bruce Lee tattoos will look well if done by a professional tattoo parlour.

Bruce Lee Portrait Tattoo

Bruce Lee Portrait Tattoo
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This Bruce Lee tattoo choice is very popular among fans. If you are a true martial arts fan, then you definitely will know various movies of the legend. If you follow Bruce Lee’s movies carefully, you will find various portraits of his that you get done! The best place to get a tattoo like this done is on the hand.

Famous Bruce Lee Tattoo
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This is a very famous Bruce Lee tattoo, that you will find in almost any tattoo artists’ portfolio. Getting a tattoo like this is a great way of showing respect to the martial arts legend. This is an iconic image of the Hollywood star.

Bruce Lee Leg Tattoo

Bruce Lee Leg Tattoo
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All good things take time. If you are patient enough and can devote some quality time to getting a piece of art done on your body, then this Bruce Lee Tattoo will look amazing! If you are an athlete or a gym freak, a tattoo like this will make everyone stare at you. Getting a detailed tattoo similar to this is time-consuming, but it is worth the investment.

Black And white Bruce Lee Tattoo
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This is one of the many celebrated Bruce Lee tattoos of all time. You will find the legendary martial art artist in this form in almost all of his movies. A black and white tattoo inked with great precision will look best on your leg if you have a muscular figure.

Detailed And Large Bruce Lee Tattoo

Detailed And Large Bruce Lee Tattoo
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If you admire Bruce Lee a lot and literally want to keep him close to your heart, get a Bruce Lee tattoo inked on your back like a support. A portrait of Bruce Lee along with one of his famous quotes or a movie dialogue will definitely look good if you have well build body.

Chest Bruce Lee Tattoo
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If you full chest Bruce Lee Tattoo, then this will look amazing on your body! Having such a big tattoo is one of a kind! Talk with your tattoo artist to look for more unique ideas that will look best on your skin. You can definitely save up money to get such a piece of art inked on your body.

Bruce Lee Back Tattoo

Bruce Lee Back Tattoo
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Imagine getting a Bruce Lee tattoo on your entire back. Isn’t it cool! It might sound tedious and a lot of work, but if you have such ideas, then you should search for tattoo artists who have great knowledge about drawing such complicated artwork. A tattoo like this will look best if you have a broad back. If you are a man of great physique, then such a beautiful Bruce Lee tattoo will definitely add up to your style statement. Plus, you can add elements like the Buddha to give a cultural side to the tattoo.

Bruce Lee Dragon Tattoo
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If you are a big fan of the movie- Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, then a tattoo similar to this will be a piece of art on your body. If you are a man of great admiration for Bruce Lee, then this can be the best tattoo for this. This Bruce Lee tattoo is deep and meaningful because since the very beginning Bruce Lee has been compared with a dragon. Having a dragon tattoo is a symbol of fearlessness, rage, and passion- and all 0f this is synonymous with Bruce Lee himself!

Bruce Lee Full Sleeve Tattoo

Bruce Lee Full Sleeve Tattoo
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Sporting a full-sleeve Bruce Lee Tattoo is cool! If you are in search of something that will make your hand look fuller and colourful, then a tattoo similar to this can be a great choice. If you want to save time trying to decide what type of tattoo to get on your sleeve, just talk with someone who has great knowledge about inking full-sleeve tattoos.

Black And Grey Tattoos
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You have no option but to accept that this Bruce Lee Tattoo is one of the coolest among all the other tattoos. If you are a man with a muscular arm, then this tattoo will look amazing on your hand. These type of tattoo ideas is a great way of showing your love for Bruce Lee. Getting a full sleeve inked is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. If you want to get a full sleeve inked on your hand, save up money and time and discuss your ideas with a professional tattoo artist.

Bruce Lee Shade Tattoo

Bruce Lee Shade Tattoo
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If you are amongst those who accept the fact that shaded tattoos look better, a simple Bruce Lee Tattoo will look great on your hand or in between your shoulders. A shaded tattoo with good detailing look amazing without adding too much frills making it one of the best. You can discuss your ideas with your tattoo artist and get the perfect one to reflect your love for the great martial artist.

aesthetic Bruce Lee tattoo
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If you are in search of an aesthetic Bruce Lee tattoo, then a tattoo similar to this will look amazing on y0ur hand. You can use other elements like the mirror room in the Enter The Dragon movie along with his portrait to make an amazing custom-made tattoo.

Bruce Lee In Action Tattoo

Bruce Lee In Action Tattoo
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Get a Bruce Lee tattoo that will not only look realistic but also show it in a way that he is in action. If you are in search of such tattoo ideas, watch and rewatch Bruce Lee movies, and select your favourite scene. You can even use screenshots found on the internet to decide on your design.

Amazing Black and Grey Tattoo
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A tattoo of a Bruce Lee close-up can quench your thirst for martial arts and will also motivate you to achieve your goals. The expression on Bruce Lee’s eyes shows his dedication and focus and that is what makes these tattoos so realistic and also tough to be inked.

Bruce Lee, for years, has been motivating generations for taking up martial arts and that has inspired his fans to ink his portrait on their bodies. Bruce Lee tattoos have started to gain popularity in recent years and these tattoos will never go out of style. Get yours done today!

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