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If you want to stand out with your quirky cartoon tattoos, here are some brilliant Bugs Bunny tattoo designs handpicked for you to check out.

bug bunny tattoo
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We are all truly familiar with the iconic looney tunes episodes starring the famous Bugs Bunny.

Amongst those chill characters, Bugs Bunny is an animated goofy, anthropomorphic rabbit created in the late 1930s and became a funny and hilarious cultural icon and acted as a flagship character of the Looney Tunes show during the golden age of the American animation. Dressed sometimes in a bow tie and white gloves while holding a carrot, he cracks hilarious jokes and with his easy-going comedy has managed to make an impression on our lives.

His low brow humour, dour expression and peculiar bunny head is a matter of classics, and most work done post the entry of Bugs Bunny on TV is paying homage to this iconic character with his universally acknowledged tagline, “what’s up doc?” The human rabbit with a twist and his funny life episodes filled with fun, random trick and art are sure to make us all smile. Inspired by the character, we have a collection of the best Bugs Bunny tattoos for you to choose from.

The Coloured Bugs Bunny Sleeve Tattoo

the coloured bugs bunny sleeve tattoo
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Tracing this iconic bugs bunny tattoo is a dream come true for any tattoo artist. The life bugs led in his cartoons is aptly represented in this tattoo as well- bugs bunny’s style with the typically cool expression with half-his eyes closed. The gradient fill of the racing jersey and bug’s bunny shorts along with the pink and grey with white on his skin is truly art! For its customizable colours and shades, we recommend tattooing these tattoos on the thighs or legs.

The Bugs Bunny x Looney Tunes Character Tattoo

the bugs bunny x looney tunes character tattoo
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This cool version of the bugs bunny tattoo features the rabbit in sunglasses, looking like it is the rabbit season for races! The giant black and white tattoo also showcases the jersey saying “Tune Squad” with a quick reference to the looney tunes show as well. In addition, the human-like bugs bunny here is almost transformed into one dapper looking gentleman ready for a race with sunglasses! The power of this tattoo, embodying the modern version of the bugs bunny character has all our votes.

The Twisted Bugs Bunny Tattoo

the twisted bugs bunny tattoo
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Well, this is truly a modern version of the bugs bunny tattoo, featuring bugs bunny in a completely different form. The usual carrot has been replaced with a half-smoked cigar whose smoke also covers up pretty much of the background. The tattoo artist does a perfect job in the smoke and cigar shades with fine inkwork. This tattoo almost acts as a parody to the “perfect image” of the Vitruvian man of Leonardo Da Vinci, or should we say the “Vitruvian bunny”! However so, this perfect image of a happy and healthy bunny has been broken down in this tattoo, probably representing with the passage of the century the turn of man and his fall. The Modern twist looks neat, and we do recommend inking this in colours.

The Tired and Exhausted Bugs Bunny Leg Tattoo

the tired and exhausted bugs bunny leg tattoo
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This particular bugs bunny tattoo face was a commonly recurring one in the show, often shown after a fun episode of fight or comedy where bugs bunny does not seem to have his way out on the first chance. With fine and smooth inkwork as well as dotted inkwork, this tattoo reaches its perfection in the grey and black shading. In addition, the tattoos created in this shade are often an attraction for their modern representation of the daily exhaustion of the twenty-first-century lives, which has truly made a machine out of us humans. In such a dreaded time, this tattoo is truly the modern version of bugs bunny pulling a time honoured trick for us!

The Bugs Bunny with a Magnifying Glass Tattoo

the bugs bunny with a magnifying glass tattoo
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Finally, we have a magnificently coloured traditional bugs bunny tattoo, but with the exception of a magnifying glass instead of the carrot in the rabbit’s hands. However, the deep, bright orange colour of the spots make up for that carrot-y vibe! Looking almost like a magician pulling out a glass from his pockets, this cool tattoo lets us flaunt our favourite animated character inked as a tribute, permanently. This tattoo is ideal for inking in the arms or legs, due to its size.

The Modern Bugs Bunny x Looney Tunes Quote Tattoo

the modern bugs bunny x looney tunes quote tattoo
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We all know the ending of the looney tunes with the classic “that’s all, folks!” message across the little circle from the TV screen. This bugs bunny tattoo features right that quote, and with an amazing twisty change to the character of bugs bunny himself! The iconic tattoo makes bugs bunny into a man-like being with tattooed ears and sunglasses, sitting with a carrot but inside a skull! Again, a reminder of the cool, bold modern drudgery and among one of our favourites.

The Traditional Bugs Bunny Tattoo

the traditional bugs bunny tattoo
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This one truly falls among traditional bugs bunny tattoos, and is ideal to be inked in the arms due to its smaller size. Shaded in black and white, this tattoo showcases the “wascly wabbit” or should we say how our pretty own, another famous character Elmer Fudd meant “rascally rabbit” sitting down resting his hands as if on the little circle that lingers while the show is over. We highly recommend this tattoo be inked in colour to get the true essence of our dearest childhood cartoons.

The Lady Bugs Bunny Tattoo

the lady bugs bunny tattoo
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Bugs Bunny is usually taken to be male, but here we have his counterpart in this Lady Bug Bunny tattoo design. Not just in a female avatar but also bugs bunny has been somehow transformed into a mermaid from an anthropomorphic being. The deep colours inked here along with the beautiful shades of the eyeshadow, the head bowties, the bright pink mermaid fins and especially the background featuring intricately detailed water bubbles; this tattoo is surely an attention-grabber!

The Scary Bugs Bunny Tattoo

the scary bugs bunny tattoo
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A pretty scary take on our favourite cartoon is back again, with the right amount of spookiness and fear! The now blackened and deep bunny ears and teeth provide a new horrifying twisty change to the cute ears. The bunny teeth which featured the front two teeth as large and cute have now been replaced with the incisors pointing out in a fang-like position, ready to bite. The classic laugh, the beginning of what seemed like bugs bunny would crack as a joke and turn any scene into a comedy, has now been replaced with an evil smirk, and villainous laughter. This tattoo is certainly a go-to for Halloween!

The Bugs Bunnies Couple Leg Tattoos

the bugs bunnies couple leg tattoos
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Last but not the least, we have this adorable bugs bunny couple tattoo that can be inked on both the legs, art in its true sense! It features both the male and the female kind, with the male wooing over the female bunny’s beauty. The entire scene represented through this tattoo strikes a comic chord with us. Due to their smaller sizes, these beautifully coloured tattoos can also be inked separately instead of in pairs. Among the bug bunny tattoos, this one has the highest rating on the cuteness scale.

For a character to have appeared in over 160 shots in his iconic Bugs Bunny episodes since his inception, and through bug’s amazing appearances in popular culture: numerous tv shows, comics, cartoons, his life and work-based films and more; Bug’s styles never fails to impress us to this day. Tattooing the very cunning rabbit on your skin is such a trick you can come up with to match Bugs Bunny’s acumen!

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