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Do you want to get ink inspired with staggeringly dank tattoos? Take a look at these bullet hole tattoo ideas that perfectly fit the bill.

bullet hole tattoo
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Bullet tattoos are themselves venturesome and gutsy design elements, but when a tattooer modifies his ink with a bullet hole or bullet mark tattoo, it adds an extra dimension to the body art.

Bullet hole tattoos are not your customary tattoo pieces and are not for the faint-hearted. It is not a tattoo that you can dedicate to a loved one or make society show empathy over it, but it will surely leave everyone awestruck at a momentary lapse of time.

Firing a gun from point blank range and the bullet hitting the target is a common sight in movies. The aftermath is a deadly wound with blood spilling around the circumference. This entire scenario is not only cherished by ultra-revolutionaries or outlaws but also by devastating personalities who are yet to heal their affected wounds. Some extreme gamers and intensified war movie lovers will also fancy these design ideas to live up to their fighting spirit. Firing a bullet from an automatic machine gun or vintage guns, or just from a pistol, will end up in the same result, barring the impact, and the notion of this impact is presented subtly as firearm-friendly designs through these bullet holes tattoos. A few bullet hole tattoo illustrations are listed down.

Head Bullet Hole Tattoo

head bullet hole tattoo
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The most common place to ink a bullet hole tattoo will be on the head. Putting the gunpoint on the head is a nervy moment in the movies, and most guys love this thrilling storyline. The bullet haircut or, generically, the mohawk haircut will be the ideal cut to get this tattoo design.

This bullet shot wound looks exceptionally authentic, and due to its placement, the whole thing flares up. The blood spills around the wound mark making it more intriguing and leaving the crowd to deduce between the living and the dead. Both the works of the artist and the hair stylist have to be acknowledged here because they worked their way out to construct the tattoo gap filler patterns to fit this bold illustration.

Bullet Hole Shoulder Tattoo

bullet hole shoulder tattoo
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Shoulder tats are mostly preferred by guys, although they will look audaciously ravishing on a girl as well. A huge background can be obtained on the shoulders, and any illustration can be inked in many exalted ways. The sturdiness of the shoulders allows virile and venturous design elements, and bullet tattoos with wound marks will create a knavish design.

Another black wound hole is drawn with realistic effects that strike the audience at a glance. The blood clot circumference around the bullet tattoo and the naturalistic blood drops make the tattoo design element captivatingly wild. Shoulder tattoos can easily be revealed wearing a half sleeve or sleeveless t-shirt or can be kept concealed as per the choice of the wearer.

Bullet Hole Back Tattoo

bullet hole back tattoo
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Back tattoos can fit a vast range of tattoo design ideas due to their large area of background, just like a colorful poster hanging from the wall. The famous iconographic angel wings tattoo or the bearded and mustached skull designs are the most sensational back tattoo motifs. Freaks of guns, bullets, and other firearms ammunition can ink an array of gun tattoos or bullet tattoos on the back.

This back tattoo is a large piece with a black and white contour graphic drawing, and frightening bullet marks struck on it. Most guys are familiar with such a background from video games where a bullet shot is visible. The name ‘Johnson’ is inked with the bullet inside, is no better way for a bullet hole back tattoo idea with a mystical illustration.

Realistic Bullet Hole Tattoo

realistic bullet hole tattoo
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People often, with deep thoughts, want to add an extra edge to their tattoo designs by constructing realistic tattoos. The first look at these design elements will obviously put an ostentatious display among the crowd, and the tattooer himself can feel an extra dimension of ink beauty on him. Realistic tattoos with the theme of a gun tattoo or bullet tattoo will be the symbol of absolute badass designs and will be fascinated by many undaunted personalities.

This bullet hole tattoo is the ultimate wound tattoo, and the realism of the blood drips makes it look like a real bullet shot. Filled with passion and emotion, this arm tattoo is the perfect example for the tattoo artist how to draw a bullet hole tattoo design. Such designs will outclass any normal bullet tattoo design by spilling fervidness just like realistic blood spills.

Godfather Bullet Hole Tattoo

godfather bullet hole tattoo
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Godfather is the leader of a gang or a cartel or a man who is responsible for the baptism. The former concept is relevant in this tattoo idea where a famous movie character has been portrayed. Crime or action sequences are common with guns and bullets, and when the person in the leading role gets tribute with such a tattoo style, the entire thing becomes exceptionally arousing.

This calf tattoo design is adapted from the ‘Godfather’ trilogy of movies. The primary character Don Vito Corleone has been presented through this tattoo with a bullet hole design on the portrait. One of the best crime thriller movies, the ‘Godfather’ trilogy, is surely a vintage ink inspiration for movie buffs and the grovelers for bullet tattoo lovers.

Bullet Hole Back Neck Tattoo

bullet hole back neck tattoo
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Back neck tattoos are extra appealing, and an ocean of small tattoo design elements can be inked. They can be easily kept concealed by wearing a polo neck t-shirt or can be displayed anytime according to the choice of the user. Tattoo artists need to be extra cautious as the back neck is a very sensible area but will make any tattoo design look out of the world.

The small back neck tattoo of two bullet holes looks aesthetically exquisite. Joined with a crown and a bar code tattoo, these tiny bullet hole tats will create a ravishing atmosphere when they take a sneak peek from the neck. Bullet hole tattoos are not just your regular tattoo designs, they are inked with great depths of personal devastation, and the back neck is a very suitable body part for these designs.

Bullet Hole Full Sleeve Tattoo

bullet hole full sleeve tattoo
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Full sleeve tattoos are comprised of both leg sleeve and arm sleeve tattoos. From tribal to Celtic to geometric designs, an array of innovative styles can be inked either from wrist to shoulder or from toe to thigh. Addressing a favorite gun tattoo or a bullet mark tattoo on arm sleeves will be no short of a conspicuous design idea.

It is a gangster-themed bullet tattoo sleeve with dark shaded ink. The entire illustration is jaw-dropping and the perfect theme for the wearers who are still recovering from their previous wounds. Bullet hole full sleeve tattoos can also be inked to keep on the fighting spirit alive, as they are the boldest designs to choose from.

Multiple Bullet Holes Tattoo

multiple bullet holes tattoo
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What is different from trademark bullet hole tattoos is multiple bullet hole tattoos. Firing multiple shots from the pistol or emptying the full barrel of the gun is not only for a fiery heart of a person but also for an emotionally rendered person. The complete picture of multiple bullet hole tattoos reflects the deepest of wounds the wearer is trying to portray.

This wrist tattoo with multiple bullet hole tattoo designs is spine-chilling and, at the very moment, covers a lot of spiritual ground. The romantic side of this tattoo originates from the lover’s name inked on the wrist by the tattooer, but sadly it needed a cover-up with the tattoo of multiple bullet holes. Bullet hole tattoo design ideas always mark the deep wounds of the wearer, and multiple bullet hole tattoos will just enhance this purpose.

Bullet Hole Elbow Tattoo

bullet hole elbow tattoo
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Elbow tattoos require a great deal of precision to get done. Also, tattoo artists need quite formidable strenuous motions of their fingers to ink down the unique design elements. The legacy of elbow tats goes down to the search of the stock images turning them into a plethora of creative designs.

This bullet hole tattoo style depicts the wreckage of the tattooer’s arm. Since the elbow is the point of connection between the upper and lower arms, the placement of this bullet tattoo is perfectly credible. The bullet mark tattoo symbol spreads like a spider web just when a bullet hits and cracks through a glass surface. The bold black ink perfectly suits this elbow tattoo style and encourages the wearers to ink more designs like this.

Bullet Holes On Street Sign

bullet holes on street sign
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Street signs are erected to guide the drivers or the road users to the right track. They have been a common sight since the Crusades, and today they are also used massively. Here a street sign tattoo has been inked as a form of remembrance through a firearm salute.

The bullet marks on this thigh street sign tattoo are surely a decorative vintage element. Inked by army personnel, the bullet tattoo design could not have been a better one as similar marks from bullets have been witnessed by the soldiers since world wars. This illustration is surely one out-of-the-box idea of thigh bullet tattoos that also represent the rattling holes on the street sign and showers a perfect tribute to the heroes of the warfare.

Bullet hole tattoos have that extra edge of freakish tattoo designs that can simply enhance the steadfast personality of the wearer. Though the boldness or the dauntlessness are the main highlights, the bullet hole tattoo images also afflict the chronicles of hidden torments. Some other forms of bullet tattoo design hitting the mark are:

  • 3D Bullet Hole Tattoo
  • Batman And Joker Bullet Hole Tattoo
  • Death Ride Bullet Hole Tattoo
  • Bullet Hole And Tarot Card Tattoo
  • Bullet Hole And Graveyard Tattoo

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