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Are you looking for some awesome tattoos to symbolise an epic transformation? Check out this list of tattoos curated specially for you!

butterfly and dragonfly tattoo
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Both Butterflies and Dragonflies undergo a metamorphosis during their short life spans.

These insects are typically known for their unparalleled beauty. However, they also symbolise deeper meanings which vary according to the culture or place one is referring to.

The butterfly symbolises young love and romance according to folklore from China. It symbolises immortality, joy, grace, and the advent of summer according to Chinese traditions. In Japan and India, the butterfly is a symbol of nuptials. According to Celtic and Aztec traditions, the butterfly symbolises remembrance. It is a symbol to remember infants whose souls are departed. In Mexico, the monarch butterfly symbolises the spirits of those who have passed away and left for another realm. According to Irish folklore, the butterfly symbolises the afterlife.

Apart from the above, the butterfly is also an international symbol of femininity, freedom and change.

In the modern age, many people butterfly tattoos to symbolise the end of a difficult relationship or a traumatic experience. Basically, a hardship that has transformed a person into something else.

Dragonflies on the other hand have different meanings of their own in different cultures. These popular insects are a famous choice amongst tattoo enthusiasts.

Dragonflies are symbolic of something mystical. During their short life spans, dragonflies transform from insects that live in water to insects with giant wings that are flying around in the air. The water stands for the subconscious whereas the air stands for freedom. Butterflies and Dragonflies both have this quality of extreme transformation in common.

According to Native American culture, dragonflies are symbolic of happiness, speed, and purity. They are also considered to be sacred insects that are a communication link between the different realms. The iridescent wings of the dragonfly stand for the many facets of spiritual growth amongst human beings. This beautiful insect has a deep connection with nature.

The Dragonfly is a symbol for one’s deepest thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. Many believe that are able to communicate with the deceased.

The Japanese believe that the dragonfly denotes the victory of a samurai and agility. The Chinese revere the dragonfly as bringers of good luck, harmony, and prosperity. The Celtic artistic expression of a dragonfly is mainly through Celtic knots. They stand for imagination and clarity of vision. In the modern age, it is believed by many that sighting a dragonfly is a sign of a deceased loved one visiting us. Needless to state, both butterflies, as well as dragonflies, are some of the most popular insects known to humankind.

Check out this list of cool dragonfly tattoo ideas and gorgeous butterfly tattoo designs to commemorate a great spiritual or personal transformation on your body! These tattoos can be made in all sizes, big and dainty depending upon your taste and needs. Some of the really popular ones are behind the ear, the ring finger, or the ankle. People draw inspiration from all kinds of designs and beautiful colours for example a tribal dragonfly or a realistic dragonfly etc!

Unique Look Dragonfly Tattoo

unique look dragonfly tattoo
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This dragonfly tattoo design is a brilliant piece of art. The design is inspired by mandala art and geometric designs. The central piece of the design is the dragonfly with the mandala art stretching along both the upper and lower sides of the insect. The tattoo has a lot of intricate detailing and will therefore require an exceptionally skilled tattoo artist. Such a gorgeous design is hard to come by! Women chose dragonfly designs because it symbolises freedom and epic transformations!

Watercolour Dragonfly Tattoo

watercolour dragonfly tattoo
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This dragonfly tattoo is another example of a work of art. The colour pigments used to create this look give an impression of watercolour art thereby giving it a unique appearance. The colour palette has almost all the colours of the rainbow and makes this a popular choice amongst people from the LGBTQ community as well. The dragonfly design shown in this tattoo is a hoot amongst tattoo lovers because of the positive forces associated with it!

Elegant Dragonfly Tattoos

elegant dragonfly tattoos
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This tattoo is elegant and classy and all things sassy. The pinkish-red colour of the tattoo sets it apart from its other counterparts which are usually made with black ink. The placement of this tattoo gives it a truly unique appearance with the correct dose of sensuality. This delicate dragonfly tattoo is the perfect design for women who want to spread their wings and fly away to live their dreams.

Dragonfly Outline Tattoos

dragonfly outline tattoos
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This tattoo is great for those looking for a simple design of a dragonfly that is also made for a great style statement. The outline of the dragonfly is made to perfection. The delicate dotting on the wings of the dragonfly give it that perfect gauzy appearance and makes for the perfect shiny wings. This dragonfly tattoo stands out from the other designs because of its simplicity and timeless appearance.

Gothic Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

gothic dragonfly tattoo designs
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This intense looking dragonfly design is perfect for the chest area. The dark gothic look of the dragonfly accentuates the chest area and gives the tattoo a bold look that is difficult to miss. The central portion of the tattoo is shaded with intense black whereas the wings are patterned with a lighter shade of black to give it that layered look.

Multicoloured Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

multicoloured dragonfly tattoo designs
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This is one of those tattoo ideas which is unique because of the colour palette used. The bright appearance of the dragonfly complements the floral designs accompanied by the dragonfly. The colour palette is largely olive green and yellow with bright sprays of orange on the outline. The design features a giant dragonfly that should be placed carefully for maximum visibility.

Small Dragonfly Tattoo In Mint

small dragonfly tattoo in mint
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This beautiful tattoo features a mint coloured magical looking dragonfly. The pigments are so light and fresh that it almost melts into the skin. The wrist is a great place for the visibility of this light and understated tattoo. Once these dragonfly tattoo designs catch your eyes, it can be very difficult to stop thinking about them!

Butterfly Small Tattoo

butterfly small tattoo
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This simple and understated butterfly outline tattoo is big on impact. The ankle gives it maximum visibility. This tattoo is very popular with the ladies in Asian countries where the butterfly is a symbol of marriage and romance. Small tattoos are the best because you can dress them up or down with trinkets like an anklet! This butterfly tattoo simple takes away the prize for one of the most creative designs.

Butterfly X Petals Tattoo

butterfly x petals tattoo
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This butterfly tattoo design is a work of art! The creative conceptualisation behind this design is remarkable. The tattoo features a big butterfly with one pair of wings intact. The other part of the wings bursts into petals that give rise to a smaller butterfly on the side. This tattoo symbolises self-love. The butterfly can be made in different shapes. The neck may be a good spot to get this tattoo!

Dark Night Butterfly Tattoo

dark night butterfly tattoo
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This butterfly tattoo design is offbeat, to say the least. The one thinks of butterfly tattoos, flowery images with pastel colours come to mind. This unique tattoo design shatters all those cliches and displays a dark themed butterfly tattoo that will remind you of horror movies. The colour palette used is pitch dark and completely black. The design is made in such a way that the patterns on the wings of the butterfly resemble smatterings of blood. The barren branch on top of the tattoo adds to the dramatic effect of this tattoo.

Pink Cherry Blossom Butterfly Tattoo

pink cherry blossom butterfly tattoo
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This tattoo is delicate with a simple design. The unique element of this tattoo is the cherry fruit blossoms that are created all over the pale pink wings. The wings have a crystal clear appearance which can be created only by a very experienced artist. The wings are adorned with patterns of fallen autumn leaves. The bright red of the cherry fruit adds some extra cheer to the otherwise hushed colour palette of the tattoo design.

Three Dimensional Butterfly Tattoo

three dimensional butterfly tattoo
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This tattoo is the stuff of bold fashion statements. The edgy three-dimensional look gives the impression of a fluttering butterfly. The wearer of this tattoo is actually going to be carrying body art in motion! Quite cool isn’t it? The tattoo is monochromatic. The one thing you must keep in mind while getting this tattoo is to hire an experienced professional. The look of this tattoo is actually pretty tricky to achieve although the final appearance looks effortlessly chic!

Lavender Butterfly Tattoo Design

lavender butterfly tattoo design
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This tattoo is simple yet enchanting at the same time. The magical appearance is mainly due to the lavender pigments used to create this look. The collarbone is the ideal spot for this tattoo for maximum visibility. The mystical appearance of the tattoo makes it a big hit with the ladies!

Miniature Butterfly Tattoo Design

miniature butterfly tattoo design
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This tattoo is like a tiny butterfly hologram. Place it anywhere on your body and watch it highlight your features like a boss! As they say, the best things come in small packages. This butterfly tattoo is the perfect example of that. This butterfly tattoo can also be made in different shapes as per your wish!

Twin Butterflies Signature Tattoo Design

twin butterflies signature tattoo design
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This tattoo is perfect to honour the memory of someone close to you who is no more by using their signature in conjunction with the cute butterfly motifs. The overall look of the tattoo is minimalistic but the tattoo could have a deeper meaning for you that you may seek to express through it. This tattoo can be transformed to give it a different look by adding colours to it. Make sure to pick the ones you like most!

Floral Butterfly Tattoo Design

floral butterfly tattoo design
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This tattoo is a work of creative genius. The floral burst on one of the wings of the butterfly weaves a cinematic look of transformation. The combination of roses with a butterfly motif has a deep inner meaning that is associated with self-love after the end of a difficult relationship. The tattoo has unique shading with different shades of black finished with white dots on the wings.

If you are still looking for more tattoo inspirations of this kind, check out the following list of tattoo ideas, curated just for you!

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