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Looking for a butterfly hand tattoo that best describes your personality? Well, these 10 butterfly tattoo inking ideas have got you covered.

Butterfly Hand Tattoo
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Butterfly tattoo is a popular choice of tattooing all across the globe – a symbol of freedom and beauty intertwined in one.

Getting a butterfly tattoo can mean a lot of different things like transition, metamorphosis, creativity, delicacy, mysticism, and magic. They also have a deep cultural significance in various cultures like Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Native American.

If you want a butterfly tattoo on your hand it can help you show a lot of important aspects of your personality. If you want a coloured one, the red can symbolize love and attraction, whereas the bluish one can symbolize great luck and charms. The purple one can symbolize strength and resilience, the white one represents resurrection and spirituality. There are plenty of designs that you can choose from. The creative ones come with a back story that mainly hints at an incident from the past or reflects on your philosophy about different things whereas the minimalistic ones stand for your general outlook about various aspects of our existence. Choose the ones that best suit your personality.

Creative Butterfly Tattoo

Creative Butterfly Tattoo
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In case you are looking for creative tats, this innovative design is one of a kind. The artist uses a folded dollar to make the butterfly design. This black and grey ink tattoo uses a fine line design to give the tattoo an origami outlook. Getting this beautiful insect tattooed can denote a lot of different things. Money shaped like a butterfly can denote the freedom financial security brings in our lives and help achieve our dreams. Ideally, the design is best suited for the arm. However, you can also get this tattoo on your lower back, chest, or even the leg. If you want an off-beat design of a butterfly tattooed with a deep inner meaning, this one will be a fantastic choice.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Men And Women
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Want a gorgeous butterfly tattoo for yourself? Well, this blue butterfly tattoo will surely take your breath away. Different coloured butterflies can represent many different things. Getting a blue butterfly inked on your skin can represent good luck in your life and charms. The artist uses coloured ink to create the realistic motif of the tattoo. The shading technique makes it look like it’s popping out of the skin. You should ideally get this tattoo on your arm. You can also get this on other areas where the skin is visible, like behind your neck, leg, or even your shoulders.

Colored Butterfly Tattoo
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If you are planning to get tattooed, a beautiful blue butterfly tattoo can never go wrong. These coloured butterflies are associated with rebirth, revival, and individual growth. They are also known to symbolize good luck. The artist portrays a swarm of butterflies in flight. The white ink for the shading gives an added dimension to the style. The motif is full of vibrance, radiating positive energy. The inking is ideal for a vertical space like the arm. You can also get it on the calf muscle of your leg, or below the neck across the length of your spine. If you admire the beauty of nature, this tattoo will be a great choice for you to get inked.

Inspiring Butterfly Tattoos

Inspiring Butterfly Tattoos
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Inspiring coloured ink tattoo on the butterfly is definitely worth considering if you plan to get tattooed. The artist skillfully transformed the motif of a monarch butterfly to create this piece of art. Although the tattoo can have several meanings, the most common one can mean that the eyes on the wings can be a way to look within the soul, or being more connected with yourself on a spiritual level. The eye above the butterfly shape can represent the third eye which usually is the symbol for enlightenment and wisdom. The artist uses the sketching technique to give it the oil painting representation. The word ‘survivor’ represents can represent perseverance, growth, experience, and victory. You can also customize the tattoo with a word that best describes you. The ideal place for this tattoo is the forearm. You can also get it on the chest, neck, or even the lower part of the body. If you want to make a powerful impact with your tattoo selection, this coloured ink bold and inspiring butterfly tattoo will definitely suit your sense of style and help you dedicate an ode to your past struggles.

Meaningful Butterfly Tattoo
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If you want a bold and meaningful butterfly wings tattoo for yourself, this tattoo will be an excellent option for you. The artist uses black ink to create the butterfly wings. One half mimics the wings of a monarch butterfly, whereas the other half is made of broken glass shreds, representing loss, and struggle in the past. Though the designing pattern is simple and minimalistic yet it represents many different emotions when looked at closely. This tattoo can be a symbol of resurrection or even struggle followed by freedom. The quote “Believe in yourself”, is the daily reminder of empowerment within oneself. You can customize it with a suitable phrase of your choice. If you are looking for a bold butterfly wings tattoo that can embark on your growth and transformation journey, this tattoo will definitely garner all the attention.

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo Designs
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Realistic hand tattoo butterfly brings out important details in the tattoo. A butterfly is known to be the symbol of resurrection Christianity. In Chinese culture, it symbolizes mysticism, whereas it can stand for the departed souls in Japanese culture. Butterfly also plays an important part in Hindu mythology and is often associated with rebirth and marriage. The artist uses ink pen sketching techniques to create this small butterfly tattoo. The incredible detailings make this tortoiseshell butterfly come to life. If you are inspired by this beautiful insect and want one tattooed on your skin, this realistic butterfly tattoo is one of the finest designs out there.

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Design

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Design
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Looking for a beautiful butterfly tatt for your forearm? Well, this delicate butterfly motif, combined with a floral design is the epitome of beauty. The artist combines the design of a monarch butterfly with that of a vibrant red flower. The usage of black and grey ink for the butterfly design and shades of red for the flowers helps to create the contrast which makes it stand out from the rest. The highlights with the white ink add a greater depth to the tattoo. Butterfly designs like this symbolize attraction, love, and beauty. This style of tattooing is ideal for both women and men. Ideally, you can get these tats on your arm or wrist. But you can get it on your neck or shoulder. If you want to opt for a tattoo with minimal shading that represents your take on aesthetics and beauty, this style of tattoo will be a good inspiration for you.

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo
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Want a watercolour style of a tattoo on butterflies? This magical design is one of a kind. The artist uses shades of coloured ink to create this piece of art. The watercolour background gives a sense of mysticism and magic. The letter initials used could be an ode to the memory of your loved ones as a butterfly tattoo is also known to represent reincarnation or even the souls of the departed beings. A bluish butterfly can be considered a lucky charm, whereas the purple ones can stand for resilience and strength. Even though it is best to get this tattoo on your arm, you can also get it on your wrist, shoulder, chest, or behind your palm. In case you want to opt for a colorful design that symbolizes beauty, luck, magic, or reincarnation this coloured ink tatt is a unique choice for you.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo
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These beautiful tattoos are one of the most popular designs you will find. Pollination is one of the most incredible phenomena of nature on which the survival and evolution of many flowering plants depend on. The artist captures the pollination of anemone flowers by a gorgeous monarch butterfly. Using the neo-traditional technique this colored-ink tattoo is a delicate linework tattoo for the wild child residing in you. The tattoo symbolizes transformation, vibrancy, and natural beauty. The best place to get it tattooed is on the arm. However, you could also get this tattoo behind your calf muscle, wrist, or your shoulder. This tattoo motif is ideal for both women and men. If you want to opt for a delicate and aesthetic tattoo of a butterfly, this one will be the perfect match for you.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo
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These old-school traditional tattoos on the butterfly are a perfect choice for you if you have an eye for the classics. The most popular butterfly tattoo meaning is metamorphosis. It can also symbolize grace, beauty, and spirituality. The artist uses bold black inking patterns with traditional colored ink to create the motif. The flowers and the crescent moon above the butterfly can symbolize feminity and transformation since both the moon and the butterfly are known to transform different stages of life. The arm is the ideal place to get this tattoo. You can also get it on your shoulder, wrist, or behind your leg. If you want to pay a tribute to the vintage style of tattooing, you can opt for this traditional tattoo of a butterfly.

Creative Butterfly Tattoo Hand

Creative Butterfly Tattoo Hand
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If you are looking for an off-beat and creative butterfly tattoo, this design will take you by surprise. The artist combines one of the most dangerous and ferocious animals on the earth, a tiger, with one of the most gentle and delicate animals, a butterfly. The artist uses the realistic design of a tiger enclosed inside a simple butterfly shape. The usage of coloured ink and incredible techniques bring the motif to life. The tattoo can have a variety of meanings behind it. It can help represent the duality that exists in each of us. It can also help to symbolize the intensity of strength and power which exists inside which is often coated with a delicate and vulnerable exterior. This coloured-ink butterfly tattoo is ideal to get above your wrist If you want to opt for a creative and meaningful butterfly tattoo, this can be a design you can flaunt on your skin.

Butterfly with Knife Tattoo
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Want a beautiful and innovative inking idea for your arms? This butterfly and sword tattoo will be a choice you will always cherish. The artist uses black and grey to create this masterpiece. The white ink for the highlights adds a depth effect to the motif. A sword running through the middle of a butterfly can mean the beginning of a new phase of life after betrayal and loss since the butterfly is often associated with transition, where a sword or a dagger can mean danger, loss, betrayal, or even death. Combining them both can give this motif a newer meaning. The broken pieces of the face symbolize suffering and struggle. These tattoos are ideal to get your arms. You can also get them on your wrist or lower back. If you are on the lookout for beautiful tattoos with meaning, this one will definitely suit your persona.

Three Dimensional Butterfly Tattoo

Three Dimensional Butterfly Tattoo
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If you have an eye for beauty, this three-dimensional butterfly tattoo will make your day. The artist uses incredible shading techniques to make it look like the butterfly is sitting on the skin instead of looking like a two-dimensional print. A red butterfly is known to symbolize love and passion. In Scotland, the red butterfly is known to be a witch in disguise. The Native Americans believe that seeing them can bring great luck to you. The ideal place to get these styles of tatts is either above your wrist, on your hand, or your shoulder. If you are fascinated by these delicate animals and their transformation, this colored ink tattoo will make your day.

Black And White Simple Butterfly Tattoo

Black And White Simple Butterfly Tattoo
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Want a small black and white butterfly tattoo on your hand? This minimalistic motif will surely inspire you. The word “create” etched on the skin is a great way to showcase your love for creativity and innovation. You can also opt for a different word and customize the motif with something that suits your personality the best. These delicate insects are known to symbolize freedom, transition, spirituality, and feminity. So, in case you are looking for a simple butterfly motif with a single ink, this will be the inspiration you were looking for.

Black and white butterfly tattoo
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A black and white ink butterfly tattoo is an absolute beauty to get tattooed with. The artist uses folded wings pattern for this style of design. The incredible and delicate fine line technique, minimal dot shading pattern sets it apart from any other designs you can find. These tats can mean a lot of different things like creativity, magic, and mysticism. You can get this on any visible place of your body, especially your hands. If you are a fan of simple designs, this one will be a perfect match for you to opt for.

Tribal Tattoo Designs On Hand Butterfly

Tribal Tattoo Designs On Hand Butterfly
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Tribal butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular motifs nowadays. Butterfly tattoo on hand, meaning feminity, hope, and endurance is a great choice for your personality. The artist uses bold lines, and single-coloured ink to create this simplistic pattern of a tattoo. Tribal tatts have been a tradition for thousands of years and have a deep cultural significance. You can also combine this motif with a word or a quote of your choice that best describes your personality. The hand is the best place to get this motif. You can also get in on shoulders, or even the calf muscles. So, if you want a simple, delicate, and one-ink motif, you can opt for this beautiful tribal butterfly tat.

Getting a butterfly tattoo can mean a lot of different things like luck, magic, transition, metamorphosis, feminity, and a lot of other things. Each of these designs is unique and comes with its own unique stories to tell. Whether you want something simple or something extremely detailed, a delicate pattern, or something daring, there are tons of options for you to choose from. So be ready to choose the style that best describes you as a person.

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