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Looking for the best butterfly hip tattoo ideas, then this is the perfect list for you. This list has covered some unique designs of butterfly hip tattoo ideas.

Butterfly Hip Tattoo
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A  hip butterfly tattoo is a great way to flaunt beauty and art.

A butterfly tattoo in today’s world is a trendy tattoo idea. You shall find the top ten butterfly tattoos.

The butterfly tattoos for women on the hips are of special significance as butterflies are often associated with pretty and vibrant colors. A butterfly tattoo will also represent an enigmatic positiveness that will have a positive attitude full of confidence. A hip butterfly tattoo mostly symbolizes transformation, freedom, and beauty. A butterfly tattoo will surely add to the elegance and add beauty. A butterfly tattoo is also an artistic brilliance of the tattoo artist. A butterfly tattoo seems pretty popular and fun among young people, especially women in today’s context.

Red Color Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Red Color Butterfly Hip Tattoo
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An elegant butterfly tattoo is not done in the boring monochromatic format, rather, it is a very luminous, elegant, and vibrant red tattoo.

The tattoo is quite big and it covers the upper hip. The tattoo can also be fancied if you like colored detailed art in your tattoo.

The tattoo will be a brilliant piece of art inked by the artist on your body as his canvas. This one will be flawless when you plan to flaunt it while wearing your swimwear or a crop top. The tattoo will surely be eye-catching with the butterflies in your body.

Multiple Butterfly On Hip Tattoo

Multiple Butterfly On Hip Tattoo
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The unique thing about this one is that it has more than the shape of a butterfly. This tattoo looks the best in black and white, with lighter shades of black covering the white parts.

This tattoo has four butterflies in total, with three butterflies spreading their wings. And one of the butterflies is shown in a side view, which looks cool. This tattoo will need a bigger body space and covers your hip area.

3D Butterfly Hip Tattoo

3D Butterfly Hip Tattoo
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This one on the list is for people waiting to have a 3D tattoo on their skin. This 3D tattoo idea is one of those ideas that is going to be a great addition to your body art.

The 3D effect is shown in a subtle but straightforward way with black shadows. The shadow effect makes it even cooler.

There are many color options to choose from, but blue and red grab more attention and are more attractive than light, dull colors. So, if you are in the mindset to get a 3D tattoo inked on your hip and that too a butterfly, nothing can be more perfect than this.

Rose Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Rose Butterfly Hip Tattoo
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A majestic tattoo that adds and enhances your beauty and also flaunts your artistic taste. This tattoo is very aesthetic as it has a symbol of love and peace.

The tattoo is inked in white and black and it does not make it look not very interesting. Sometimes the monochromatic look brings out the classiness of the tattoo. The detail in this tattoo is also worth applauding.

The rose represents love and the butterfly represents the sense of peace and elegance. The butterfly is like your blissful soul that is bonding with the purity of love in the form of a rose. This butterfly tattoo on the hip will suit you if you can flaunt it.

The connection between the rose and the butterfly is more than just a piece of art as it also adds to the symbolism of the meaning of the tattoo. If you want to ink a tattoo that has a meaning in itself, then this tattoo will be one of the great ideas to look forward to. This tattoo idea is not particularly feminine but will be great for women and girls.

Flower And Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Flower And Butterfly Hip Tattoo
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This tattoo is an option if you want color tattoos. This tattoo looks great and is also aesthetic as well. The wings of the butterfly look so elegant. The art is simple but looks amazing. It seems as if the butterfly is flying around a garden full of flowers. Also, the bird adds to the realistic part of the tattoo.

The tattoo illustrates the harmony a butterfly brings to nature with its divine beauty. The butterfly is in blue while the flowers can be inked in many colors as per your wish. This is a butterfly design that sets you apart from its bold patterns from the other colorful butterfly tattoos. This tattoo is a bit gender specific as it has a feminity in it.

Mandala Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Mandala Butterfly Hip Tattoo
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This tattoo marks the new beginnings of life. The tattoo can be done in a monochromatic format and in colors, depending on the choice. This tattoo is not just a basic tattoo from a regular tattoo stand. The tattoo embarks sophistication and is inked carefully and brilliantly. And the core is composed of the lotus, which is small but takes all the highlights of the chakra.

The main highlight is the butterfly which looks like an extension of the chakra. The butterfly seems to bind the chakra with its beauty. This style is irresistible for people to not go gaga over this tattoo. The tattoo adds to your personality and is a great addition to your body.

Yellow 3D Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Yellow 3D Butterfly Hip Tattoo
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This is a small tattoo looks super classy. This tattoo on your body can be done in such a way that it is not hidden and you can flaunt your tattoo to the world with a crop top and the lowest jeans.

This small butterfly tattoo brings out the sparkliness in your personality. This tattoo is not only delicate but also very sexy. This tattoo idea is one of those ideas that will be best suited for women more than men. The vibrant reddish yellow color is absolutely delightful and gorgeous.

This tattoo will bring out the confidence in you in its bold sense and represent your cuteness in its delicate sense. This style is an absolute eye-catcher for sure!

Evolving Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Evolving Butterfly Hip Tattoo
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This butterfly tattoo is exceptional. This is a monochromatic version of the butterfly tattoos on this list. This can also be done in color. This tattoo has something unique and special in it.

This tattoo emerges from the hip and extends through the spine, and the tattoo finally ends on your neck, thus, covering the whole back of yours. This is also for people who want butterflies on their bodies, not just a single butterfly.

This tattoo is super rare, and if you wear a backless dress, you will be the stand-apart diva that everyone will notice in your body art. This tattoo will surely set you apart from other people because of its natural fineness, stateliness, and brilliance and add to your personality

Minimalist Butterfly Tattoo On The Hip

Minimalist Butterfly Tattoo On The Hip
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This is a small butterfly tattoo on the hip. This tattoo can be a small one but it does not mean it will not shine. Rather this tattoo will grab attention when you will be wearing your bikini. The main reason for this tattoo being a blockbuster is its unique and creative detailing. The small shapes on the outer edge of the butterfly’s wings and the small white polka dot designs look heavenly. Even the shading and the grading of the blackish ink on the wings look awesome. This tattoo will surely be a hit if you are a fan of minimalistic tattoo ideas. Not every tattoo has to be big or cover a large space on your body. Small tattoos like this one can also be a trendsetter.

The tattoo is will be well suited for your hip and butt. But that should not stop you from exploring similar other options to get this tattoo done. As it is not required to have huge body space to get this tattoo done, you can think of doing it in any of your hip regions as per your desire and wish. Happy inking! As mentioned before, this tattoo will be easily flaunted if you are wearing a bikini on your beach days.

Red Butterfly Tattoo On The Hip

Red Butterfly Tattoo On The Hip
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This tattoo is a colored option and will look very vibrant irrespective of any skin tone. This tattoo is flawless in its design with the extended art that comes at the bottom of the butterfly. This red color brings out the boldness in you, but a monochromatic version of the same tattoo will also look classy. Both options are available, and you should choose the options according to what you want. If you are looking for classy art, go for the monochromatic version and if you are looking for a vibrant, eye-catching one, go for the tattoo option that is in the image.

This tattoo will need a bigger space, so it is recommended to get it inked on your hip portion just above your thigh. This tattoo will be like an added ornament when you dress. Black and blue shorts will look absolutely gorgeous with this tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos on the hip are a very popular genre nowadays. Not only girls but boys prefer them as well. These fragile insects are known all over the planet for their vibrant hues and tattooed for their bright colors. They should not be confused with a moth tattoo as the significance and characteristics have many differences. From commemorating changes to carrying deep meanings about history and culture, all can be catered to with this Tattoo Design.

Here are some popular choice tattoo ideas and similar items that will inspire you to get a butterfly Tattoo Design on your hip.

  • Pink Butterfly Hip Tattoos.
  • Multi-color Butterfly Hip Tattoos.
  • Small Butterfly Hip Tattoos.
  • Divine Feminine Butterfly Hip Tattoos.
  • Colorful Butterfly Hip Tattoos.

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