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Do you want to get a beautiful butterfly tattoo on the neck? Take a look at these eye-catching butterfly neck tattoo designs to get inspired for your next ink.

Butterfly Neck Tattoo
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Elegant butterfly neck tattoos are a symbol of beauty, hope, and freedom.

Among the multitude of tattoo designs, the butterfly tattoo is the most popular. It instantly creates a deep-rooted connection with the wearer and imparts gracefulness.

The butterfly tattoo goes hand in hand with the uniqueness seen in every woman. This alluring ink design fascinates the observers and helps in identifying the wearer’s psychology. Butterflies undergo four distinct stages of the lifecycle- the egg, the caterpillar, pupa and the adult butterfly stage. All of the four stages of metamorphosis signifies resilience and hardship. The butterfly tattoo thus proves to be one of the most in-demand feminine tattoos as femininity is all about transformation and hardship throughout the course of life. The most important concept attached to these butterfly tattoos is the stunning form of adaptation. In due course of life, the power of adaptation proves to be a significant factor in standing out in society and keep on continuing with the hardships of life. The ink of a butterfly marks the power of adaptation according to the changing phases of life. No matter how fragile a pupa seems to be, nothing can diminish its power and snatch its freedom once it develops its wings. The butterfly tattoo designs that accentuate the wings with bright colours, imply liberation and emancipation from social norms. These dynamic designs certainly remind the wearer of the importance of breaking through the injustices in life. Moreover, the butterfly tattoos provide creative liberty to the tattoo artists to explore their artistry. You can get these designs inked on yourself if you feel a close connection with the elements of nature.

Meaning Of Butterfly Neck Tattoo

The area of placement for a tattoo can speak a lot about the wearer. Moreover, the underlying meaning and symbolism of your tattoo might change according to its placement on the body. Hence, it is important to know what your butterfly tattoo will imply once you choose to get it inked on your neck. Well, getting a butterfly tattoo on the neck is quite a bold choice as this area is not easy to hide. It will also be a challenge to sit through the entire session as it might hurt a lot. The neck is the region that is associated with verbal communication. Thus, a neck tattoo often conveys that the wearer is open to making new connections in the world. However, a butterfly neck tattoo represents the strength of the wearer to overcome obstacles in life. Your neck will be the perfect canvas to highlight the striking details of your butterfly tattoo design.

You can use your imagination and creativity to create unique butterfly neck tattoos that will resonate with your personal style. Here is a list of some elegant butterfly neck tattoo designs that you can opt for!

A Pair of Butterflies Tattoo On Neck

A Pair of Butterflies Tattoo On Neck
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A pair of stunning butterflies are flying around the neck of the wearer. The contrasting shades of the butterflies create a mesmerizing visual. The small wings have a beautiful colour gradient and are outlined in black. Moreover, the star embellishments all around the butterflies enhance the beauty of this tattoo design. Two butterflies flying together is a symbol of immortal love that survives the test of time.

Red Butterfly Tattoo
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You can also opt for a pair of butterflies having a similar colouration on the wings. Perhaps, both the butterflies belong to the same tribe. You can celebrate your eternal bond with someone special by having this elegant design tattooed on your neck. You can place this design behind the ears like the one shown in the picture. This dainty tattoo design will also fit well on your wrist.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo On Back Of Neck

Blue Butterfly Tattoo On Back Of Neck
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This majestic blue butterfly placed behind the neck seems like a brilliant tattoo idea. The tattoo artist has adopted a realistic approach in inking the butterfly. The dark shading underneath the blue wings accentuates the realism of this artwork. The subtle white shading accentuates the pattern on the wings of the design. The vibrancy of its colour will bring you sheer joy. You can also place this beautiful butterfly tattoo design on your lower back or thigh.

Blue Butterfly Tattoos
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This can be a great alternative to a large and detailed blue butterfly tattoo. This dainty blue butterfly seems to have found its perfect spot on the neck. The shading beneath its wings has definitely brought it to life. You can place this ravishing blue butterfly anywhere on your skin where it will be easily visible.

Elegant Half-Butterfly Half-Flower Tattoo

Elegant Half-Butterfly Half-Flower Tattoo
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A pair of red roses are blooming out of the wings of the butterfly in this design. The intricate detailing on the pattern of the wing is shaded in a red hue. Each of the rose petals is subtly highlighted in white. The beauty of the rose tattoo brings depth to the design. Apart from its striking appearance, the union of butterfly and rose carries a deep spiritual meaning. Perhaps, it carries the message of passion and transformation.

Butterfly Neck Tattoos
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You can never go wrong with a classic monochrome butterfly neck tattoo. This design proves that you can create an impact even without the use of colours in your tattoo. It is placed right in the middle of the neck like a bow tie. The bouquet growing out of the wing are intricately inked in black. You can even ink this elegant floral black butterfly tattoo on other parts of your body according to your wish.

Realistic Neck Butterfly Tattoo

Realistic Neck Butterfly Tattoo
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It appears like the stunning purple butterfly is just about to take a flight! This can be your ideal choice if you are in search of a simple butterfly tattoo with a unique twist. The brilliant shading below the wings has given a realistic appeal to the entire design. It tricks the mind into believing that the butterfly is present above the skin. This realistic butterfly tattoo will accentuate the beauty of your neck.

vibrant blue butterfly Tattoo
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It seems like the vibrant blue butterfly is fluttering around the branches of a flowering plant. The colour on its wings matches the bluish hue on the leaves of the design. Strategically place this butterfly tattoo to enhance the curvature on our neck.

Traditional Monarch Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Traditional Monarch Butterfly Tattoo On Neck
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This small monarch butterfly tattoo placed behind the ear looks quite impressive. The detailed pattern on the tiny wings adds to its charm. These monarch butterflies are celebrated as a symbol of royalty. This butterfly neck tattoo will look great on both men and women. You can fit this design anywhere on your body and flaunt it in style.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoos
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The golden hue of the monarch butterfly radiates a beautiful glow. The gradual colour fade-out on the wings creates a natural colour gradient. The white markings on the edges brilliantly highlight the entire design. This can be a perfect neck tattoo idea if you love bold and vibrant designs.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo On Neck
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Tribal butterfly tattoos have been around for ages and continue to be relevant in today’s times. These classic designs are mostly inked in black with minimal detailing. Here, the tribal butterfly is placed on the back of the neck. These tribal butterflies are symbolic of growth in one’s life. Apart from the neck, you can also place this design on your lower back or chest.

Delicate Butterfly Tattoo In Monochrome

Delicate Butterfly Tattoo In Monochrome
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A monochromatic butterfly neck tattoo can look phenomenal if it’s drawn with perfection. Here, the large butterfly is outlined in red. The artist has used a single colour to complete the entire butterfly design. The crisp detailing on the patterns creates a unique appearance. You can choose the colour of your ink according to your personal preference.

Minimalist Butterfly Tattoo
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This beautiful butterfly has dot work detailing throughout its wings. It is placed on the neck of the wearer with two tiny stars. You can incorporate other designs, dates, or initials of your loved one to add a personal touch to your butterfly tattoo design.

Artistic Butterfly Tattoo

Artistic Butterfly Tattoo
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You can opt for this design if you wish to incorporate a range of colours in your butterfly tattoo. The artist has filled in the details on the wings with contrasting colours. The patterns are emboldened in black to bring in a variation. The butterfly is placed at an angle on the side of the neck. Other areas of placement that you can opt for includes the thigh, arm, or shoulder.

Colorful Butterfly Neck Tattoo
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This conspicuous butterfly neck tattoo looks immaculate with striking details on its wings. The intricate patterns are inked with vivid detailing. It must have taken a lot of time to complete this detailed neck butterfly tattoo. The bright colour scheme used in this tattoo design further enhance its beauty. Both men and women can flaunt this neck butterfly tattoo with pride. This can be a great inspiration for your next ink.

A Kaleidoscope Of Butterflies

A Kaleidoscope Of Butterflies
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It seems like a swarm of butterflies are resting on the neck of the wearer. The artist has used only black and white ink to complete the entire tattoo design. The realistic approach to ink the third butterfly adds depth to the artwork. The white spots on the edges of the wings create a contrasting detail. If you wish you can also add a pop of colour to this design or opt for a fluid watercolour effect to make the butterfly tattoo look more appealing.

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo
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These tiny butterflies on the back of the neck will effortlessly grab the attention of the onlooker. It seems like these small butterflies have just emerged out of their caterpillar stage. This transformation represents the spiritual enlightenment or rebirth of a soul. This delicate design is inked in pink and outlined in a darker hue. You can place this kaleidoscope of cute butterflies on your shoulder, wrist, or arm as well.

Beautiful Black Butterfly Tattoo

Beautiful Black Butterfly Tattoo
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These classic black butterfly tattoos have been sought after designs among tattoo lovers of all generations. This simple butterfly tattoo is inked in a monochromatic hue. Moreover, its delicate design with captivating details fits perfectly on the neck of the wearer. The crisp inkwork enhances the beauty of this black butterfly neck tattoo design.

Black Butterfly Neck Tattoo
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A black butterfly is associated with both positive and negative connotations across various cultures. However, the charm of an elegant black butterfly tattoo is something that you cannot ignore! The tattoo artist has shown great finesse in shading the wings with absolute perfection. The large wings of the butterfly are boldly highlighted in black.

Butterflies are attractive insects that symbolize a period of transformation in life. The versatile designs and inking styles of these butterfly neck tattoos resonate with people all across the world. Many renowned celebrities sport a butterfly tattoo on their skin, including Michelle Williams, Drew Barrymore, Kylie Jenner, and Mariah Carey. Well, you must be wondering how much for a butterfly neck tattoo? It can range anywhere between $50 to $200 according to the size and inking style that you’re going for. Abstract representation of a butterfly can also be clubbed with symbols or even other animals like a honeybee. This helps in creating a more meaningful message and imparts a charismatic appeal. Any natural motif can be incorporated in the butterfly neck tattoo designs that will further add meaning to it. The choice of colours is an important factor as it not only describes the wearer’s preference but also impacts the symbolism associated with the butterflies. The number of butterflies also deserves a special mention because in many cultures, like the Japanese, one butterfly signifies womanhood while two butterfly tattoos together signify marital bliss. Certain other cultures, like that of Mexico, believe that butterfly tattoo implies the souls of the children that passed away during childbirth. If you are running out of butterfly tattoo designs then here is a list of suggestions that might be of help!

  1. Blue butterfly neck tattoo with floral motifs on the wings.
  2. Large tribal butterfly neck tattoo in black
  3. Beautiful butterfly tattoos with a constellation of stars.
  4. Beautiful butterfly neck tattoo with a sunflower.
  5. Elegant black butterfly tattoos on the neck.
  6. Delicate half-butterfly half-flower tattoo design behind the ear.
  7. Small butterfly tattoo on the wrist.

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