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In search of some quirky tattoo ideas for your next tattoo? Here are some butterfly skeleton tattoo ideas just for you!

butterfly skeleton tattoo
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A skeleton butterfly tattoo sounds a little unconventional, doesn’t it?

But you will be surprised to know that there are many people who believe in making quirky tattoos to show their dark side. A skeleton and a butterfly tattoo meaning may vary from person to person but still means something beautiful.

Many people connect butterflies symbolic with feminity and love, but in some cultures, they also represent change, hope, transformation, and endurance. A skeleton tattoo on the other hand can have two extremely opposite meanings, both positive and negative. It could symbolize both good and evil, life and death. However, most people like to associate it with the positives. These tattoo designs will look good on both men and women and will always remain in style.

Butterfly Turning Into Skeleton Tattoo

butterfly turning into skeleton tattoo
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A skeleton tattoo is a symbol of your ability to get over the hard times that you face in life and it also symbolizes your ability to carry strength. A butterfly tattoo symbolizes love and transformation. Both tattoos combined represent an end of life and the beginning of new life, a cycle of life and death.

This tattoo is a beautiful representation of that. You will see a skeleton with huge beautiful butterfly wings and it is holding a moon in its hand. A clear symbol of the transience of life. The design is very intricate and made with black ink and grey shade. Amazing creation by the artist!

Skull Butterfly Tattoo

skull butterfly tattoo
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A butterfly skull tattoo is not a very common tattoo choice. It does not have a typical design like other tattoos, it looks dark and not everyone wants something like that tattooed on them.

This particular tattoo has a butterfly made in black ink, and the wings have the features of a skull. Each wing has an eye socket and towards the end, you can see the teeth. This tattoo is mostly made in black and grey ink and has a tone of red in the wings that compliments the skin. This tattoo is inked on the forearm above the elbow, but you can get it on any body part of your liking!

Monarch Butterfly With Skeleton Tattoo

monarch butterfly with skeleton tattoo
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There are numerous butterfly tattoo designs to choose from, however, this butterfly tattoo is the most unique of them all.

This design is of a monarch butterfly with its wings spread, but the wings have a different style to them. Human skeleton hands are trying to crawl out of the wings. This tattoo could mean that you are trying to go on a path of freedom and grabbing any opportunity to make that life better. This tattoo is made in black and grey ink that really compliments the skin tone.

Butterfly Bone Design

butterfly bone design
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It can be a brave decision to apply such a butterfly tattoo on hand which is easily visible. This tattoo artist has clearly delivered the message to her, the cycle of life. This broken butterfly tattoo is made in black ink and if you want you can add colours according to your preference.

The customer has placed this tattoo on their wrist, but you can get this design on your chest or any other body part.

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo Illustrations

realistic butterfly tattoo illustrations
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Butterflies are a symbol of happiness. If you are feeling giddy, nervous, anxious or even excited, you often use the phrase “butterflies in your chest”. The customer had requested the artist to draw a realistic butterfly with one wing as normal and the other looking like the human rib cage, with the phrase “One day the only butterflies left will be in your chest”. This is a constant reminder to take care of the beautiful nature and yourself.

Skull Butterfly Tattoos

skull butterfly tattoos
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One of the most unique skull butterfly tattoos out there! This tattoo represents the fact that you want to start anew and you are filled with hope and love for this new world you are about to enter.

This tattoo is placed on the thigh of the customer and made in black ink. You could also add some upright colours like pink and purple to the wings to make this tattoo look magical!

Butterfly Rib Cage Tattoo

butterfly rib cage tattoo
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This tattoo could be the best purchase of all the others. Even professional make-up artists would not be able to work with such precession. The tattoo artist has done a great job at the detailing of the butterfly. The tattoo is completely made in black ink A small detailing that makes this design different from others is that the rib cage has flowers made on it as a sign of love and strength for new beginnings.

Skeleton And Butterfly Tattoo

skeleton and butterfly tattoo
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A beautiful tattoo that will leave you speechless. It shows some beautiful blue and purple butterflies perched on the rib cage of the skeleton. Blue butterflies symbolize change and rebirth and purple ones symbolize multiple losses and the ribs symbolise love and or personal loss. Combined, this tattoo has a multi-layered meaning. It is inked on the forearm of the person but you can get it wherever you want.

Skull and Butterfly Tattoo

skull and butterfly tattoo
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You must have seen a similar concept tattoo somewhere above. The placement of this tattoo is on the thigh of the person and is made in black ink. You can add a little more drama to this design and add some colours like red and brown for a dark effect.

The perfect tattoo for someone who is looking for a new beginning!

Skeleton And Butterfly Collection Tattoo

skeleton and butterfly collection tattoo
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This design shows multiple butterflies and the skeleton is visible on only one of them. This is a different concept that can symbolise that you and your partner who share deep love are looking to start afresh and leave their past behind.

If you liked the above recommendations, here are some other designs you can look at –

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If any of these designs have made the cut for your next tattoo, you are in for a wild ride. yes, this is a bold step, but you should definitely take this step and start something new!

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