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Looking for ideas for your next ink? A look at these mesmerizing butterfly tattoo designs might just spur you into going to your tattoo artist right now!

butterfly tattoo
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Butterflies have always been a symbol of rejuvenation and transformation.

Butterfly tattoos are not just a style statement for both men and women – they become a reflection of your inner aesthetic personality. Fortunately, it is also one tattoo category that tattoo artists love to design and work on.

Butterflies represent change, transformation, freedom, and good luck – their metamorphosis from a slimy caterpillar to a creature with delicate wings and stunning beauty is mesmerizing. So it’s no wonder when people decide to ink a wonderful butterfly tattoo design on a part of the body. It is symbolic of their inner strength and the ability to embrace change. It is also a form of accepting yourself after coming out of the proverbial cocoon that you kept yourself in for a long time. That is why, to celebrate change, freedom and transformation we have curated a list of awe-inspiring butterfly tattoos for you. If you are out of ideas for what to get for your next ink, take a look at these breathtaking butterfly tattoo designs and who knows you might find just the one you are looking for!

The Cute Love Yourself Butterfly Tattoos

the cute love yourself butterfly tattoos
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This delicate and simple butterfly tattoo design of a few small red and blue butterflies surrounding a figure that is hugging themselves on the arm speaks miles about finally letting go of everything that has shackled you for a long time. It represents your courage and decision to finally let go and accept yourself as you truly are. So run to your tattoo artist if you are someone that is finally ready to wear the wings of freedom on your body and take on the world on your own.

beautiful butterfly tattoo
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Again, a design that we can not get enough of. This beautiful butterfly tattoo design depicting a small butterfly with detailed wings inside a heart made of flowers and vines speaks about your sense of style that is natural to you. It also says that even though your heart is delicate like flowers, it is strong enough to embrace the beauty of change that life brings. This is a small tattoo design, so instead of the arm, you can even get it inked on your neck, wrist or behind the ear to make it more to your preference.

Butterfly Tattoos With Flowers And Vines

butterfly tattoos with flowers and vines
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This beautiful tattoo design on the back of the leg says a lot about the duality of your personality. With one wing made of purple ink and the other part of the body made of purple flowers, it might not be a realistic butterfly, but its beauty lies in that magical quality. It conveys both the realistic and magical aspects of your personality perfectly. It says that you are a realist but not so much of one that you can not witness the magical beauty of life. It also speaks volumes about your cool sense of style and your ability to turn anything into a work of art and add meaning to everything you do in life. So, if you are someone who relates to these things, then congrats you have found your perfect match. You can even change the colour to red or even keep it black and white.

dlicate butterfly tattoo
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This delicate butterfly tattoo design is something that fills the hearts with happiness whenever we look at it. This flower bouquet and butterfly design are just too cute to put into words. So, obviously, it speaks of the owner’s happy go lucky personality. This is one of those designs that says that like colourful butterflies you are someone who can cheer up any room you step into. This tiny wrist tattoo design should be a perfect match for all the women out there who are the source of life and soul of a party.

The Beautiful Dreamcatcher X Butterfly Tattoos

the beautiful dreamcatcher x butterfly tattoos
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Dreamcatcher tattoos represent your wish to hold on to a dream or your wish to achieve your goals. Add a butterfly into the mix and it adds even more meanings of good luck to the designs. It says that while you are realistic enough to pursue a goal in life with all your soul at the same time you are also flexible enough to embrace any transformation that life throws at your doorstep. The black and red colours add to the goth vibe of the tattoo making it appear even more mysterious. You can even add other stuff like a spider web or a skull to feed into the vibe.

The Detailed Butterfly Chest Tattoos

the detailed butterfly chest tattoos
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This is a big tattoo, and it will cover a big surface area like your chest and elevate its style. Not exactly a traditional piece, this tattoo design is a symbol of your bold nature and your ability to see things through no matter how hard they could be. Almost tribal-like in its shape with bold black strokes, this is a symbol of your take-no-prisoners attitude towards life. It is one of those designs that say that you have a personality that just can not be ignored.

3d butterfly tattoo
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This realistic 3D butterfly tattoo is something we are in awe of. This is one of those realistic butterfly tattoo designs that shows your natural sense of style and elegance that you seem to carry with you in your proverbial wings. You can even change it to a white butterfly with phrases that hold value to you. It is also a small enough tattoo that you can get on other parts of your body like behind your neck or your arm or your shoulder.

The Surreal Eyes Butterfly Tattoos

the surreal eyes butterfly tattoos
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While not one of the traditional butterfly tattoo designs, this one is a shout out to all surrealism lovers out there. This is one of those butterfly tattoo designs that would appeal to you. The whole body of the butterfly is made of eyes, this design is a symbol of your beautiful outlook on things, but also says that you have your eyes on everything around you. This is one of those tattoos that are symbolic of your observant nature while also speaking volumes about your cultural background. You can get it on your shoulder blades as a symbol of your eyes being everywhere.

butterfly face tattoo
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This butterfly tattoo is an example of your inner beauty and aesthetics. This is one of those butterfly tattoo designs that seems charming and unique. Butterflies represent good luck, and transformation and the placement of a butterfly in the place of eyes seems mystical. As they say, eyes are the window of your soul, and in this case, it gives a look inside that window. It shows the source of all your natural strength and beauty. So, for all the mystical symbolism lovers out there this could really be the one for you. Instead of a woman’s face you even choose to replace it with a skull for a gothic feel or you can even opt to add little charms and details to the design.

The Delicate Blue Butterfly Arm Tattoos

the delicate blue butterfly arm tattoos
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This blue butterfly tattoo design conveys your natural flair for style completely. This should be your choice if you want a butterfly tattoo that is chic, stylish yet does not require you to go overboard. The added black ink flairs give it an almost hip, life of the party vibe that reflects your colourful taste. Its simplicity is what makes it so charming. Go for this one if you want tattoo designs that are sure to draw everyone’s eyes to you.

three butterfly tattoo
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Another one of those butterfly tattoos that look real enough to make you want to take a second look. It looks as if the blue butterfly, the monarch butterfly and the large yellow and blue one is sitting right on top of your hand. You could go for this one if you want life-like tattoo designs.

The Intricate Aesthetic Butterfly Tattoos

the intricate aesthetic butterfly tattoos
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This is one of those butterfly tattoo designs that would appeal to everyone. It is just so aesthetically pleasing with its wings made of delicate flowers and a crescent moon which is also made of flowers. That’s just how beautiful is that! It represents the owner’s soul and fresh perspective on things like nothing else can. You can even change the placement of the tattoo to your lower back or downsize the tattoo to wear it on your shoulder or wrist.

back butterfly tattoo
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With its delicate outlines and intricate designs, this is one of those monarch butterfly tattoos that would appeal to all the women out there. You can go for this one if you want a black and white monarch butterfly tattoo that is not only cool to look at but also gives you an aura of self-possession. This is one of those butterfly tattoo designs that says that you can take on any job with ease and that you can add your fun charm to everything that you do.

The Delicate Behind The Ear Butterfly Tattoos

the delicate behind the ear butterfly tattoos
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This tattoo design of two small flying butterflies behind the ear is a great idea for those who do not wanna draw attention to them too much. It is small enough to hide if you want to but also you can opt to flaunt it to the world depending on the day. This is one of those designs that is a symbol of your interesting laid-back personality. Just because you do not take the centre stage all the time, it does not mean that you can not take the whole world by storm when you do decide to show them who is the boss.

The Breathtaking Pride Butterfly Tattoos

the breathtaking pride butterfly tattoos
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Nothing speaks coming out of the cocoon (or closet?!) like butterflies. So, obviously, this is one of those flying butterfly tattoos that we absolutely can not miss. This might be a good option for those who are ready to take things up a notch higher and finally get that pride ink they have been craving for. However one with butterflies in the colours of the pride flag is not just full of symbolism it also adds a social message to your tattoo game. So, run to your artist to get your ink as fast as you can. This is one of those tattoo designs that can even be a good option for allies to show their support to the community.

The Ultimate Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

the ultimate tribal butterfly tattoos
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This is one of those beautiful tribal butterfly tattoos that we can not take our eyes away from. It represents your majestic and colorful personality and strength of character. A good option for both men and women who want to get a tribal tattoo and a butterfly tattoo. You can just opt to get two things at once with this one. You can even change the placement of the tattoo to your lower back or shoulder and on other interesting designs like a skull or swords to the mix to add layers of meaning to your tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos are a good option for both men and women and the best part is they look good everywhere on your body. The cost mostly depends on the size of your tattoo and maybe where you are getting it, but, it is possibly better to spend a reasonable amount to get something that you are going to wear on your body.

However, if you are still confused about what you should get, here are some more suggestions for butterfly tattoos with meaning:

  • • The Skull Butterfly Tattoo
  • • The Yin Yang Black and White Butterfly Tattoo
  • • The Skull Butterfly Tattoo
  • • The Cat and Rose Butterfly Tattoo

Still looking for inspiration, then checkout this blog butterfly tattoo ideas.

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