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If you are looking for stunning and enticing tattoo ideas, a butterfly tattoo on hand for a girl is an evergreen tattoo idea that might interest you.

butterfly tattoo on hand
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Butterfly tattoos are an age-old design that has made a great impact in the tattoo industry.

Many people are in awe of butterfly tattoo designs, especially. It is also one of the most common designs opted for by girls.

Butterfly tattoos represent young love. They fly among flowers to find their food and so do young people before they settle. Such tattoos come with deep meanings and they look beautiful on everyone. Find a suitable butterfly tattoo for yourself from the list below.

Forearm Butterfly Tattoo For Girls

forearm butterfly tattoo for girls
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A small butterfly is tattooed on the forearm with black ink. The enticing design catches the eyes of all viewers on street. Floral elements look very pretty when combined with butterfly tattoos. If you are a woman and looking for butterfly tattoos for girls, then nothing can be better than combining your butterfly tattoo with some sort of floral element. The idea behind this tattoo is unique and makes the design much more artistic. One side of the butterfly tattoo is inked in traditional style while the other half is completed using floral designs. The piece looks classy and getting this exact design will definitely bring out your appreciation for artistic style.

forearm butterfly tattoo for girls ideas

The butterfly tattoo on the forearm is a realistic butterfly tattoo. The butterfly is inked in a 3D manner maintaining the precision in each detail. The butterfly looks like it is a printed image, the colors on its body and the shades are on point. A large flying monarch butterfly is tattooed on the forearm using yellow, orange, and black ink. On the periphery of the butterfly’s wings, white dots are noticed suggesting how the tattoo artist paid attention to every detail on the tattoo. The tattoo also features black and grey floral elements and it appears as if the butterfly is approaching the flowers attracted by their smell.

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo On Hand

watercolor butterfly tattoo on hand
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The combination of sunflowers and butterflies increases the aesthetic appeal of any art. When both the elements combine to form a Tattoo Design, it will not be less than an art piece. The above image is a great example of how aesthetic a combination of sunflower and butterfly tattoos looks and if such designs tempt you, you should definitely get one. A tattoo of this grandeur will never fall short of appreciation. Colorful butterflies are drawn and are seen to fly around large yellow sunflowers and green leaves. The details are minutely added to the hand tattoo making it one of the greatest pieces.

Garden Butterfly Tattoo On Hand

garden butterfly tattoo on hand
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This forearm tattoo is an elaborate one and looks pretty amazing on the hands of girls. Even though the design is intricate, choosing this elaborate forearm butterfly tattoo will maintain the petiteness of a girl’s hand. The tattoo features a cat, a butterfly, and several floral elements. A large number of different types of flowers in a single space suggests that the body art depicts a garden and how butterflies are common visitors in the garden. The presence of a house cat within the garden of flowers increases the homely feeling of the tattoo. The entire piece s created using black and grey yet it looks very lively. The tattoo fits the best on the forearm if you are looking for hand tattoo ideas so it will be a great choice.

Offbeat Hand Butterfly Tattoo For Girls

offbeat hand butterfly tattoo for girls
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Butterfly tattoos come in different styles and each of them tells a different story. The tattoo is essentially created for girls having a free spirit and who are not ready to settle. The depth of the tattoo meaning along with the absolute beauty of the tattoo idea makes it a tempting piece for girls. A portrait of a beautiful woman is inked on the sleeve of the person wearing the tattoo. The face looks pure and elegant, and the woman’s beauty is bound to attract more people to the tattoo. One eye of the woman is covered by a colorful butterfly tattoo. The tattoo features a varying color palette, the neutral tones of the girl’s face are nicely balanced with the vibrant colors of the butterfly tattoo.

Small Butterfly Tattoo On Hand For Girl

small butterfly tattoo on hand for girl
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Small butterfly tattoos look very pretty when tattooed nicely in the hands of women. Small butterfly tattoo designs are suitable for women more than men because of the feminity of the symbol. The delicate nature of butterflies and the beauty of the designs look intensely graceful which has made butterfly tattoos a favorite design for many years. The above piece can be used as an inspiration for a blue butterfly tattoo for your next piece. Blue butterfly tattoos symbolize good luck, such a tattoo on the skin will definitely motivate you for new beginnings. Five blue butterflies are inked throughout the forearm so that it covers the entire arm. If you have been longing to get tattooed across your forearm but want a minimal design, this blue butterfly tattoo will be a great idea.

Black Butterfly Tattoo For Girls On Hand

black butterfly tattoo for girls on hand
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A black butterfly tattoo on the arm is a classic and timeless design that will probably never go out of style. The butterfly inked on the upper arm in the image is a unique design among butterfly tattoos, getting this design will definitely make your tattoo stand out in the crowd. A glance at the body art will reveal the difference between other butterfly tattoo designs and this design. The body of the butterfly is different and unrealistic in nature. Rather its body is designed with a hallucinating effect with bold black lines flowing throughout the body. Looking at the butterfly for a long time might make you a little tipsy, although the beauty and the uniqueness of the design attract viewers.

black butterfly tattoo for girls on hands
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If you are looking for butterfly tattoos for the wrist or the palm, then do not look beyond this design. The tattoo is compact and is a perfect piece for tattooing on the hands of women. Two beautiful butterflies are inked with black and grey ink on the hand. The two butterfly tattoos symbolize the beginning of a new love life. They are designed efficiently with black ink. Apart from the butterflies, the tattoo also consists of two numerological significant numbers and two black outline heart tattoos. The numbers 222 and 666 have contrasting meanings. They represent the right track and evil respectively. Perhaps the tattoo wearer has some connection between these two numbers and her love life. If you are also a believer in numerology who wants a butterfly tattoo, then this is a perfect option.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo For Girls

semicolon butterfly tattoo for girls
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There is a huge fanbase for the modern forms of art in the current tattoo world, this Tattoo Design is one of the best choices if you are looking for such types of tattoos. The tattoo looks very stylish, the combined images of a punctuation mark and wings create a brilliant piece that can only exist in the imagination. A large solid black semi-colon symbol is inked on the inner forearm of the wearer. The semicolon is depicted as the body of the butterfly. A beautifully shaded yellow and red pair of wings are seen to rise from behind the semi-colon-shaped butterfly’s body. The tattoo artist managed to make a stunning butterfly tattoo on the arm with exceptional skills.

3D Butterfly Tattoo On Hand

3d butterfly tattoo on hand
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This is a traditional butterfly Tattoo Design featuring a realistic butterfly and flower tattoos in the backdrop. The butterfly tattoo is drawn in a 3D pattern, it appears as if the butterfly sat on the sleeve just then. The vibrant pastel blue color of the butterfly contrasts with every skin tone and makes the design pop on the skin. If you are looking for elaborate blue butterfly designs, then this brilliant piece might be just right for you. In the background, the flowers increase the artistic appeal of the Tattoo Design. The floral elements are drawn using only black and grey ink.

Butterfly Sleeve Tattoo For Girls

butterfly sleeve tattoo for girls
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This tattoo is a perfect choice if you are looking for only girls’ butterfly tattoos. The color palette used in this tattoo is highly feminine. The mix of colored ink like pink, magenta, turquoise, and blue creates the most feminine tattoo designs one can hope for. Experimenting with such a color palette on a butterfly Tattoo Design is one of the best ideas since they bring out the colorful nature of your personality. Butterfly tattoos resemble the start of something fresh, a burst of vibrant colors like the above piece will resemble the happiness of starting a new life.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo For Girls

tribal butterfly tattoo for girls
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Tribal designs are incorporated in any form of tattoo and the outcome always looks great. Tribal butterfly tattoos are pure art, imaginations run wild when the tattoo artists are asked to design butterfly tattoos in tribal designs. If you want a butterfly tattoo and are into colorful designs, then this is as good as a tribal butterfly tattoo can get for women. On the lower wings of the butterfly, a pair of heart eyes are drawn on each wing. Apart from that, the entire body consists of multiple hearts, symbolizing the actual meaning of butterfly tattoos, that is new love.

Now that you are aware of so many butterfly tattoos that will suit the arms of women, it is time to get one for yourself. However, if you still seem confused even after going through the amazing designs above, then here are some additional butterfly tattoo designs that might help you to pick a suitable piece for yourself.

  • Traditional butterfly tattoo for girls on hand
  • Finger butterfly tattoo on hand for girl
  • Butterfly wrist tattoo for girls
  • White butterfly tattoo for girls on hand
  • Skull butterfly hand tattoo for girls

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