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Check out these amazing butterfly with skull tattoo designs. The next time you decide to get inked, do not forget to use these as an inspiration.

butterfly with skull tattoo
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Butterfly skull tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoos and carry deep meaning with them.

Both the butterfly and the skull are two polar opposite elements of Nature. Together, they provide the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies.

Before delving deep into the various butterfly skull tattoo, let’s take a look at how the butterfly was viewed in ancient history. Ancient Aztech culture used the belief that the butterfly represented the soul of the warriors who lost their lives on the battlefield, while in Rome, butterflies were also known as the messenger of God. Throughout the pages of history, butterflies were represented as a symbol of light, grace, beauty, and womanhood. When paired with a skull tattoo, they offer not only a unique Tattoo Design but also beautifully portray the balance between light and darkness, birth and death. Mentioned below are some excellent butterfly skull tattoo designs, that you use as an inspiration for your next body art.

Butterfly With Skull Head Tattoo

butterfly with skull head tattoo
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Etched on the forearm of the individual, is a beautiful yet scary butterfly skull tattoo. One of the key highlights of this image is how beautifully the artist has mixed the two elements, in this Tattoo Design. Butterfly wings are usually designed with intricate patterns and vibrant colours. However, instead, the artist for this design has incorporated the skull element within the wings. Butterfly skull tattoo designs can also be a great way to pay tribute to someone you have lost recently. They represent the understanding that death is inevitable, and there might be life, even after death. If you can relate to these ideas, or just like them, going for a butterfly skull tattoo, can be a great choice for you.

Butterfly With Skull And Numerals Tattoo

butterfly with skull and numerals tattoo
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Here is another quite unique design of a skull butterfly tattoo. Beneath the whole design, the tattoo artist has incorporated the numbers 1968. This can refer to the year, the wearer lost someone close to them. As mentioned earlier, butterfly skull tattoos are often worn, in the memory of a loved one. The above image is a rendition of the same. The whole design has been created with black ink. Another important thing to notice about this tattoo is the use of dot works. As the name itself suggests, dotwork tattoos refer to those designs made with small dots of ink. Since they rely fully on soft and gentle shading, they are one of the least painful of all body art, and therefore are a very popular choice, among tattoo-lovers.

Butterfly Skull Back Neck Tattoo

butterfly skull back neck tattoo
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The above image contains a very beautiful design of a butterfly skull tattoo. The design is placed on the back of the neck of the individual. The neck or back neck can be one of the most painful areas to get inked. This is because they comprise a lot of nerve endings. However that said, everybody has a different pain threshold. Therefore, if you think you have the required pain tolerance, then go ahead with the procedure. The design here consists of a skull and a butterfly. The skull has been beautifully created in the shape of butterfly wings. If you look closely, you can also see the teeth of the skull, on the lower wings of the butterfly. Although the artist has only used black ink to complete this design, you can include any colour of your choice, to make the tattoo more vibrant and colourful. The placement along with the design will make it more prominent and easily noticeable.

Half Butterfly And Skull Tattoo

half butterfly and skull tattoo
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This is one of the most striking designs of a butterfly skull tattoo. As mentioned earlier, this kind of tattoo often represents the balance between two opposite elements, like light and darkness, feminine and masculine, and birth and death. The same has been beautifully portrayed through this image. On one side of the wing of the butterfly, we can see beautiful patterns, while on the other half, the artist has created a scary-looking design of a skull. This skull butterfly tattoo symbolizes the forever battle between good and evil, or can even represent the opening of a new chapter of life, and the closing of one. Irrespective of the colour used in these kinds of designs, they will be equally meaningful and great.

Colourful Butterfly Skull Tattoos

colourful butterfly skull tattoos
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For those who are looking for some colourful designs for their next skull butterfly tattoo, here is the perfect one for you. The artist for this design has used a wide range of bright ink, like pink, blue and black to complete to deliver the perfect look. On the upper side of the butterfly wings, he has included several beautiful patterns, while on the lower side, he has incorporated two designs of skulls. Overall, this tattoo gives off a scary yet aesthetic vibe. It can be a perfect representation of how someone has turned their life around for the better, irrespective of all the hurdles and obstacles they have had to overcome. This can be a great Tattoo Design for all individuals, men, and women alike. There is however only one downside of colourful tattoos, which is they can fade quite quickly than the black and white ones. So you might need to visit the tattoo parlour often, to get touch-ups done, so as to keep the fresh and crisp look of your tattoo intact.

Skull With Butterfly Tattoo

skull with butterfly tattoo
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These kinds of designs are fairly more popular among men. Etched on the leg of the individual, is a huge and creepy skull design, and covering the eyes of the skull, is a butterfly tattoo. It appears that the tattoo artist has highlighted both death and grace in one image. In some cultures, the butterfly is viewed as a symbol of resurrection and death. When combined with a skull tattoo, they can convey a much deeper meaning. The tattoo artist here has only used dotwork to highlight the skull, while for the butterfly, he has chosen an intricate detailing of patterns and fine lines. Unlike all the butterfly skull tattoos that we have seen so far, this design right here provides a very gloomy and sober vibe. If you like these kinds of looks for your tattoo designs, then this can be the perfect one to get started with.

Skull And Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

skull and monarch butterfly tattoo
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In some countries, Mexico, for example, the monarch butterfly is a representation of the passed away souls. This kind of design is usually characterized by the use of bright and vibrant colours. The above-mentioned image is a rendition of the same. The tattoo artist has used mainly orange, red, black, and white ink to create this design. To highlight the delicate wings of the monarch butterfly, he has used a beautiful mixture of red and orange ink, which gives this whole Tattoo Design a very fiery look. Inside the wings, we can see two side-faced skulls. Furthermore, to make the design stand out, he has included some shades of white, at the outer line of the wings. For any tattoo artist, a sense of depth and space is very crucial for delivering the perfect art piece. Needless to say, the artist here has done a marvellous job.

Mandala Skull Butterfly Tattoo

mandala skull butterfly tattoo
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If you want to add that feminine touch to your Tattoo Design, this right here may be the perfect way to do so. Instead of going for a simple skull butterfly tattoo, the artist has included certain mandala designs to make it a more feminine Tattoo Design. Mandala tattoos are characterized by their varied use of flowers, patterns and fine lines, that represent harmony, balance and perfection. In this image, we can see one such beautiful example. Beneath the skull butterfly tattoo, the artist has drawn a very creative and aesthetic mandala design. An interesting fact about mandala art is that no two mandalas can ever have the same design. Therefore, if you are looking for some creative tattoo designs, this one right here is a must-have.

Floral Skull And Butterfly Tattoos

floral skull and butterfly tattoos
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Incorporating certain elements into your design can change the whole meaning of your tattoo. One such similar example has been shown through this image. The artist here has included many flowers in the dreary skull tattoo. If you look closely, he has also added small blue butterflies that appear to be flying away from the broken head of the design. With all the elements and the different colours, this design provides a very vibrant and colourful look.

Red Butterfly And Skull Tattoo

red butterfly and skull tattoo
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Red butterfly is often synonymous with good luck, love, and passion in the world of tattooing. While some others believe that it represents witches. The above-mentioned image contains a unique design of a red butterfly paired up with a skull tattoo. If you look closely, you can see the two horns protruding out of the skull head, thus giving the illusion of the horned devil. If you like these kinds of mystical looks for your tattoo, using this one as an inspiration for your next design can be a great idea.

Butterfly skull tattoos are one of the most mystical symbols in the world of tattooing. They offer contrasting meaning, and therefore are an ideal choice of design for all tattoo lovers. Given below are a few other examples of butterflies with skull tattoos, that you must check out.

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