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Are you looking for the perfect cancer constellation tattoo? Here are some beautiful cancer constellation tattoo designs that you simply cannot ignore!

cancer constellation
10 Best Cancer Constellation Tattoo Ideas You'll Have To See To Believe! | Curated Mint 23

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A cancer constellation tattoo is a symbol of protection, guidance, and fortune.

The cancer constellation is the pattern formed by connecting the stars in the celestial hemisphere that resemble the crab. It is a popular zodiac sign tattoo among people born under this cardinal sign.

The close association of the sun, moon, and stars play a pivotal role in determining our zodiac. According to astrology, individuals born from June 21 to July 22 is represented by the cancer zodiac sign. The cancer constellation is visible during the spring season in the northern hemisphere while in the southern hemisphere it can be seen in autumn. This connection between the stars forming a constellation often represents the cosmic connections that we form in this world. If you are intrigued by the presence of outer space then you should definitely go for these cancer zodiac tattoos. This alignment of stars often assist navigators to ascertain their position on the earth and thus they are considered to be a celestial guiding force.

You can opt for these unique cancer tattoos involving the star, moon and other planets for your next ink. Take a look at this curated selection of cancer constellation tattoos and their astrological meaning.

Cancer Constellation Tattoo With Butterfly Motifs

cancer constellation tattoo with butterfly motifs
@bodyart_by_paige via Instagram

Combining the constellation tattoo with butterflies will simply enhance the beauty of your design. The artist has used only black ink to complete the entire tattoo artwork. The design has been kept simple with fine lines and crisp detailing. The 69 cancer zodiac symbol on the side adds a certain charm to this tattoo. This is the astrological symbol for the cancer constellation denoting the crab. It is considered to bring good luck to the people born in the cancer zodiac. You can place this creative cancer zodiac constellation tattoo along the length of your arm, back, or shoulder.

Floral Cancer Constellation Tattoo

floral cancer constellation tattoo
@swordfishtattoo via Instagram

Here, the artist has creatively replaced the stars with tiny flowers in the constellation. The vibrant colour scheme of this design has further accentuated its appearance. This floral cancer constellation tattoo is the epitome of femininity and will be the top pick for any girl. If you want you can also add another cancer element like the crab tattoo to add depth to its meaning. Place this unique cancer zodiac sign tattoo on your arm and flaunt it in style.

Multicoloured Constellation Tattoo With Stars

multicoloured constellation tattoo with stars
@katieseller via Instagram

The appealing watercolour effect creates a wonderful backdrop for this cancer constellation. The gradual blend of colours appears like a canvas painting imprinted on the skin. The choice of colours used in inking the background also adds to the effect of this design. The stars seem to shine brightly in the constellation. Contrasting white ink has been used to draw the constellation on the colourful backdrop. You can place this design on your forearm like the one shown in the picture.

Constellation Cancer Tattoo In the Galaxy

constellation cancer tattoo in the galaxy
@mhannibaltattoos via Instagram

If you want to portray a realistic constellation tattoo then this is the one for you! Here, the stars have been inked inside the galaxy to enhance the realism of this tattoo art. The dark background is intricately detailed with a smooth colour gradient to create the galaxy. The brilliant shading on the stars has brought it to life in the night sky! Together with the constellation, a galaxy tattoo represents that your love is as deep as the universe. You can place this unique cosmic design on your foot that will act as a canvas for your art.

Beautiful Constellation Tattoo In The Blue Sky

beautiful constellation tattoo in the blue sky
@luminaryink_tattoos_vermont via Instagram

Adding a fascinating backdrop will make your simple cancer constellation design look more interesting. The layering of blue ink has accentuated the aesthetic of the cloudy sky. The constellation has been emboldened in white on the blue background. The union of the sky with stars will convey your personal growth by overcoming the obstacles in the past. You can place this endearing cancer tattoo on your arm, shoulder, or neck where it can be seen easily.

Cancer Constellation Tattoo With Planets

cancer constellation tattoo with planets
@alterntattoo via Instagram

The fine dot work detailing and crisp lines have created a simplistic, yet captivating appearance of this tattoo design. The planets are strategically placed beside the constellation and shaded in black. This cancer tattoo appears like a glimpse of the sky through a telescope. The incorporation of the moon tattoo bears a deep significance in the cancer star constellation. Perhaps, the moon is the ruling planet of the cancer zodiac sign and conveys the beginning of a new phase in one’s life. This small tattoo will look great on your chest, neck or forearm.

Cancer Constellation With Flower Tattoo

cancer constellation with flower tattoo
@missfdctattoo via Instagram

A flower tattoo is a perfect pick for any woman who wants to add a feminine charm to their constellation tattoo. The delicate flowers create a stunning visual at the centre of the constellation. The constellation has been inked with fine lines and minimal detailing. In contrast, the petals of the flowers and the leaves are intricately detailed to enliven this zodiac tattoo. The ideal placement for this cancer constellation tattoo is on your neck, arm, or chest.

Ethereal Cancer Zodiac Constellation Tattoo

ethereal cancer zodiac constellation tattoo
@gattagnudatattoo via Instagram

The alluring night sky illuminated by the constellation of stars creates powerful imagery. The artist has used the watercolour technique to draw the sky in a monochromatic hue. The sparkling stars in the sky are connected with small black dots in this tattoo. You can place this cancer constellation star tattoo on your neck, chest, or shoulder according to your choice. If you want you can engrave the name of your loved one in this cancer constellation.

Minimalistic Cancer Star Constellation Tattoo

minimalistic cancer star constellation tattoo
@obscura_tattoos via Instagram

This minimalistic cancer zodiac tattoo can be the perfect tattoo idea if this is your first tattoo experience. The crisp black dot work and small stars look stunning on the skin. The unique placement of this tattoo behind the ear signifies that the wearer is not born to give up. However, these small cancer constellation tattoo designs will sit well on any part of the body.

Cancer Star Constellation Tattoo In The Solar System

cancer star constellation tattoo in the solar system
@tattoo.ane via Instagram

The celestial beauty of this cancer tattoo is enhanced by the portrayal of the constellation inside the solar system. The sun is at the centre of the revolving planets on the orbital plane. The stars in the constellation are emboldened in black and the planets are inked with intricate detailing. These celestial bodies combine to form a deep spiritual message. According to astrology, each of the planets in the solar system has an influence on human personality. This cancer tattoo will convey your faith in the spiritual guidance of the stars and planets.

Apart from being an ethereal body art, these cancer tattoos will show your fascination with outer space. You can amp up your cancer constellation tattoos by incorporating other elements like the moon, a flower, or the crab tattoo. These designs will also add depth to the meaning of your constellation tattoo. Here are some popular cancer star constellation tattoo suggestions that you will fall in love with!

  1. Simple cancer star constellation tattoo on the wrist
  2. Cancer constellation finger tattoo with floral motifs.
  3. Cancer star constellation tattoo with the sun on the shoulder.
  4. Constellation of Cancer Tattoo on the full moon.
  5. Cancer star constellation tattoo combined with the crab tattoo on the shoulder.
  6. Realistic constellation tattoo with a monochromatic flower and moon.
  7. Cancer star constellation tattoo with the third eye on the wrist.

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