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Are you a Capricorn and want a Capricorn zodiac-based tattoo? Then this stunning list of Capricorn Constellation tattoo ideas is ideal for you.

capricorn tattoo
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Humans have always been intrigued by the stars and outer space, spending stargazing and studying the night sky for centuries.

Ancient astronomers, in the process of tracking the movement of celestial bodies, discovered that some of the stars kept changing their positions which might affect our lives. They joined the stars with lines which are then arranged into Constellations that create an imaginary outline that typically represents a mythical creature, an inanimate object, or a God.

There are 88 official constellations as of today. Those constellations are related to different folklores, myths, and legends, as well as the irrational notions of modern astrology. One lore related to the stars in the Western zodiac is made up of 12 constellations: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Originally, there were 13 constellations, but Ophiuchus is omitted today since the position of the stars has changed from their initial positions.

The Capricorn Constellation is located in the Southern Hemisphere and is the representation of the Sumerian god of wisdom, Adapa or Oannes, while the Greeks associate it with their god, Pan. This constellation was identified in the 2nd century by Ptolemy, a Greek astronomer. The Capricorn Constellation is a symbol of a creature that is an amalgam of fish and goat and the word ‘Capricornus’ is a Latin word whose literal translation is ‘goat horn’. Hence, the Capricorn Constellation tattoo can be your choice for body art even if you are not a fan of astrology but an enthusiast of ancient classical mythology. Here is a specially curated list of Capricorn Constellation tattoo designs you can choose from the next time you want to get inked.

The Minimalistic Capricorn Constellation Tattoo

the minimalistic capricorn constellation tattoo
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Capricorn tattoo designs can be quite complicated and dense. Hence, they can turn out to be a tough and painful experience for the first-timers getting a tattoo. Most of them might not be ready for the commitment needed and the time-consuming affair it ensues. So, you can opt for this minimal Capricorn tattoo if you are getting inked for the first time or are on a tight budget. This minimalist Capricorn tattoo design simply depicts the constellation outline using simple strokes, an ordinary geometric representation with no ornamentation or whatsoever. But the final outcome is quite stunning and perfect for almost all types of style statements.

The Capricorn Star Constellation Tattoo On Shoulder

the capricorn star constellation tattoo on shoulder
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This is another minimalist representation of the Capricorn Constellation. While the design above is rather simple with the outline of the zodiac sign constellation, this one takes it up a notch by simply portraying the stars with no interconnecting lines. These types of Capricorn tattoo ideas are in rage as they can be done without putting a big dent on your savings and requires very little time and skin space to be executed. You can also properly plan this Capricorn tattoo design to be placed among your freckles to get an overall cute and stunning appearance.

The Capricorn Constellation And Sea-Goat Tattoo

the capricorn constellation and sea-goat tattoo
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The Capricorn Constellation or the Capricornus happens to be one of the faintest constellations, situated among the other constellations of the water genre, such as the Pisces, Eridanus, Cetus, and Aquarius. A number of myths are associated with the Capricorn Constellation and the sea-goat. The constellation has its roots in the Sumerian culture which portrays it as a mythical half goat and half fish figure, resonating with its Greek mythical counterpart. One Greek fable associates the Capricornus with the legend of the Greek God of Nature, Pan, while another myth portrays it as the figurine of Amalthea, the mythical goat and foster mother of Greek God Zeus. Another Sumerian myth is the Capricornus might be Babylonia which is an amalgam of a human and a sea-goat. Hence, a lot of Capricorn tattoo designs are coupled with a goat tattoo to pay homage to these ancient classical myths. This Capricorn tattoo is a perfect example of that with the Capricornus positioned on the horns of the sea-goat tattoo – with the literal translation of the Latin word being ‘goat horn’.

Leaf Branch and Capricorn Constellation Tattoo On Shoulder

leaf branch and capricorn constellation tattoo on shoulder
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Capricorn is the last of the earth sign and is represented as a sea-goat. People born between December 22 and January 19 have Capricorn as their zodiac sign. Those who have this star sign are usually found to be determined, disciplined, and have high ambitions. The large horns of the sea-goat, which represents this star sign, is symbolic of the courage and determination of the Capricorns to face any hurdles that come their way. These particular Capricorn tattoo designs have the astrological symbol of the zodiac sign in the centre, encircled by an outline of the Capricornus or the Capricorn constellation, along with a leaf branch tattoo. Leaves symbolise the cycle of life and nature and are a classical heraldic symbol that symbolises happiness. It also portrays your love for Mother Nature. Hence, this Capricorn symbol tattoo represents both the zodiac sign as well as the constellation and can be apt for those who believe in astrology or are simply Nature lovers. Save the shoulder for this Capricorn symbol tattoo to give it the space it needs. You can also add other types of tattoo designs, such as a small flower, to customise it according to your fashion choice.

The Geometric Sagittarius And Capricorn Constellations Tattoo Of Love

the geometric sagittarius and capricorn constellations tattoo of love
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Laws of Mathematics is found in everything, from Nature to man-made elements, and tattoos are no exception. It is almost impossible to execute any tattoo design flawlessly without perfecting the mathematical calculations behind it. Especially this complex geometric Sagittarius and Capricorn constellation tattoo. Ribs or the hips are the perfect place for this quite complex and spacious tattoo for its beauty to be admired fully. This tattoo design is quite detailed, highlighting the overlapping of the constellations of both the zodiac signs. However, the outlines are of different colours – one in magenta, the other one in black – making it perfectly possible to separate them. These elaborate zodiac tattoos are a cute way to express your love for your partner and also a stunning example of zodiac tattoos. These types of tattoo designs are however not limited to Capricorn and Sagittarius but is also available for Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Aries, or any other couple zodiac signs of your choice.

The Studio Ghibli Themed Capricorn Constellation Tattoo

the studio ghibli themed capricorn constellation tattoo
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Not all tattoos need to be realistic and highly detailed. Sometimes you can settle for goofy or comic-themed tattoo designs if it suits your personality. This Studio Ghibli themed Capricorn tattoo is the perfect example as it combines the zodiac sign with Ghibli’s anime traits to bring the best out of both. The outline of the Capricorn Constellation is drawn out of Soot Sprites and Konpeitō instead of stars in this Capricorn tattoo. Everybody is acquainted with the small, round balls of soot known as the Soot Sprites due to the highly acclaimed Studio Ghibli films ‘Spirited Away’ and ‘My Neighbor Totoro’.They dwell in abandoned houses and judge anyone who tries to inhabit there. They leave the house if they decide that the inhabitants are nice. Konpeitō, on the other hand, is star-shaped Japanese candies that come in a variety of flavours and colours. If you are a fan of the films of Studio Ghibli or of Japanese culture in general, then these types of cute Capricorn tattoo designs are ideal for you.

The Crescent Moon And Capricorn Constellation Tattoo On Arm

the crescent moon and capricorn constellation tattoo on arm
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Are you an experienced tattoo enthusiast looking for complicated Capricorn symbol tattoos instead of small and simple ones? Do not fret, for we have you covered with these stunning Capricorn Constellation tattoo designs coupled with an ornamental black crescent moon tattoo. The Capricorn symbol tattoo in the centre, encircled by an outline of the Capricorn Constellation, signifies valour and determination. The zodiac sign is accompanied by a black crescent moon tattoo which symbolises the feminine qualities of motherhood and fertility. The crescent moon can also be symbolic of creativity, growth, and manifestation. The most eye-catching and stunning feature of this particular Capricorn tattoo is the intricate detailing of the patterns within the crescent moon. The elaborate floral designs, the star-shaped flowers emerging out, and the other ornate details add another dimension to this constellation Capricorn tattoo. But go for these bold Capricorn Constellation tattoo designs if you are confident enough and have located an experienced professional tattoo artist who can execute this flawlessly.

The Mermaid And Capricorn Constellation Tattoo For Women

the mermaid and capricorn constellation tattoo for women
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Though minimalist tattoo designs are in rage currently, but not everyone wants a small and simple tattoo. For some, the intricate details and large size of the tattoo are what matters most. Well, if you fall in this category, then these stunning Mermaid and Capricorn Constellation tattoos are for you. The mermaid is usually regarded as a strong woman figure that is self-directed and independent. These mythical creatures are an amalgam of a woman and fish and are found in old sea legends and folklores with other maritime symbols such as ships, nautical stars, tropical flowers, and anchors. Sailors believe that these seductive hybrid women figures lure seamen into the ocean depths and are hence associated with danger, seduction, and sexuality. The Capricorn zodiac sign is also represented by a sea-goat and hence this stunning combination is perfect if you are a strong and independent woman with other feminine traits.

The Capricorn Constellation And Zodiac Symbol Tattoo

the capricorn constellation and zodiac symbol tattoo
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Let us end this list with another of the minimal Capricorn tattoo ideas – the Capricorn Constellation coupled with the Capricorn zodiac symbol tattoo. This simple and small tattoo design is perfect for your wrist, with the Capricorn zodiac symbol in the middle, surrounded by stars scattered in the shape of the Capricorn Constellation. You can customise this design by adding your birth date in Roman symbols to pay homage to the Roman myths surrounding the Capricorn.

Astrology claims zodiac signs such as Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius to be masculine sun signs, while the other sun signs such as the Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus are attributed feminine characteristics. But that does not mean that Capricorn Constellation tattoos, or Capricorn tattoos in general, are meant for women only. As always, search for a professional and experienced tattoo artist if you are opting for complex tattoo designs that require a lot of technical expertise to be executed perfectly. Always choose the designs that you are comfortable with and match your personality as well as within your budget. Happy inking!

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