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Are you looking for a floral tattoo that will display positive qualities like love and affection? Then here are some carnation flower tattoos for you to see.

carnation tattoo
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A carnation flower tattoo symbolises love, affection and admiration.

Floral tattoo ideas are always a favorite among women as well as men because of how pretty they look. In addition to that, one cn also add any extra symbol or motif they like to the flower tattoo.

Therefore, if you are looking for flower tattoo designs but are unsure of which flower to look at, try looking at carnation tattoos. There are plenty of flower tattoo designs all around but they mostly use red roses or daisies. If you want a slightly unique and unconventional flower tattoo design, then go ahead and look at carnation tattoo designs.

Carnation Flower Tattoo Designs With The Outline

carnation flower tattoo designs with the outline
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If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, you may want to get a minimal design with a simplistic outline. After all, you are still very new to the experience and you may not be aware of your threshold for pain. Therefore, you can get a beautiful but simple carnation tattoo in a traditional design. It can be carnation flower tattoo black and white or even be filled with colorful ink to display the real beauty of carnations.

If you do not want a red carnation tattoo, you can also get pink carnation tattoo, white carnation, yellow carnation or purple carnations as tattoo. If you love any pink flower, you can also get a tattoo with pink carnations.

Pretty Carnation Flower Tattoo Designs For Your Wrist

pretty carnation flower tattoo designs for your wrist
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A lot of women prefer a delicate and graceful tattoo design for their wrist. In case you do not want a large, expansive carnation tattoo with a convoluted design, you can choose a lovely red carnation tattoo as seen in the picture. A red carnation, white carnation, yellow carnation or pink carnation tattoo with the pink flower standing out boldly would look extremely beautiful on the hands of women.

Lovely Carnation Flower Tattoo Designs For Your Chest

lovely carnation flower tattoo designs for your chest
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If you are looking for a simple but gorgeous tattoo to place on your chest, you can look at carnation tattoos. The carnation tattoo designs have the unique ability of looking incredible even if the design is quite understated.

As seen in the picture, the simple, long stroke of the stalk of the carnation flower with the white carnation on one side of the shoulder is creating an amazing effect. Such a tattoo would also look amazing with off-shoulder tops without sleeves. This is how you can also make your carnation tattoos a part of your overall apparel!

Amazing Carnation Tattoo Ideas For The Back Of Your Arm

amazing carnation tattoo ideas for the back of your arm
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A lot of people spend a lot of time thinking about their tattoos especially if they are looking for tattoo designs for the back of their forearm. After all, these tattoo designs can be seen by everybody. Therefore, they should be well-thought out and designed. If required, you can also ask your tattoo artist to help you with the design. Several tattoo lovers also draw the preliminary tattoo designs of flower tattoos themselves. Then, they take those tattoo designs to the tattoo artist who can convert the art into real tattoos.

As seen in the picture, the gorgeous bunch of carnation flowers are looking beautiful. The design is truly soft and simple but eye-catching nonetheless. A pink carnation flower tattoo or white carnations would be the best idea to put on the back of your forearm.

Beautiful Carnation Flower Tattoo Designs With Names

beautiful carnation flower tattoo designs with names
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Carnations are flowers which are associated with deep, positive feelings and values like pure love, admiration and respect. Carnation flower meaning is quite profound as it is a symbol of everything joyous and happy as opposed to tears and sadness. Subsequently, many tattoo lovers also get red carnation tattoos as a symbol of the person they love. Rather than using the same old sign of a red rose for love, this unique twist is quite unconventional to the boring stereotypes about tattoos which are a sign for love.

Consequently, if you are in the search for a tattoo on your body that symbolizes your love for someone, you could also add their names in black ink with the carnation flower. This tattoo with black ink would be the most classic and best idea to exhibit your love in a classy and elegant manner.

Carnation Flower Tattoo Design For Entire Arm Sleeve

carnation flower tattoo design for entire arm sleeve
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If you are looking for great tattoos to cover up your entire arm sleeve, you may want to check out carnation tatto designs. A lot of people have the misconception that flower tattoos cannot cover up an entire arm sleeve but in the hands of an expert, your carnation tattoo will look gorgeous through out your forearm.

Here are some more amazing ideas for arm sleeve tattoos if you want to look at more options.

Lovely Carnation Flower Tattoo Designs To Celebrate A Birth

lovely carnation flower tattoo designs to celebrate a birth
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Since carnations of different colours including pink carnation are a sign for love, fondness and endearment, many women also use it as a sign of mother’s love. We all know that there is nothing sweeter on this earth than the unconditional love our mothers provide to us from birth.

Therefore, if you know a new mother, you can easily suggest that they get a carnation tattoo. As seen in the picture, they can also add text in black to their carnation tattoo. The mother in the picture has added the names of her sons to her carnations and an inspirational phrase related to mother’s love along with it too.

Small Carnation Flower Tattoo Design For Your Legs

small carnation flower tattoo design for your legs
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A lot of people like to get flower tattoos on their legs as well. If you want carnations on your legs, you can be inspired by the picture above. The flower tattoos at the back of your leg might not draw much attention but they will still look wonderful and accentuate your ankles and calves.

If you want to keep experimenting with your carnation tattoo, you can also place them on your armpit. For more inspiration, check out these amazing armpit tattoo designs.

Adding Symbols And Motifs To Traditional Flower Tattoo

adding symbols and motifs to traditional flower tattoo
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If you want your carnation tattoo to be elaborate, ornamental and complex, then you can add several other flower tattoos or symbols. In addition to your pink carnation flower tattoos, the other symbols will together create a patchwork tattoo effect which looks wonderful from a distance. As seen in the picture, the butterflies which are bright blue in colour are adding a separate vibrancy to the carnation tattoo which is otherwise monochromatic in colour. Such a lovely burst of colour is making the carnation tattoo look even brighter.

Simple Carnation Flower Tattoo Ideas For Your Shoulder

simple carnation flower tattoo ideas for your shoulder
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Shoulder tattoos are one of the most fashionable trends of 2021. Consequently, if you are looking for a dainty tattoo that symbolizes purity, respect and love, then you might think of getting a carnation tattoo on your shoulder. Even though carnations can come in different colours, even a simple tattoo with black ink would make a gorgeous tattoo due to the innate beauty of the flower. You can even attach the carnation tattoo with another tattoo on your forearm.

Floral tattoos are always associated with deep feelings and meanings for each of us. Some may express love and inspiration while some may represent sadness and tears. Consequently, if you are looking for the best floral tattoo for women that are not traditional but still retains profound meanings, then you should definitely check out a carnation tattoo for yourself. You could also check out tattoos like:

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