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Carnival is another word for a grand celebration in the Caribbean world. Stay hooked to learn more about the acclaimed carnival tattoo designs.

carnival tattoo
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The Caribbeans birthed carnivals around the era of colonialism.

The Italian Catholics first bought it in Europe, which later spread to the French and Spanish counterparts. An important tradition in itself, it starts with the end of Christmas.

It finds its roots in the Trinidad and Tobago islands. Trinidad is considered the birthplace of the Carnivals and still holds the largest one in the world. Over the years, different islands have adopted the festival. What does the word ‘carnival’ signify? ‘Carn’ refers to flesh or meat, whereas ‘levare’ represents the action of putting it away. Together, it indicates keeping meat away, which is to say, abstaining from the consumption of red meat from Ash Wednesday to Easter. To put it in simpler words, it was no longer the sole Catholic seller but was also a cross-cultural feature in keeping with similar technologies of art and culture.

By the dawn of the 18th century, the islands were already gleaming with Free Black people. The earlier Spanish settlers and now French settlers made it even easier to embrace their culture. Unique costumes, gears, and masks are made to uphold the festival’s image. Hence, it is a party for people who wish to search for the inner meaning of life. At the same time, it celebrates awesome artists that bring forth beauty to the event. Headdresses, loud makeup, odd noises, drums, and cart are saved to honor the festival.

The Weightlifter Carnival Tattoo

the weightlifter carnival tattoo
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This carnival tattoo features the weightlifter, an integral part of the circus culture in the festive scenario. The weightlifter lies in the raunchy uniform while launching his right arm high up in the air carrying the dumbbell for all to see and applaud. Usually, in a freakshow, the weightlifter carries a belt of shiny color or leather and wears matching shoes that go all the way up to his knee. The tickets to such a show will prepare you for images that you may choose to add to your imagination.

For instance, this tattoo features a small part of the culture. If you are a festive fanatic, you may want to go with this tattoo which represents the American dream in this vest –the plan for the upcoming generations to be prosperous and secure a bright future. A casual appointment at the freakshow gives you a glimpse of the reality that may be different from the ideal one.

The Circus Rat Equilibrist Tattoo

the circus rat equilibrist tattoo
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Our rat equilibrist in his regal costume is a reasonably dazed one with the eyes marking a cross and a key that it holds, which looks like a button sewed with a stick, and rabbit ears. It is the epitome of surrealism and a symbol of distraction. Notice how it doesn’t wear shoes but just the costume? How would you review such an idea in terms of beauty or fun?

It reminds you of the endless possibilities of life and the very idea that life may carry different facets. This creature also somehow seems to balance the ball below his feet on account of its versatility. At times, a cartwheel also does the trick. Also, if you expected more focus on details in terms of content, this is the tattoo for you.

Festive Feather Tattoo

festive feather tattoo
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If you choose to reside on earth to participate in at least one carnival, you can go for this one without too many thoughts. The exact item in this tattoo includes a feather and not just a simple one at that. The feather constitutes a good part of the festive culture, with dancers wearing it on their headdresses as well as elaborately sewn wings.

A flock of birds seems to be flying away into the distance, which may symbolize a need to remove one’s past and move forward. This tattoo is among the recommendations we would like to present. It also signifies change and a need to learn in great volume. If you have already saved a trivial tattoo idea and want to review your choice, you can go for this one. The only difference between a typical tattoo and this item is that it holds more significant meaning in terms of life and interpretations.

A Full-blown Tattoo Of Carnival

a full-blown tattoo of carnival
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If you haven’t decided on the right site to get a tattoo, browse these images. If you didn’t know already, a festival where a cartwheel is added is a huge success for the sellers and business in itself. Artists from all over the world take chances to prove their potential in the event, and details of their labor can be expected in the way the event follows.

Several items are displayed, including the unicorn, cartwheels, masquerades, phoenix, and especially roller-coaster tickets are out for purchase. Purchasing tickets to these shows will only add color to your life. Not only is it a fun undertaking, but it also gives life to ink as well as the artist’s mundane job.

Circus Ring Girl Tattoo

circus ring girl tattoo
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If you are searching for tattoos to get inked on the site of your choice, you can call your tattoo artist and opt for this one instantly. If you are an aspiring gymnast, it’s a plus. Make sure to get the ink in the right place with the proper share of tools and artists.

If you’re a party animal, it can be automatically assumed that you like the free-flowing festive vibe. While some gymnasts prefer doing the whole hula hoop with an independent ring, others like to perform through a suspended hoop. Thus tattoos such as these can read glamour.

Magical Spell Tattoo

magical spell tattoo
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The crux of these tattoos is that a single spill can be contained and released via a tiny vial. It also goes on to prove the idea that a good tattoo comes at a steep price. But the effort that the artists have put into this tattoo cannot be overlooked. The spell looks magnificent and precisely designed, which appears to be a woman’s memory. The calves would be an excellent site for the tattoo.

Alternatively, the torso would be a great place on the body. This tattoo holds an alluring feeling, with the vial opening up and revealing an image of what seems like a yesteryear celebration. It is most likely the aftereffect of an encounter. While this tattoo does not showcase any piercings or anything of that kind, it sure takes us back to the magical theme, with the gloss on the lips of the women being on point.

Ring Girl Tattoo

ring girl tattoo
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If you want to purchase a ring that signifies that of a circus ring personnel, make sure you do it with the correct item. On the other hand, if you want a ring girl tattoo or tattoos of your choice, make sure to find the difference between the costumes.

Tattoos like this represent the ring girl in rather colorful and oriental clothing. While European standards may differ from the Caribbean ones, it makes sense to find the right fit for yourself. Once you get the tattoo, don’t forget to share it and wait for positive reviews on your tattoo.

Classic Festive Tattoo

classic festive tattoo
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In the past, taming elephants and preparing them for the arena was much easier than these days. With days, the sellers of live animals have gradually died down. In addition, reviews from the woke audiences dictate that live animals not be used for any circus show. The back below the nape has been taken to be the right site for this tattoo.

Moreover, the party occurs throughout the tattoo. If you want to purchase a ticket to the great show, it would be nothing but a great choice. Therefore, if you’re in awe of content without filters, you should go for this one. In our opinion, the only item missing here is a cart, but it never ceases to amaze people.

Clown Frog Tattoo

clown frog tattoo
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If you are looking for viable tattoo items for recommendations, this is the one-stop. If you have read about the festive culture, you know that frogs make for good content on the body and in terms of ink. They can go without filters, and they also sit just well without having to remove any grumpiness. What else can you expect from a clown frog?

However, this frog brings items of love as depicted with the heart shapes atop it. Remember the prince who was turned into a frog after annoying the witch? Who knows if this frog will remove its proper form and be content after transforming into a handsome prince?

The Clown’s sweetheart, Aka The Juggler

the clown's sweetheart, aka the juggler
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This tattoo is symbolic of a clown who appears to be working for the circus to deliver the message of love and death conspiring for something bigger. She also seems to be comparing love with a price. Another interesting observation is the juggling with skulls as if they were toys of her liking.

On the other hand, she seems to carry a fair share of her troubles and intends to remove them someday instead of juggling them time and again. If you’re searching for a site for getting the tattoo and awaiting reviews, the calf or the arms could be a good choice. After all, who doesn’t like a good party and cool toys?

Have you read about this festive content or recently participated in one? If the answer is positive, you may want to search for a couple of carnival tattoo designs. Whether it is on account of a cart or an appointment for a comprehensive tattoo, we can help you with more content. Alternatively, if you wish to remove a tattoo and get new content, you may also want to opt for similar technologies.

  • The ringmaster tattoo.
  • Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra tattoos.
  • Giant cart with roller-coaster tattoo.
  • Unicorn tattoo.
  • Masked dancer tattoo.

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