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Looking for Cat outline tattoos for cat lovers? Then check these awesome cat outline tattoo designs before getting inked.

Cat Outline Tattoo
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Cute cat tattoos are a great way to project your fondness and love for this cute four-legged feline.

But what makes these fur babies so adorable? Even if you don’t adore them you just cannot ignore them.

Cats have been an integral part of human lives since time immemorial and have different significance and symbolism in a different culture, and now they have become an internet sensation.

Cat is primarily the symbol of patience, liberty, mystery, intellect, and grace in popular culture. In ancient times cats were worshipped in certain civilizations such as in the lower Eygpt where the killing of cats was prohibited. Cats have been associated with different mythological figures, for example, Artemis the Greek Lunar goddess, Diana the Roman moon Goddess, Hecate the Greek goddess, Bast the Egyptian goddess, and Freyja the Norse Goddess. Several folk tales involving cat has presented this cute kitty as the guardian of the otherworld because of their stoic and mysterious temperament. All this information is going to enable you to select the appropriate cat tattoo design even if you don’t have a cat. After all, many times cat lovers get cat tattoos as a reminiscence of their feline friend. So here is the list of some of the adorable and meaningful cat tattoos that will encourage you to get inked.

Minimalist Cat Outline Tattoo

Minimalist Cat Outline Tattoo
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Minimalist cat tattoos are a great option if you want to keep your tattoo lowkey and at the same time wish to express yourself because tattoos are a form of self-expression. One cannot judge someone based on the size of the tattoo because every tattoo has some kind of implication. Minimal tattoos are also good for beginners who do not want to experiment much but want their tattoo to be chic and uncomplicated just like this minimal cute cat tattoo with a black outline. The silhouette is visible without any complicated work.

Minimalist Cat Tattoo
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Minimalist Cat tattoo like this one can be inked on the forearm to exhibit the various aspects of oneself such as independence, watchfulness, grace, and beauty. Therefore cute and simple cat outline tattoo is best if you are a minimalist.

Simple Cat Outline Tattoo

Simple Cat Outline Tattoo
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Tattoos can be subtle yet indicative. The delicate art on the body particularly on the forearm or wrist is widely chosen over massive tattoos that cover the whole arm. This cat outline tattoo has only the outer edges that are being surrounded by flowers. This is a unique way to jazz up a simple design by incorporating subtle components like flowers.

Minimalist Cat Tattoos
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A simple line art tattoo is perfect for the minimalist in you and there is no better way to express the fondness of a cat lover than this tattoo that illustrates the bond and love that one share with their adorable kitty.

Ankle Cat Outline Tattoo

Ankle Cat Outline Tattoo
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The best thing about an ankle tattoo is that you can flaunt or conceal it whenever you want to. It is lowkey and reflects your introverted side. However, outline tattoos are perfect because the ankle is a sensitive area and it can involve more pain. Therefore, an outline cuddling cat tattoo like this one is a great option for all cat lovers. This tattoo implies affection and fondness through these two cats.

Cat Sleeping Tattoo
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Have you ever seen a cat sleeping? and how adorable these fur babies look when curled up? This tattoo is exactly why you need to get a sleeping cat tattoo. We all know how cat lovers are obsessed with their small kitty, why not get it done then? Also, ankle tattoos are very popular among women because it accentuates one of the sexiest parts of their body.

Wrist Cat Outline Tattoo

Wrist Cat Outline Tattoo
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The position of a tattoo is equally important just like its design. If you are opting for a tattoo on the inner wrist then make sure it is a small tattoo like this one. Large tattoos can be difficult to work with, given the space is limited. This particular position of tattoo is believed to be very significant as it is in the centre. A cute cat like this one can be interpreted as a symbol of grace.

Watercolor Cat Outline Tattoo

Watercolor Cat Outline Tattoo
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When we imagine watercolour the first thing that comes to mind is the combination of different colours on a canvas to make it more lively, but what differentiates this technique is that it does not follow the basic guidelines and creates a more incremental colour that fades out. This same technique is applied to the watercolour tattoo as well just like this watercolour cat tattoo will accentuate your vibrant personality.

Colored Cat Tattoo
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If you are a minimalist then you can check this watercolour tattoo with different hues of blue and purple around the cat outline. The colour splash technique gives this cute cat tattoo a more aesthetic appeal. This type of tattoo could be perfect for cat lovers because a cat also symbolizes magic and mystery. These beautiful and vibrant colours would certainly look magical.

Cat Silhouette Outline Tattoo

Cat Silhouette Outline Tattoo
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Cats are being adored and loved but they are often associated with superstitions too. A Black cat for example is subjected to most of the superstitions, prejudice, and omen. However, in different parts of the world, there is a different interpretation of a black cat. In America, it is frequently associated with witchcraft and bad omen. In Britain and Ireland, it is believed that the sight of a black cat brings prosperity to the individual and family. A silhouette outline of a black cat may imply darkness, mystery and enchantment.

Cat silhouette outline tattoos
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Another variety of silhouette outline tattoos would be this one. The ring finger is associated with the ‘vein of love. Accordingly, getting a tattoo on the ring finger makes it even more meaningful just like this tattoo. This unique illustration is a new addition to the outline tattoo technique.

Adorable Cat Paw Outline Tattoo

Adorable Cat Paw Outline Tattoo
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Paw tattoo is primarily done as a tribute to the pet. Nonetheless, it is not always necessary to have a pet oftentimes it also signifies moving forward. It also implies stepping into something new. This tattoo ideally exhibits all of these. This tattoo is clean and minimal at the same time adorable. This is a basic example of a paw print tattoo that has two cute little cat paws. This will forever remind you of the very special union.

Matching Kitty Outline Tattoo

Matching Kitty Outline Tattoo
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There exists numerous ways to exhibit the special bond that you share with a person or a group of people, and getting matching tattoos can be one such way. Just like this matching tattoo of a cute cat. You can match this cat tattoo with your siblings, family members, and friends who got mutual love for cats.

Tiny Cat Outline Tattoo

Tiny Cat Outline Tattoo
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The size of a tattoo has nothing to do with the sentiments it holds, and the perks of getting tiny tattoos are that they can be done anywhere on the body. On the ankle, shoulder, neck, behind the ear, arm, finger, forearm, and also fits in your budget. This cute little cat tattoo on the dorsal side can indicate freedom or protection.

Cat Outline Tattoos
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You may have seen celebrities like Bella Throne sporting a tattoo of a cute cat behind her ear. You can also give this trend a little try by getting a cute cat tattoo behind your ear just like this one.

Neck Cat Outline Tattoo

Neck Cat Outline Tattoo
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It is a popular notion that people who get neck tattoos are more open to new experiences and people. A neck tattoo such as this one is a dainty piece and very feminine. The cat symbolizes confidence and magnificence which is very evident from this tattoo. The simple outline and its placement elevate the tattoo to a new level.

Thus simple cat tattoo ideas can have a meaningful consequence. The right cat tattoos would bring out your inner self and give prominence to your personality. Cats imply grace, beauty, elegance, confidence, mystery, compassion and much more. Hence, choose the right kind before getting it done.

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