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If you ask us to show you a tattoo that can convey strength and power, the answer is a charging bull tattoo. Take a look at these fantastic designs!

Charging Bull Tattoo
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There is a lot that is behind the bull tattoos and their meaning.

Probably when you look at it, then you could see a clear image of bravery, furiousness and the impossible to stop attitude. We turn to the bull’s immense physical dimensions as a symbol of confidence and certainty for these identifications.

The bull’s metaphorical characteristics are: – divine majesty, serenity, spirituality, warmth, trust, shield, content and so on.

Bull tattoos are not only for bull riders; they’ve also become a great method to demonstrate who you truly are when you most need it! These tattoo designs are strong and powerful, and they symbolise you racing into life and enjoying it to the fullest with the support of your near and dear ones.

The Fearless Girl And Bull Charging Tattoo

The Fearless Girl And Bull Charging Tattoo
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The fearless girl and the charging bull that are both depicted in the above tattoo design is a bronze sculpture in New York, United States. The fearless little girl is supporting women’s empowerment, and the bull symbolises aggressive financial stability and prosperity.

It could be a perfect leg or hand sleeve bull tattoo. The random lines and uneven use of black ink creating no specific manner give it a very rough and artistic look.

We can see the back of the little girl as she fearlessly looks at the bull; ponytail winded towards the right and her skirt giving a dramatic effect. Her hands resting on her waist highlights the girl’s determination. At the same time, the bull looks gigantic and fierce. The use of shadows in some specific places makes it look more realistic. Who said a bull tattoo can only be inked on men and has to be manly? If you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter, as this tattoo design will look great on you!

Black Bulls Tattoo

Black Bulls Tattoo
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Another fierce and powerful looking tattoo is here, just for you.

This tattoo is the most accurate depiction of the wall street charging bull tattoo. We can see the front leg of the bull is in a ready position as it is just about to win the race. We can only see three legs, meaning the fourth leg is in line with the front leg. The minute detailing of horns and its tail is conspicuous. The artist had made sure to show the bulky muscles and veins on its legs to make sure the tattoo looked strong and powerful.

The Most Detailed Charging Bull Tattoo Designs

The Most Detailed Charging Bull Tattoo Designs
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If you want a more detailed and fine version of the previous tattoo design, then this one is for you.

We can see a white outline has been given to the design at specific places to enhance the whole image. It also has a shadow, making it look super factual. The ink colour combination of copper brown, black and grey is impressively used. It will actually look good on any part of your body!

The Furious Tribal Bull Tattoo Design

The Furious Tribal Bull Tattoo Design
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Call it flames of fire because the way we can see the bull’s eye is flaming white and so furious just like this powerful creature is. The front legs are in the start, which depicts the running position. The muscular neck and the whole body posture does define the means of being “strong”.

The Charging Bull Chest Tattoo

The Charging Bull Chest Tattoo
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Who said bulls always have to be angry looking? Look at this bull that is built happy and self-content. We can see the ink is dotted. The bull is bent sideways and with a smirk on his face giving a friendly vibe. The detailing of his leg’s muscles and veins provides a strong look, as expected. At the bottom, there is a date and a name, probably of the person who adorns this tattoo, or as a tribute to a loved one. You can get something similar and make it more personalised so it means something to you.

We can say that, with respect to other options, the search for the perfect chest tattoo is over. This has to be one of the coolest bull tattoos of all time.

The Simple Bull Skull Tattoo

The Simple Bull Skull Tattoo
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This is the next perfect sleeve tattoo idea you can find. The bull is considered to have a lot of energy in them physically as well spiritually. They have been given some sacred positions in some cultures and mythology.

We can see an angry and bold look in his eyes. The tension near the eyebrows supports the idea of it being unstoppable. We can also smoke coming out of his nose that supports the idea of having a lot of energy inside the mind. This will look great on your hand or calves.

The Actual Bull Tattoo

The Actual Bull Tattoo
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Say bye-bye to boring black and white tattoo designs! Looking at this design will make you realise why people choose to worship this animal.

We can see the brick red coloured body of the bull and the gradient effect from red to black on his legs. The use of white colour as an outline and in random but specific places to give a realistic effect, which it surely did, is quite amazing. This can be the perfect sleeve tattoo that you were looking for.

The Bang On Simple Bull Tattoo

The Bang On Simple Bull Tattoo
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Bulls are also excellent caregivers for humans. For ages, they’ve worked alongside farmers during farming production. Within that perspective, the bull tattooing might reinforce the idea and remind us of how we can satisfy our requirements by working alongside nature and our animal kinfolk.

The blood on the horns, the anger rushing out like steam from the nose, the super strong and bulky back and the legs in the air, all these points are just giving a super raging look.

To be honest, the bull is an obvious option if you would like your tattoo as a reminder of strong will or the major force.

The Brown And Golden Ride

The Brown And Golden Ride
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This part of providing also represents tolerance, harmony, and collaboration. Bulls have been dubbed “creatures of load” since they have undertaken tremendously difficult jobs intended to facilitate us in our labours. This is done with a resolute dignity by bulls.

The above charging bull tattoo is a clear depiction of the charging bull from Wall Street. It looks exactly like a bronze sculpture. This micro-realistic tattoo can go on your hands, chest and legs.

Headed To The Right Direction, As Always!

Headed To The Right Direction, As Always!
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We’ve all been told of a “charging bull,” but imagine a rampaging creature of this scale. That’s a strong, irresistible picture of determination.

This is a very basic idea of charging bull tattoo design. Well, we can say how the red eyes show how dangerous the charging bull can be. It will look great on the chest and hands.

We hope you got an idea of what and how powerful you want your charging bull tattoo to look.

If you want some more tattoo design ideas to build on with the cooperation and support of the tattoo artist, take a look at these:

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