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Been into orientalism lately? Can we interest you in some dragons and blossoms? Check out our top 10 cherry blossom dragon tattoo designs and find your pick!

cherry blossom dragon tattoo
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You must have come across a cherry blossom tattoo and a dragon tattoo in two very different contexts, but what if we club them into one?

Tattoo artists have experimented with these two conflicting images and the results have never disappointed anyone! Dragons and cherry blossoms also produce symbolic meaning with roots in orientalism.

For starters, a dragon tattoo carries positive meanings surrounding the ideas of strength, wisdom, power, good luck, and the like. Similarly, cherry blossom tattoos are emblematic of beauty and the transitoriness of life. These oriental blooms are a symbol of life, the beauty of spring, and even potent honorary symbols of a lost one. Naturally, people get cherry blossom tattoos as per their requirements and with specific markers that bring out the meaning. But when dragons and these pink blooms meet together, you know the art is going to be steeped in oriental myths and magic. A dragon and cherry blossom tattoo meaning dictate the courage to live life because it will diminish well before we realize it. These unique tattoos are a mix of attractive colours and shades, bringing together two conflicting images to mean the elegance and the power of being alive. Ready to experience a universe of these dragon cherry blossom tattoo designs? Keep scrolling and choose a tattoo style that you can add to your skin!

Cherry Blossom Dragon Tattoo On The Thigh

cherry blossom dragon tattoo on the thigh
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Wish to make a statement piece with your dragon and cherry blossoms? Your thigh will make a great location based on your preference for detailing. This cherry blossom dragon Tattoo Design showcases the best way to ink a full-fledged dragon suspended in florals.

Here the artist covers the upper thigh and the side to complete the idea. As it attempts to soar higher, the dragon remains wrapped in fully bloomed cherry blossom. A dragon tattoo with its head on the upside projects an image of strength and courage to rise above what does not bring any value. This monochrome body art looks graceful with intricate shading but can be further highlighted by opting for a red dragon tattoo that is symbolic of strength and passion in Chinese cultures.

Cherry Blossom Dragon Tattoo On The Back

cherry blossom dragon tattoo on the back
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Like your thighs, the back provides ample space to inspire your creative take on inking dragons and cherry blossom tattoos together. The size of back tattoos is considerably large scale with nuances tucked away in every corner.

For instance, this back Tattoo Design showcases a black and grey dragon encased in nature. The clouds and cherry blossoms fixate the levitating imagery high above the ground. More flowers are added to increase the visibility of the design. This body art is particularly striking for it deals with a number of elements, making a vivid picture of the mythological dragon in nature.

Contrasting Cherry Blossom Dragon Tattoo

contrasting cherry blossom dragon tattoo
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If your sole focus is on a dragon tattoo, try this design with minimal use of cherry blossom. Here, the tattoo artist opts for a minutely detailed dragon in black ink with close attention to shading its scales. The idea is kept fairly simple with the use of floral options as a means to embellish.

If you want to tone it down even further, try this same Tattoo Design with cherry blossom petals to barely impart the effervescence of the flowers. Place this design on your limbs for a horizontal layout of this unique design.

Cherry Blossom Dragon Tattoo On The Shoulder

cherry blossom dragon tattoo on the shoulder
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Like the limbs, you can choose your shoulder to etch a striking cherry blossom dragon tattoo. Unlike the designs exhibited above, the artist here takes an unconventional take on drawing the body of the dragon. The method resembles that of brushstrokes and glides smoothly on the top of the shoulder, making things look effortless!

Similarly, the cherry blossom is gently patted with colour instead of fine lining and detailing. This kind of brush Tattoo Design makes an enchanting statement piece with such cultural symbols as the dragon and cherry blossom.

Calligraphic Cherry Blossom Dragon Tattoo Design

Calligraphic Cherry Blossom Dragon <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-321132 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661467754_880_10-Best-Cherry-Blossom-Dragon-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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Another quirky way to draw a dragon on your body is to bank on the magic calligraphy. This design showcases the body of the dragon inked with strokes and turns instead of its natural curves. The inclusion of flowers in the middle section also covers a significant part of the art, protecting the sanctity of the idea.

The contrasting colours of this tattoo become even more appealing when paired with unique flowers. Find the flowers that go with your innovative dragons and get yourself a body art to cherish forever.

Cherry Blossom Dragon Tattoos For Women

cherry blossom dragon tattoos for women
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Women, this is your opportunity to enjoy a powerful Tattoo Design without any of the cliched options! Cherry blossom tattoos are by their very nature an uncommon choice, and when presented with dragons you can guess where they will be landing. However, here the artist goes a step further to add koi fish to tweak a unique edge. The colour of the blooms complements the fishes yet stand in contrast to the dragon.

cherry blossom dragon tattoos for women
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Similarly, the placement of your dragon tattoos can add the hint of femininity that makes you stand apart. Again a brush dragon Tattoo Design, but the site of the upper thighs makes all the difference. Moreover, this one features a black dragon which is known for its symbolic meaning of virtue and wisdom. Wearing such a tattoo style may cost you some extra bucks but is sure to make you feel like the elevated woman you were meant to be!

Modern Dragon Tattoo With Cherry Blossom

modern dragon tattoo with cherry blossom
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No matter the Tattoo Design or style, dragon tattoos fit like a second skin on men. This one targets the front of your chest to show a great display of vigour and detailing on the forefront. The uber-modern take on amalgamating the image of a dragon and a samurai works out seamlessly in black and red. The cherry blossom rather takes a backseat, giving a suitable background for the novel concept.

This unique tattoo style is a great means of communicating your affinity towards the Japanese culture, simultaneously highlighting the masculine spirit of the idea. Men with broad shoulders and chests can definitely explore more such designs to dive into the art of Japanese tattoos.

Small Cherry Blossom Dragon Tattoo Designs

small cherry blossom dragon tattoo designs
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If you are someone who is sensitive about the shape and size of your tattoo designs, this one is for you! This cherry blossom dragon Tattoo Design is a brilliant example of how you can draw compact designs with all the elements that your heart desires.

The artist brings together a dragon, a kitsune, and a katana looped around each other and ornamented with some cherry blossoms. A kitsune is a Japanese mythical fox that is well-known for its supernatural capabilities and wisdom, while a katana means a Japanese traditional sword. Assembling these three elements creates a strong cultural ground while bringing out the wisdom and stealth of the wearer. You can place these designs anywhere on your body and watch them be an icebreaker for any conversation.

Wrap Around Cherry Blossom Dragon Tattoo

wrap around cherry blossom dragon tattoo
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We personally enjoy a Tattoo Design that draws much attention with smart placement alone. This one, for instance, becomes so visually appealing for the idea of placing more than the choice of site. The wrap-around technique exponentially increases the charm of the cherry blossom dragon tattoo without having to add a number of motifs to the trope.

You can implement this method to get a spiral loop that extends from the elbow to the wrist or the knee to the foot for variations.

Vibrant Dragon Tattoo With Cherry Blossom

vibrant dragon tattoo with cherry blossom
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Love a funky Tattoo Design with hippy colours? Here’s your inspiration to turn the serious dragon tattoos into cheery joyful ones!

The artist paints a bright blue dragon with icy highlights. The blue of the dragon and pink cherry blossom brings out the beauty of the design with contrasts. Moreover, a blue dragon is symbolic of calmness, resilience, and forgiveness, thereby carrying the right connotations to the overall aesthetic of the design. You can place this sweet dragon on your thighs or the upper arm for better visibility.

Who knew an ethereal flower and an overpowering creature could get us so many awesome tattoo ideas? A cherry blossom tattoo might not be your thing, but with a dragon involved in the picture, it just might be! There is no discrimination with cherry blossom dragon tattoos as you can see anyone with the right idea can wear this grand tattoo style. Now it is your turn to run your creative juices and come up with an idea that can equally compete with the ones above. But for some aid, follow up with the list of suggestions given below and start your tattoo journey:

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