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Are you in search of some strong tattoos that would blow up the game for you? Then rest assured we have chosen these best chest and neck tattoo ideas for you.

Chest And Neck Tattoo
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Once deemed as a symbol of mafia rule, chest and neck tattoos has a badass reputation to live up to.

These neck tattoos are a must-try for those just commencing their expedition in tattoos. Giving a chance to these sets of chest and neck tattoos on your body will surely accelerate your tattoo game. These are great ideas for tattoos for men.

Recently, trending neck tattoos are coming in many different tattoo designs and making a difference in the tattoo world. People who want bold and powerful tattoo designs on their neck and chest can opt for such designs and bring out their personality!

Look into these 10 tattoo designs we have shortlisted for you.

Dragon Lotus Chest And Neck Tattoo

Dragon Lotus Chest And Neck Tattoo
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These traditional dragon chest tattoos for men are the perfect choice for those looking for something classy and trendy.

These dragon tattoos embarked on your chest and neck with grey and black ink is what every chest and neck tattoos fan can think of. This dragon tattoo appearing on the upper part of the chest exhibits the great taste of its owner. The contrast of two colours with carefully executed shading on the upper chest and neck will surely level up your game.

The magnificent image of dragons does not always need colours to portray their significant appearance if they are shaded perfectly they can cover your whole chest with a great aura.

If you know the mighty history of the dragons and want to show yourself as powerful as them then dragon tattoo art is waiting for you. However, when choosing your chest tattoo artist, make sure they execute your dragon chest tattoo perfectly as these types of neck and chest tattoos need a detailed overview.

Neck and Chest Tattoo Tribal

Neck and Chest Tattoo Tribal
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These chest and neck tattoos are specially designed for those wanting some aesthetic reputation in their tattoos.

These neck and chest tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos among the list of tattoos. Additional to this it can be made as small tribal chest tattoos and neck tattoos. Jumping to its importance these tribal tattoos signify the conventional norms of society. So if you are a person who supports the cultural values of society then these tribal chest tattoos suit you perfectly.

The deep ink and dark thick lines go well on tribal tattoos with a broad chest giving you a strong look. This kind of body art not only conveys your message but also gives you a bold look that makes you stand out among others. If this is your first tattoo then you certainly have chosen one of the best chest tattoos for yourself.

Floral Chest And Neck Tattoo

Floral Chest And Neck Tattoo
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These types of neck and chest tattoo designs are quite famous in the market these days. It gives off a cool vibe with a classy design.

If observed carefully this tattoo has a hidden meaning behind it. In the midst of the flowers, a skeleton is made which gives a wicked vibe. The same goes for human nature. People we consider as flowers in our life sometimes come out to be someone else.

So if you want to point out the duel personality of the society then inking this tattoo on your chest and neck will allow you to express your opinion through cool art.

Animal Chest And Neck Tattoos

Animal Chest And Neck Tattoos
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Are you an animal lover and looking for an animal chest tattoo that would show your love for animals? These tattoo designs covering your shoulder are what you are looking for. These specific chest tattoo designs are a reflecting image of devotion towards other species in this world. For those people who are interested in full chest tattoos, this form of body art is just perfect. There are many different designs for people to get tattooed to commemorate how much they are into animals and art.

Animal Chest And Neck Tattoo
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Here is another tattoo design that beautifully illustrates the diversity of the animal kingdom. Pegasus is an urban legend tattoo associated with peace. So if you are looking for tattoo ideas depicting optimism and peace then this must be counted in your tattoo designs list. However, this tattoo requires a lot of details as well as exceptional crafting skills. If you are a perfectionist then make sure to choose the best tattoo artists in your area and get tattooed. This would make for a great tribal chest tattoo.

Skull Chest And Neck Tattoos

Skull Chest And Neck Tattoos
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Who wouldn’t want a skull chest tattoo featuring a badass skull? Mostly used to terrify the enemy this type of skull tattoos is one of the most famous tattoo ideas engraved on the human body. This type of tattoo will create an example with its wings. Skull tattoos have a great history of evilness. These neck tattoos covering the chest are mainly been used by pirates and evil magicians to show themselves. In pop culture skull is widely used as a source of finding treasure. So people looking for adventure must go with this type of body art.

Animal Chest And Neck Tattoos
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Tired of following rules? Then you should try something like this because this is not for the faint-hearted. Skull tattoos have mostly been linked with pirates. Thus, it represents the audacity to take on challenges fearlessly. It would give you a mischievous image, and you would enjoy living your life. Besides this, it can even cover your shoulders with its wide range. Just imagining a skull tattoo chest is cool enough to make your mind and go get it.

Butterfly Neck And Chest Tattoos

Butterfly Neck And Chest Tattoos
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A butterfly is a symbol of love, optimism and hope. A butterfly tattoo on the neck or on the chest will impose a striking image on others and is one of the most trendy chest tattoo ideas. A butterfly has a strong impact on human life. Just like a butterfly break free from its shell and becomes self-sufficient same goes for humans as well. Once they move on to the older phase of their lives they are taught to be self-reliant and move on in society.

Butterfly Neck And Chest Tattoo
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So if you are searching for neck tattoos that can extend with a deep meaning then you must opt for this one. These types of neck tattoos which can be inked on your chest would make you stand out among others and allow you to share a deep message.

Galaxy Style Neck And Chest Tattoo

Galaxy Style Neck And Chest Tattoo
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This type of neck and chest tattoo is the new fashion statement in the house. This tattoo design covers a large portion of your neck and chest covering your shoulder too. Having this tattoo on your body would surely give you an upper hand over others. If you want a bright tattoo with geometric shapes on your well-toned chest and collar bone then these galaxy tattoo ideas are there for you.

If you love discovering the secrets of the galaxy and admire its beauty then getting this tattoo must be your first priority.

Angel Wings Tattoos

Angel Wings Tattoos
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Just by the name, we know that angel wings represent a religious meaning. It is nonetheless one of the most widely known neck and chest tattoo ideas. The neck and chest tattoo pattern is uniquely identified all over the world. This would make for a small chest and neck tattoo.

Angel Wings Tattoo
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Many people believe that these angel wings act as guardian angels who protect them and their loved ones from evil. These wings also remind us to be better men and fight against the devil. Angel wing tattoos on the neck are admired by many as some consider it to be a part of their faith on the other hand some consider it as classic art.

Because this tattoo contains a symmetrical design with a bit of curve it is suited best on the back of the neck. If you are a true follower and a tattoo lover then this might be a good one for you. It is one of the best chest and neck tattoo for female. By carving this tattoo on your body you can give off a strong religious message with style. Ink this tattoo on your neck and show your devotion to your religion.

Skeleton Neck and Chest Tattoos

Skeleton Neck and Chest Tattoos
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Wanna look cool and savage? Then this skeleton tattoo on your neck gives you your desired look. You must be bored with common tattoo ideas so this tattoo is a great chance for you to grab some attention as this tattoo with its dynamic grey and black shading pleases everyone at first sight. The grey and black colour give this tattoo a whole new look. Search for a tattoo master who would execute it perfectly for you and become a sensation for others.

Bird Neck And Chest Tattoos

Bird Neck And Chest Tattoos
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In search of strong neck tattoos designs? Then this atypical tattoo has a strong message hidden inside it. It depicts the harsh reality of human nature. We are always attracted towards the strong and our sense of justice is being blurred. The bird on the neck is free thus giving us a message. A boy on the left side of the chest and a skull on the right side both are depicted as choices.

If you have a strong sense of justice and want to break through the chains of slavery then go ahead and get this tattoo. These bird tattoos are a new trend in society. Although there is another bird chest tattoo in the market this one is what everyone should vouch for.

These tattoo ideas are always in trend among tattoo lovers and will continue to do so for a long period. These tattoos have conquered many hearts with their vibrant designs. But they are very costly, and sometimes neck tattoos are quite painful as well. So think carefully before getting these as these ideas go on with the brave ones.

For more chest tattoos, here are some other suggestions of tattoo designs we have sorted out just for you!

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